Thomond College of Education, Limerick

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Thomond College of Education, Limerick
Coláiste Oideachais Thuamhurnhan, Luimneach
Active 1973–1991
Location Limerick , Ireland
Campus Urban
Nickname Thomond
Affiliations NUI
University of Limerick
Website University of Limerick, Physical Education Dept.
TCPE students playing camogie, c. 1976 Thomond College of Physical Education students - Camogie (9524285054).jpg
TCPE students playing camogie, c. 1976

Thomond College of Education, Limerick (Coláiste Oideachais Thuamhurnhan, Luimneach in Irish) was established in 1973 in Limerick, Ireland as the National College of Physical Education to train physical education teachers. The college was renamed to Thomond College of Education in 1975 when subjects other than physical education were added. These included metalwork, rural science and woodwork.

Irish language Goidelic (Gaelic) language spoken in Ireland and by Irish people

Irish is a Goidelic (Gaelic) language originating in Ireland and historically spoken by the Irish people. Irish is spoken as a first language in substantial areas of counties Galway, Kerry, Cork and Donegal, smaller areas of Waterford, Mayo and Meath, and a few other locations, and as a second language by a larger group of non-habitual speakers across the country.

Limerick City in Munster, Ireland

Limerick is a city in County Limerick, Republic of Ireland. It is located in the Mid-West Region and is also part of the province of Munster. Limerick City and County Council is the local authority for the city. The city lies on the River Shannon, with the historic core of the city located on King's Island, which is bounded by the Shannon and the Abbey River. Limerick is also located at the head of the Shannon Estuary where the river widens before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of 94,192, Limerick is the third most populous urban area in the state, and the fourth most populous city in Ireland.

Republic of Ireland Ireland, a country in north-western Europe, occupying 5/6 of the island of Ireland; succeeded the Irish Free State (1937)

Ireland, also known as the Republic of Ireland, is a country in north-western Europe occupying 26 of 32 counties of the island of Ireland. The capital and largest city is Dublin, which is located on the eastern part of the island, and whose metropolitan area is home to around a third of the country's over 4.8 million inhabitants. The sovereign state shares its only land border with Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom. It is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the Celtic Sea to the south, Saint George's Channel to the south-east, and the Irish Sea to the east. It is a unitary, parliamentary republic. The legislature, the Oireachtas, consists of a lower house, Dáil Éireann, an upper house, Seanad Éireann, and an elected President who serves as the largely ceremonial head of state, but with some important powers and duties. The head of government is the Taoiseach, who is elected by the Dáil and appointed by the President; the Taoiseach in turn appoints other government ministers.

The college was located on the same campus as National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick (now University of Limerick) in Plassey, Limerick on a separate site purchased in 1971 for the college.

Plassey, County Limerick

Plassey is an area of Limerick City, about 5km upstream on the River Shannon from Limerick City centre. It is located near the suburbs of Castletroy and Monaleen. The University of Limerick has its main campus in the area, which is the site of Plassey House, a country house that serves as the University's administrative centre. The University's other main campus is located across the River Shannon, with the two campuses connected by two bridges.

During 1976 and 1977 the college was a recognised college of the National University of Ireland. After this the college was accredited by the National Council for Educational Awards for the remainder of its existence.

National University of Ireland university in Ireland

The National University of Ireland (NUI) is a federal university system of constituent universities and recognised colleges set up under the Irish Universities Act, 1908, and significantly amended by the Universities Act, 1997.

The college was placed on a statutory basis in 1980.

In 1991 the college was dissolved and integrated into the University of Limerick, and now forms the Department of Educational and Professional Studies at the university.

University of Limerick university in Ireland

The University of Limerick (UL) is a higher education institution in Limerick, Ireland. Founded in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick, it became a university in 1989 in accordance with the University of Limerick Act 1989. It was the first university established since Irish independence in 1922, followed by the establishment of Dublin City University later the same day.

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The 20th Dáil was elected at the 1973 general election on 28 February 1973 and first met on 14 March when the 14th Government of Ireland was appointed. The 20th Dáil lasted for 1,569 days.

A National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE) was a category of higher education institution established in Ireland to provide higher level technical education above the standard of the then established Regional Technical College system but at university level. Higher level technical education in Ireland was seen to be an area that was poorly served until the advent of these institutions.

An Institute of Technology or IT is a type of higher education college found in the Republic of Ireland. There are a total of fourteen colleges that use the title of Institute of Technology, which were created from the late 1960s and were formerly known as Regional Technical Colleges. The exception to this was Dublin Institute of Technology which emerged independently of the Regional College system.

Limerick Institute of Technology

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is an institution of higher education in Limerick, Ireland and is one of 14 member institutions of the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA). The Institute has campuses in Limerick city, one in both Thurles and Clonmel in County Tipperary and a regional learning centre in Ennis, County Clare. The main campus is located at Moylish Park adjacent to Thomond Park and houses the Faculty of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology and the School of Business and Humanities. The School of Art & Design is located at the Clare Street and Clonmel campuses.

