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Thompson discography
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Live albums 1
Compilation albums 1
Video albums 2
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This is a partial discography of the Croatian rock band Thompson and its eponymous lead singer Marko Perković "Thompson".

Thompson (band) Croatian rock band

Thompson is a Croatian heavy metal band, founded by Marko Perković aka "Thompson", often identified with the band itself. "Thompson" is Perković's stage name. He is the songwriter and lead vocalist. The lineup consists of Tomislav Mandarić, Ivan Ivanković, Duje Ivić, and Ivica Bilić Ike.

Marko Perković Croatian singer-songwriter

Marko Perković is a Croatian musician and has been the lead singer of the band Thompson since 1991.


Studio albums

Title Release date Label
Moli mala 1992 Croatia Records
Vrijeme škorpiona 1995 Croatia Records
Geni kameni 1996 Croatia Records
Vjetar s Dinare 1998 Croatia Records
E, moj narode 2002 Croatia Records
Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj 2006 Croatia Records
Ora et labora April, 2013 Croatia Records

Live albums

Title Release date Label
Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj: Split - Stari plac 2007 Croatia Records

Compilation albums

Title Release date Label
Sve najbolje 2003 Croatia Records
Druga strana December, 2008 Croatia Records

Other songs

Songs which Thompson has released separately, as well as collaborations.

Song Album
Bijeli križ
Bili brode moj
Daleko je by Tiho Orlić ft. ThompsonTiho
Dolazak Hrvata (longer version)Dolazak Hrvata (single)
Izvori Gospodnji with Ivan PulićČovjek i njegov Bog
Ljuta guja with Jasmin Stavros Sve najbolje
Lijepo li je Hrvat biti (HSP anthem)
Ne varaj me s golubom u rukama
Otočki bećarac with Mate Bulić and Zlatko Pejaković Gacka
Ruku na srce
Sude mi by Miroslav Škoro ft. Thompson Milo moje
Sveto tlo Hrvatsko with Ivan Mikulić, Tiho Orlić and NHT
Svidila se meni


Video releases

Title Release date Label
Turneja: E, moj narode 2004 Croatia Records
Turneja: Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj Maksimir 2007 Croatia Records

Music videos

Bojna Čavoglave
Dobro jutro
Lijepa li si
Moj dida i ja (2007)
Moj Ivane
Reci brate moj
Vjetar s Dinare
Zmija me za srce ugrizla
Stari se


Title Release date Label
Glazba iz filma Josef 2011 Croatia Records

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