Thompson, Bulgaria

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A Bulgarian State Railways train at Thompson railway station Desiro on the Sofia-Lakatnik line, 14 February 2012.jpg
A Bulgarian State Railways train at Thompson railway station

Thompson (Bulgarian : Томпсън [ˈtɔmpsən] ; also transliterated Tompsan, Tompsun, Tompsǎn or Tompson) is a village in central western Bulgaria, part of Svoge municipality, Sofia Province. As of 2008, it has a population of 838 and the mayor is Kiril Tsvetanov. Thompson lies at 42°56′N23°23′E / 42.933°N 23.383°E / 42.933; 23.383 , 729 metres above mean sea level.

Bulgarian language South Slavic language

Bulgarian, is a South Slavic language spoken in Southeastern Europe, primarily in Bulgaria. It is the language of Bulgarians.

Svoge Place in Sofia Province, Bulgaria

Svoge is a town in western Bulgaria, part of Sofia Province. It is located in the gorge of the Iskar River, at the place where the mountains Mala planina, Golema planina and Ponor meet, 40 km north of the capital Sofia. Svoge is the main town of the Svoge Municipality which is one of the largest municipalities in Bulgaria and includes also 37 villages & the town of Svoge itself.

Sofia Province Province in Bulgaria

Sofia Province is a province (oblast) of Bulgaria. The province does not include Sofia in its territories, but Sofia remains its administrative center. The province borders on the provinces of Pernik, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Lovech, Vratsa, Montana and "Sofia City Province", to the northwest there is border with Serbia.

The village lies in the scenic Iskar Gorge of the western Balkan Mountains. It is a railway station on the Bulgarian State Railways' Sofia-Mezdra railway line. It was founded shortly after World War II through the merger of the neighbouring villages of Livage, Lipata, Tsarevi Stragi, Malak Babul, Babul and Zavoya. Thompson was named after the British officer William Frank Thompson (1920–1944), liaison officer between the British Army and the Bulgarian communist partisans during the war, who was captured by the Bulgarian Gendarmerie and executed in the nearby village of Litakovo on 10 June 1944.

Iskar Gorge

The Iskar Gorge is a 70 km (43 mi) gorge passing through the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. It is the chief pass through the Balkans, which otherwise cross northern Bulgaria in a solid line. The pass connects the capital of Sofia with other major cities in the country, such as Mezdra. There is a road and a railway through the pass, following the course of the Iskar River.

Balkan Mountains mountain range in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula

The Balkan mountain range is a mountain range in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The Balkan range runs 557 km from the Vrashka Chuka Peak on the border between Bulgaria and Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea. The highest peaks of the Balkan Mountains are in central Bulgaria. The highest peak is Botev at 2,376 m, which makes the mountain range the third highest in the country, after Rila and Pirin. The mountains are the source of the name of the Balkan Peninsula.

Bulgarian State Railways State railway of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian State Railways are Bulgaria's state railway company and the largest railway carrier in the country, established as an entity in 1885. The company's headquarters are located in the capital Sofia. Since the 1990s the BDŽ has met serious competition from automotive transport. For the period 1994 to 2010 there is significant drop in the market share in the passenger and freight services and the lack of competent management worsens the situation. Up to 2002 the company also owned/managed the railway infrastructure in the country, when according to EU regulations a new state company, the National Railway Infrastructure Company, was founded and became the owner of the infrastructure.

The village has two monuments to Major Thompson, one unveiled on 13 May 2007 in front of the mayor's office (see photo) that uses natural light to project Thompson's image over a plaque, and one at the railway station.

Sunlight portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun

Sunlight is a portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun, in particular infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. On Earth, sunlight is filtered through Earth's atmosphere, and is obvious as daylight when the Sun is above the horizon. When the direct solar radiation is not blocked by clouds, it is experienced as sunshine, a combination of bright light and radiant heat. When it is blocked by clouds or reflects off other objects, it is experienced as diffused light. The World Meteorological Organization uses the term "sunshine duration" to mean the cumulative time during which an area receives direct irradiance from the Sun of at least 120 watts per square meter. Other sources indicate an "Average over the entire earth" of "164 Watts per square meter over a 24 hour day".

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Koprivshtitsa human settlement

Koprivshtitsa is a historic town in the Koprivshtitsa Municipality in Sofia Province, central Bulgaria, lying on the Topolnitsa River among the Sredna Gora mountains. It was one of the centres of the April uprising in 1876 and is known for its authentic Bulgarian architecture and for its folk music festivals, making it a very popular tourist destination.

Chiprovtsi Place in Montana, Bulgaria

Chiprovtsi is a small town in northwestern Bulgaria, administratively part of Montana Province. It lies on the shores of the river Ogosta in the western Balkan Mountains, very close to the Bulgarian-Serbian border. A town of about 2,000 inhabitants, Chiprovtsi is the administrative centre of Chiprovtsi Municipality that also covers nine nearby villages.

Hristo Yovov Bulgarian footballer

Hristo Georgiev Yovov is a Bulgarian former footballer who last played for Levski Sofia. Yovov's first club was Levski, but he has also played for 1860 Munich, Lokomotiv Sofia, Litex Lovech, Aris Limassol and Apollon Limassol.