Higher Education and Training Awards Council

The Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC), the legal successor to the National Council for Educational Awards (NCEA), granted higher education awards in Ireland beyond the university system from 2001 to 2012. HETAC was created in 2001, subject to the policies of the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, and, specifically, granted qualifications at many Institutes of Technology and other colleges. HETAC was dissolved and its functions were passed to Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) on 6 November 2012.

Third-level education in the Republic of Ireland includes all education after second-level, encompassing higher education in universities and colleges and further education on Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) and other courses. The degree-awarding authorities approved by the Government of Ireland, which can grant awards at all academic levels, are University of Dublin, National University of Ireland, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Higher Education and Training Awards Council, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, and University of Limerick. The King's Inns of Dublin has a limited role in education specialising in the preparation of candidates for the degree of barrister-at-law to practice as barristers. Medical schools in Ireland also have particular regulation. There were seven establishments of higher education within the Republic of Ireland ranked among the top 500 universities worldwide by the Times Higher Education Supplement in 2008.

Thomond kingdom in south Ireland

Thomond was a kingdom of Gaelic Ireland, associated geographically with present-day County Clare and County Limerick, as well as parts of County Tipperary around Nenagh and its hinterland. The kingdom represented the core homeland of the Dál gCais people, although there were other Gaels in the area such as the Éile and Eóganachta, and even the Norse of Limerick. It existed from the collapse of the Kingdom of Munster in the 12th century as competition between the Ó Briain and the Mac Cárthaigh led to the schism between Thomond and Desmond. It continued to exist outside of the Anglo-Norman controlled Lordship of Ireland until the 16th century.

University of Limerick Students Union student government at the University of Limerick in Ireland

The University of Limerick Students' Union is the representative body for students at the University of Limerick, situated in Limerick, Ireland.

UL Bohemian RFC is a rugby club based in Limerick, playing in Division 2A of the All-Ireland League. It is affiliated with the University of Limerick. UL Bohemains are sponsored by UL Sport, Canterbury of New Zealand and HOMS Solicitors. The symbol of the club is the Red Robin

Limerick School of Art and Design

Limerick School of Art and Design or LSAD is an art college in Limerick city in Ireland. The school is one of the five constituent schools of Limerick Institute of Technology and operates on two of LIT's campuses in Limerick city, located on Clare Street and George's Quay; both are about 2 km from the main LIT campus at Moylish Park. Since 2012, the school also offers degree programmes at the Clonmel campus of LIT. The School can trace its origins back to 1852 and has had a number of guises and locations before consolidating into its current format and campuses in the 1980s and 1990s. LSAD offers courses at Level 8 and Level 9 across a range of art and design disciplines.

The Trench Cup is the second tier Gaelic football championship trophy for Third Level Education Colleges, Institutes of Technology and Universities in Ireland and England. The Trench Cup Championship is administered by Comhairle Ard Oideachais, the Gaelic Athletic Association's Higher Education Council.

James McKernan is an American and Irish citizen and educational theorist,. He is Professor of Education at East Carolina University, a constituent campus of the University of North Carolina. He has been the King Distinguished Professor and Chair of Education at East Carolina University; Dean and Chair of the Faculty of Education at the University of Limerick, Ireland; College Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, University College Dublin, Ireland and Fulbright Scholar at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and Research Fellow, Northern Ireland Council for Educational Research, Department of Psychology, Queen's University of Belfast.Professor McKernan has taught Palestinian university students when Israel closed schools and colleges there.

The Ashbourne Cup is an Irish camogie tournament played each year to determine the national champion university or third level college. The Ashbourne Cup is the highest division in inter-collegiate camogie. The competition features many of the current stars of the game and is sometimes known as the ‘Olympics of Camogie’ because of the disproportionate number of All Star and All-Ireland elite level players who participate each year Since 1972 it has been administered by the Higher Education committee of the Camogie Association.

Thomondgate is a district on the northside of Limerick city, Ireland. In times past the district was located at an important portal from the west of Ireland and the then Kingdom of Thomond into the ancient City of Limerick, which was then confined to the Englishtown area of the city. Thomondgate was part of the "Northern" Liberties granted to Limerick in 1216. This area was the border between Munster and Connacht until County Clare, which was created in 1565, was annexed by Munster in 1602. Thomondgate was connected to Limerick by Thomond Bridge over the River Shannon.

The Ryan Cup is the tier 2 hurling championship for third level colleges, the Fitzgibbon Cup being the tier 1 hurling championship trophy. The Ryan Cup competition is administered by Comhairle Ard Oideachais Cumann Lúthchleas Gael (CLG), the GAA's Higher Education Council.

Rory Kinsella is an Irish retired hurling manager and former player who played as a right wing-forward for the Wexford senior team. He was the manager of the Wexford senior team from 1996 until 1999.