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Thonburirom Park

Thonburirom Park (Thai : สวนธนบุรีรมย์), [1] widely known as Suan Thon (สวนธน), is the first public park in Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand. The park offers rare open public space, trees, and playgrounds. It has a total land area of 63 rai (ไร่) and is located along Puttabucha Road, Bang Mod, Thung Kru district. The park is situated near the district’s public library and behind King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). It is open daily 05:00–21:00.

Thai language language spoken in Thailand

Thai, Central Thai or Ayutthaya or Siamese, is the sole official and national language of Thailand and the first language of the Central Thai people and vast majority of Thai of Chinese origin. It is a member of the Tai group of the Kra–Dai language family. Over half of Thai vocabulary is derived from or borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit, Mon and Old Khmer. It is a tonal and analytic language.

Thonburi area of Bangkok

Thonburi is an area of modern Bangkok. During the era of the kingdom of Ayutthaya, its location on the right (west) bank at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River had made it an important garrison town, which is reflected in its name: thon (ธน) a loanword from Pali dhána wealth and buri (บุรี), from púra fortress. The full formal name was Thon Buri Si Mahasamut (กรุงธนบุรีศรีมหาสมุทร 'City of Treasures Gracing the Ocean'. For the informal name, see the history of Bangkok under Ayutthaya.

Bangkok Special administrative area in Thailand

Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep. The city occupies 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi) in the Chao Phraya River delta in central Thailand, and has a population of over eight million, or 12.6 percent of the country's population. Over fourteen million people lived within the surrounding Bangkok Metropolitan Region at the 2010 census, making Bangkok the nation's primate city, significantly dwarfing Thailand's other urban centres in terms of importance.



Once an orchard, Thonburirom Park was developed in 1968 in response to the policy set by Phraya Mahaisawan (Thai: พระยามไหสวรรย์), the governor of Bangkok. Originally, this piece of land was managed by the Crown Property Bureau (CPB), a quasi-government agency overseeing the properties of the King of Thailand.

Crown Property Bureau company

The Crown Property Bureau (CPB) is the quasi-government agency responsible for managing the property of the crown of the Kingdom of Thailand. The bureau is legally defined as a juristic person and not a government agency. It has no tax obligations. The king appoints six members of the bureau's governing board, with the seventh the sitting Minister of Finance of Thailand. It is claimed that crown property does not belong to the king in his private capacity, but to the monarchy as an institution which continues from reign to reign.

Identity [2]

Due to heavy pollution and lack of green space in Thon Buri district, Thonburirom Park is developed consisting of zones for perennial plants, herbs, flowers, wells and sports. Moreover, there are lots of garden trees planted around the park and rare plants such as Kong-Ka-Dueat (Arfeuillea arborescens Pierre; Thai: คงคาเดือด). Furthermore, there are basic traffic signs for intended to teach children to follow the rules. In the future, this park aims to be developed as a “Herb Garden in a Tropical City”. The bus which pass the park is No.75.

Thon Buri District Khet in Bangkok, Thailand

Thon Buri is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. On the west bank of Chao Phraya River, it was once part of Thon Buri Province. Neighboring districts are Bangkok Yai, Phra Nakhon, Khlong San, Bang Kho Laem, Rat Burana, Chom Thong, and Phasi Charoen.


In the park, some fitness facilities [3] are available for park-goers to use freely. In the morning, people gather to do aerobics, yoga and Tai Chi. Not only that, it has a lane for jogging. There is also a vast playground for children. The park offers Thai-themed pavilions for relaxation.

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Lumphini Park park

Lumphini Park is a 360 rai park in Bangkok, Thailand. The park offers rare open public space, trees, and playgrounds in the Thai capital and contains an artificial lake where visitors can rent boats. Paths around the park totalling approximately 2.5 km in length are a popular area for morning and evening joggers. Officially, cycling is only permitted during the day between the times of 10:00 to 15:00. There is a smoking ban throughout the park. Dogs are not allowed.

Erawan National Park national park of Thailand

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Wongwian Yai, also spelled "Wong Wian Yai" or "Wongwien Yai", is a large roundabout in Thonburi, on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand, where the statue of King Taksin is situated. It is in the Thon Buri District and Khlong San District in the centre of Bangkok, at the intersection of Prajadhipok/Inthara Phithak/Lat Ya/Somdet Phra Chao Taksin Roads. Nearby is Wongwian Yai Station, a historical commuter railway terminal to Mahachai and Mae Khlong, a southwestern suburb of Bangkok.

Benchasiri Park

Benchasiri Park is a garden on Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand.

Salaya railway station is a railway station located in Salaya Subdistrict, Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom Province and is a class 1 railway station. It is located 19.081 kilometres (11.9 mi) from Thonburi railway station. Salaya railway station is close to Mahidol University and Mahidol Witthayanusorn School and therefore the station also serves these two institutes.

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Thong Lo also called Sukhumvit Soi 55, is a road and neighbourhood in Watthana district, Bangkok, Thailand. Thong Lor literally translates as "molten gold". Its name comes from the name of a naval officer, Thonglo Khamhiran, one of the members of the Khana Ratsadon, the revolutionary group in 1932. He owned land and houses in this area in the past. Moreover, there are also many similarly named alleys of Sukhumvit Road, such as Soi Klang or Sukhumvit Soi 49 etc. Because in the pre-World War II, the land surrounding Sukhumvit Road along to Bang Na district, the contact area with Samut Prakan province, was considered a suburb Bangkok and like the rural area. Most were occupied by the navy.

Saranrom Park

Saranrom Park is a public park in Bangkok. It is located opposite the Grand Palace, between Sanam Chai, Charoen Krung and Rachini roads in Phra Nakhon District. The park occupies the former grounds of Saranrom Palace, which was built in 1866 and served as the residences of several princes and royal guests. The palace gardens were converted to serve as a public park under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in 1960.

Iconsiam mixed-use development in Bangkok, Thailand

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Samitivej PCL, doing business as Samitivej Hospitals, is a private hospital brand in Thailand. It operates hospitals and health centres in Bangkok and Chonburi Province.

Talat Phlu

Talat Phlu or Talad Phlu is a community and marketplace by the Khlong Bangkok Yai in the Talat Phlu and Bang Yi Ruea Subdistricts, Thon Buri District, Thonburi side of Bangkok.

Thonburi Market

Thonburi Market, also known as Sanam Luang Song is the market in Thailand. Located at 195/1 Moo 1 Thawi Watthana Road, Thawi Watthana Subdistrict, Thawi Watthana District, Bangkok 10170. It's the largest market in Thonburi side.

Ban Khamin

Ban Khamin is a road junction and historic neighborhood in the Siri Rat Subdistrict, Bangkok Noi District in Thon Buri side, Bangkok. It's the three-way of Arun Ammarin Road and Soi Itsaraphap 44.

Bang Yi Ruea subdistrict in Thon Buri district, Bangkok, Thailand

Bang Yi Ruea is a khwaeng (sub-district) in Thon Buri district, Thonburi side of Bangkok. It has a total area of 1.523 km2.

Ban Chang Lo subdistrict in Bangkok Noi district, Bangkok, Thailand

Ban Chang Lo is an one of five subdistricts (khwaeng) and namesake historic neighbourhood in Bangkok Noi District, Bangkok's Thonburi side. It covers the right side of Wang Lang to Phran Nok Roads to the Fai Chai Intersection and area of right side Charan Sanit Wong Road until the bridge span Khlong Mon, which is bordor between Bangkok Noi and Bangkok Yai Districts, total area of 2.076 km2.


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