Voydan Pop Georgiev – Chernodrinski Bulgarian writer

Voydan Pop Georgiev – Chernodrinski was a Bulgarian playwright and dramatist from the region of Macedonia. His pseudonym is derived from Black Drin, a river flowing through his home-village. Today he is considered an ethnic Macedonian writer in the Republic of Macedonia and as a figure who laid the foundations of the Macedonian theatre and the dramatic arts.

Dragoman, Bulgaria Town in Sofia, Bulgaria

Dragoman is the seat of Dragoman Municipality in the Sofia Province, western Bulgaria. The town is located very close to the border with Serbia. As of 2011 the population is 5,362.


Mandritsa is a village in southernmost Bulgaria, part of Ivaylovgrad municipality, Haskovo Province. It is known as the only Albanian village in Bulgaria. As of 14 December 2006, Mandritsa has a population of 75. It lies at 41°23′N26°8′E, 93 m above sea level.

1944 Bulgarian coup détat coup détat

The 1944 Bulgarian coup d'état, also known as the 9 September coup d'état, was a forcible change in the Kingdom of Bulgaria's government carried out on the eve of 9 September 1944. It was called in Communist Bulgaria People's Uprising of 9 September – on the grounds of the broad unrest, and Socialist Revolution – as it was a turning point politically and the beginning of radical reforms towards socialism.

Gyueshevo is a village in Kyustendil Municipality, Kyustendil Province, in western Bulgaria. As of 2006 the population is 275 and the mayor is Stoyne Maksimov. The village is located on the border with the Republic of Macedonia and is the most important of the three border checkpoints between the two countries. It is the last stop of the railway from Sofia. This railway is intended to link the capital to Skopje, but the Macedonian section of the line has not been built. Gyueshevo lies at 42°14′13″N22°28′35″E, 1,016 metres above sea level, in the Osogovo mountains. The local railway station was built in 1910, while the first school dates to 1888. The Prosveta community centre (chitalishte) was opened in 1921. There is also a church mausoleum dedicated to the perished Bulgarian soldiers in the Balkan Wars and the First World War. Gyueshevo was first mentioned in 1570 as Gyuveshevo. The name is thought to originate from the personal name Gyuesh, probably a derivative of George; –esh is a rare personal name suffix used in names such as Dobresh, Malesh or Radesh.

Kochan Village in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Kochan is a village in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Satovcha Municipality, Blagoevgrad Province.

Georgi Damyanovo Place in Montana, Bulgaria

Georgi Damyanovo is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Montana Province. It is the administrative centre of the homonymous Georgi Damyanovo Municipality, which lies in the southern part of Montana Province.

Yablanski House

The Yablanski House is a Neo-Baroque house in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, situated at 18 Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard in the city centre and regarded as one of the highest achievements of the city's architecture in the first decade of the 20th century. The building was proclaimed a monument of culture in 1955. After years of being uninhabited and in a bad condition due to mismanagement, in 2011 it underwent extensive reconstruction and since then has hosted an exclusive private club.

Frank Thompson (SOE officer) British Army officer

Major William Frank Thompson was a British officer who acted as a liaison between the British Army and the Bulgarian partisans during the Second World War.

Strezimirovci Place

Strezimirovci is a divided village in easternmost Serbia and westernmost Bulgaria. The Bulgarian half of the village is part of Tran Municipality, Pernik Province, whereas the Serbian part belongs to Surdulica municipality, Pčinja District. The village has a border checkpoint and its residents on either side of the border are mostly Bulgarian; however, its division has caused its population to decrease more than tenfold. It lies in the geographic region of Znepolje (Znepole), at 42°48′N22°26′E, in a valley along the Jerma River, 830 metres above mean sea level.

Vrav Place in Vidin, Bulgaria

Vrav is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Bregovo municipality, Vidin Province. Located on the right bank of the Danube at the place where the Timok River empties into it, Vrav is the northernmost populated place in Bulgaria and the first Bulgarian port along the Danube's course. The village has a Romanian population and lies 30 kilometres from the provincial capital Vidin and 12 kilometres from Bregovo.

The Church of St Petka is a late Medieval Bulgarian church in the village of Vukovo, Kyustendil Province.

Chiprovtsi Municipality Municipality in Montana, Bulgaria

Chiprovtsi Municipality is a small frontier municipality (obshtina) in Montana Province, Northwestern Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes of western Stara Planina mountain and the area of the so-called Fore-Balkan. It is named after its administrative centre - the town of Chiprovtsi. In the southwest, the municipality borders on Republic of Serbia.

Neterra is a Bulgarian operator for complex telecommunications services and projects in Southeast Europe. The company is established as the first alternative operator of land and satellite stations in Bulgaria. Neterra's data network covers all major cities in Bulgaria and reaches points in Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, England, France, Netherlands and Germany.

Thompson Hill

Thompson Hill is the mostly ice-covered ridge rising to 800 m in central Sofia University Mountains, northern Alexander Island in Antarctica. It surmounts Nichols Snowfield to the southeast and Poste Valley to the northeast. The vicinity was visited on 2 February 1988 by the geological survey team of Christo Pimpirev and Borislav Kamenov, and Philip Nell and Peter Marquis.

Blagoevgrad Municipality Municipality in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Blagoevgrad Municipality is the most populated municipality in Blagoevgrad Province. It includes Blagoevgrad and 25 villages with population of 77,441 (2011).