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Thompsonia may refer to either of these taxa:-

Thompsonia is a genus of barnacles which has evolved into an endoparasite of other crustaceans, including crabs and snapping shrimp. It spreads through the host's body as a network of threads, and produces many egg capsules which emerge through joints in the host's shell.

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Barnacle infraclass of crustaceans

A barnacle is a type of arthropod constituting the infraclass Cirripedia in the subphylum Crustacea, and is hence related to crabs and lobsters. Barnacles are exclusively marine, and tend to live in shallow and tidal waters, typically in erosive settings. They are sessile (nonmotile) suspension feeders, and have two nektonic larval stages. Around 1,220 barnacle species are currently known. The name "Cirripedia" is Latin, meaning "curl-footed". The study of barnacles is called cirripedology.

Barnacle goose species of bird

The barnacle goose belongs to the genus Branta of black geese, which contains species with largely black plumage, distinguishing them from the grey Anser species. Despite its superficial similarity to the brant goose, genetic analysis has shown it is an eastern derivative of the cackling goose lineage.

capitulum may refer to:

Goose barnacle order of crustaceans

Goose barnacles, also called stalked barnacles or gooseneck barnacles, are filter-feeding crustaceans that live attached to hard surfaces of rocks and flotsam in the ocean intertidal zone.

Nora Barnacle Wife of James Joyce

Nora Barnacle was the muse and wife of Irish author James Joyce.

Maxillopoda class of crustaceans

Maxillopoda is a diverse class of crustaceans including barnacles, copepods and a number of related animals. It does not appear to be a monophyletic group, and no single character unites all the members.

Pete Barnacle is a drummer who has played for various bands including Gillan, Girl, Broken Home, Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sheer Greed, and Soldiers of Fortune. Barnacle now lives in Japan, teaching English, and occasionally working as a drummer.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Fictional superheroes in the SpongeBob SquarePants series.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are fictional characters in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Mermaid Man was voiced by Ernest Borgnine from 1999 to his death in 2012, and Barnacle Boy is voiced by Tim Conway. They are a spoof of both Aquaman & Aqualad and Batman & Robin. The characters debuted on August 21, 1999 in the series' episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy".

Barnacle Bill (Martian rock) rock on Mars

Barnacle Bill is a 40-centimetre (16 in) rock on Mars in Ares Vallis. It was the first rock on Mars analyzed by the Sojourner rover using its Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer. The encounter occurred during Sol 3 of the Mars Pathfinder mission on the surface of Mars and took ten hours to complete.

Ballantine scale A biologically defined scale for measuring the degree of exposure level of wave action on a rocky shore

The Ballantine scale is a biologically defined scale for measuring the degree of exposure level of wave action on a rocky shore. Devised in 1961 by W. J. Ballantine, then at the zoology department of Queen Mary College, London, the scale is based on the observation that where shoreline species are concerned "Different species growing on rocky shores require different degrees of protection from certain aspects of the physical environment, of which wave action is often the most important." The species present in the littoral zone therefore indicate the degree of the shore's exposure.

Sessilia order of crustaceans

Sessilia is an order of barnacles, comprising the barnacles without stalks, or acorn barnacles. They form a monophyletic group and are probably derived from stalked barnacles. The order is divided into three suborders. Brachylepadomorpha contains a single family, Neobrachylepadidae, while Verrucomorpha contains two families, Verrucidae and Neoverrucidae. The remaining twelve families are in the suborder Balanomorpha.

Whale barnacle Family of crustaceans

Whale barnacles are species of acorn barnacle with specific habitat requirements that belong to the monotypic family Coronulidae and its only subfamily Coronulinae. They typically attach to baleen whales, though they may settle on toothed whales and, rarely, turtles. The barnacles passively filter food, using tentacle-like cirri, as the host swims through the water. The arrangement is generally considered commensal as it is done at no cost or benefit to the host. However, some whales may make use of the barnacles as protective armor or for inflicting more damage while fighting, which would make the relationship mutualistic where both parties benefit; alternatively, some species may just increase the drag that the host experiences, making the barnacles parasites.

<i>Austromegabalanus psittacus</i> species of crustacean

Austromegabalanus psittacus, the giant barnacle or picoroco as it is known in Spanish, is a species of large barnacle native to the coasts of southern Peru, entire Chile and southern Argentina. It inhabits the littoral and intertidal zones of rocky shores and normally grows up to 30 centimetres (12 in) tall with a mineralized shell composed of calcite. The picoroco barnacle is used in Chilean cuisine and is one of the ingredients in curanto.

Dominance (ecology) degree to which a taxon is more numerous than its competitors in an ecological community, or makes up more of the biomass

Ecological dominance is the degree to which a taxon is more numerous than its competitors in an ecological community, or makes up more of the biomass. Most ecological communities are defined by their dominant species.

The Thompsoniidae are a family of parasitic barnacles belonging to the bizarre and highly apomorphic superorder Rhizocephala, and therein to the more diverse of the two orders, the Akentrogonida.

Gary Barnacle musician (Saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger)

Gary Barnacle is an English saxophonist, flautist, brass instrument arranger, composer and producer, primarily noted for session work, live work incl. various Princes Trust Concerts at Wembley Arena, the Royal Albert Hall and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, plus the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute at Wembley Stadium in 1988, and television/video appearances, during the 1980s and 1990s, with a large number of popular music acts, including The Clash, The Ruts, Level 42, Visage, Paul Hardcastle, Kim Wilde, Holly Johnson, Marilyn, Derek B, Eternal, Soul II Soul, Jamiroquai, Jimmy Ray, Tina Turner, General Public, Soft Cell, Elvis Costello, Del Amitri, Shed Seven, T'Pau, Roger Daltrey, David Bowie, The Big Dish, The Cross, Pet Shop Boys, Stock Aitken Waterman and Paul McCartney, among others. He was also in an electropop duo called Leisure Process from 1982–83, with ex-Positive Noise singer, Ross Middleton.

<i>Amphibalanus amphitrite</i> species of crustacean

Amphibalanus amphitrite is a species of acorn barnacle in the Balanidae family. Its common names include the striped barnacle, the purple acorn barnacle and Amphitrite's rock barnacle. It is found in warm and temperate waters worldwide.

<i>Pollicipes polymerus</i> species of crustacean

Pollicipes polymerus, commonly known as the gooseneck barnacle or leaf barnacle, is a species of stalked barnacle. It is found, often in great numbers, on rocky shores on the Pacific coasts of North America.

Human uses of plants

Human uses of plants include both practical uses, such as for food, clothing, and medicine, and symbolic uses, such as in art, mythology and literature. The reliable provision of food through agriculture is the basis of civilization. The study of plant uses by native peoples is ethnobotany, while economic botany focuses on modern cultivated plants. Plants are used in medicine, providing many drugs from the earliest times to the present, and as the feedstock for many industrial products including timber and paper as well as a wide range of chemicals. Plants give millions of people pleasure through gardening.