Thomson Reservoir

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Thomson Reservoir may refer to

Thomson Dam

The Thomson Dam is a major earth and rockfill embankment dam with a controlled chute spillway across the Thomson River, located about 130 kilometres (81 mi) east of Melbourne in the West Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria. The impounded reservoir is officially called Thomson Reservoir, sometimes called Lake Thomson.

Thomson Dam (Minnesota)

Thomson Dam, also known as the Thomson Hydro Station or Thomson Water Project, is an embankment and concrete gravity dam on the Saint Louis River near the town of Thomson in northeastern Minnesota, United States. It consists of a 1600-foot long primary structure and multiple supplementary dams which, together with precambrian rock outcrops known as the Thomson formation, impound the river to create Thomson Reservoir. The tallest dam in the complex is 51.6 feet and the longest is 3500 feet. A series of gate houses, a canal, forebay, and underground penstocks supply a hydropower plant located 3 miles away in Jay Cooke State Park. With an installed capacity of 72 MW and an annual generation of approximately 280 GWh, the Thomson project is the largest hydroelectric facility in the state.

Thomson Reservoir, also known as Thomson Valley Reservoir, is an irrigation reservoir on the upper East Fork of Silver Creek in the Fremont National Forest, approximately ten miles upstream from Silver Lake, Oregon, in the United States. Constructed in 1930 alongside a dam by the Silver Lake Irrigation District, Thomson Reservoir spans roughly 1800 acres and can hold 7750 acre-feet of water.

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The Bear Creek Reservoir is a reservoir located in Franklin County, Alabama, along Bear Creek. Bear Creek Dam is one of four Tennessee Valley Authority dams in the area, 68 feet high, creating a maximum flood control capacity of 37,800 acre-feet. No hydroelectric power is generated here.

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Cardinia Reservoir is an Australian man-made water supply dammed reservoir. The 287,000-megalitre (6.3×1010 imp gal; 7.6×1010 US gal) water store is located in Emerald-Clematis-Dewhurst in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Construction started in May 1970 and was completed in 1973 at a cost of more than A$11.4 million. The dam that creates the impoundment is called the Cardinia Dam.

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Lake Chatuge is a man-made reservoir created by the Chatuge Dam which finished construction in 1942. The lake is relatively shallow with depths of 30 feet (9.1 m) and reaches 144 feet (44 m) by the dam.

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Glenmaggie Dam dam in Australia

The Glenmaggie Dam is a concrete block foundation gravity dam with 14 radial arm gates across the Macalister River, located near Maffra, Central Gippsland, in the Australian state of Victoria. The dam's purpose includes irrigation, the generation of hydro-electric power, water supply and conservation. The impounded reservoir is called Lake Glenmaggie.