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Thong Lo

Thong Lo (Thai : ทองหล่อ, RTGS: Thong Lo), pronounced  [tʰɔ̄ːŋ lɔ̀ː] ; also spelled Thong Lor), officially named Soi Sukhumvit 55, is a road and neighbourhood in Watthana District, Bangkok, Thailand. Thong Lo literally translates as 'molten gold'. [1] Its name comes from that of a naval officer, Thonglo Khamhiran, a member of the Khana Ratsadon (People's Party), a 1932 revolutionary group. He owned land and houses in the area. In pre-World War II Thailand, the area along Sukhumvit Road to the Bang Na District was suburban Bangkok and quasi-rural. Much of the area was occupied by the navy. [2]

Thai language language spoken in Thailand

Thai, Central Thai, is the sole official and national language of Thailand and the first language of the Central Thai people and vast majority of Thai Chinese. It is a member of the Tai group of the Kra–Dai language family. Over half of Thai vocabulary is derived from or borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit, Mon and Old Khmer. It is a tonal and analytic language, similar to Chinese and Vietnamese.

The Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS) is the official system for rendering Thai words in the Latin alphabet. It was published by the Royal Institute of Thailand.


Soi is the term used in Thailand for a side-street branching off a major street. An alley is called a trok.

Thong Lo runs from the Thong Lo BTS Station on Sukhumvit Road north to Phetchaburi Road. Originally housing car dealerships and dowdy shops, during the early-2000s it became increasingly trendy. [3] [4] New boutiques, restaurants, and cocktail bars sprang up, [5] creating a demand for new condominiums in the area, partially driven by a significant Japanese expat community. [6] In 2017, to the dismay of many, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) cracked down on the neighbourhood's street food vendors. [7]

Phetchaburi Road

Phetchaburi Road is an one major road of Bangkok. It has a starting point at Yommarat Intersection near Yommarat Railway Halt and Uruphong Intersection to end at Khlong Tan Intersection passes through 4 districts viz Dusit, Ratchathewi, Huai Khwang and Suan Luang, the length is about 9 km.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is the local government of Bangkok, which includes the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. The government is composed of two branches: the executive and the legislative. The administration's roles are to formulate and implement policies to manage Bangkok. Its purview includes transport services, urban planning, waste management, housing, roads and highways, security services, and the environment.


Sukhumvit Line Bangkok, Thailand

The Elevated Train in Commemoration of HM the King's 6th Cycle Birthday First line (Sukhumvit) or Sukhumvit line is an elevated metro rail line of the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand. From the central Siam Station, where it connects with the Silom Line, the line runs both northwards along Phaya Thai and Phahon Yothin Roads to Mo Chit station in Chatuchak District, and eastwards along Rama I, Phloen Chit and Sukhumvit Roads, through Bang Na District to Kheha Station in Samut Prakan. Daily ridership (2019) is 740,000 passengers per day.

Sukhumvit Road road in Thailand

Sukhumvit Road, or Thailand Route 3, is a major road in Thailand, and a major surface road of Bangkok and other cities. It follows a coastal route from Bangkok to Khlong Yai District, Trat border to Koh Kong, Cambodia

Khlong Saen Saep canal in Bangkok, Thailand

Khlong Saen Saep is a canal (khlong) in central Thailand, connecting the Chao Phraya River to Prachinburi Province and Chachoengsao. A portion of the canal is used for public transport by an express boat service in Bangkok. The 72 km long canal passes through 21 districts and is connected to more than 100 smaller canals.

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Pathum Wan District Khet in Bangkok, Thailand

Pathum Wan is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. The district is bounded by seven other districts : Ratchathewi, Watthana, Khlong Toei, Sathon, Bang Rak, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, and Dusit.

Khlong Toei District Khet in Bangkok, Thailand

Khlong Toei is a district in central Bangkok, long known for its slum. It is bordered by the Chao Phraya River and contains major port facilities. It is also the site of a major market, the Khlong Toei Market.

Ratchathewi District Khet in Bangkok, Thailand

Ratchathewi is a district in central Bangkok, Thailand. It is also name of a BTS Skytrain station.

Saphan Khwai is a major road intersection in the Phaya Thai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok, Thailand.

Watthana District Khet in Bangkok, Thailand

Watthana or Vadhana is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. Neighbouring districts are : Ratchathewi, Huai Khwang, Suan Luang, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, and Pathum Wan.

MBK Center large shopping mall in Bangkok geocn.00010, Thailand

MBK Center, also known as Mahboonkrong(Thai: มาบุญครอง; RTGS: mabunkhrong ), is a large shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. At eight storeys, the center contains around 2,000 shops, restaurants and service outlets, including the 4-storey Tokyu department store.


Pratunam, written as Pratu Nam, is an intersection and neighborhood in Bangkok. It is located in Thanon Phaya Thai sub-district, Ratchathewi district. It is the intersection of Phetchaburi, Ratchadamri and Ratchaprarop roads. The next intersection on Ratchaprarop side is Makkasan.

Khlong Saen Saep boat service

The Khlong Saen Saep boat service is a water bus operating on the Saen Saep Canal in Bangkok through the city's commercial districts. The Khlong Saen Saep boat service has been in operation since 1990.

Ratchathewi station

Ratchathewi station is a BTS skytrain station, on the Sukhumvit Line in Ratchathewi District, Bangkok, Thailand. The station is located on Phaya Thai Road to the south of Ratchathewi intersection, about 10 minutes walk to Pantip Plaza on the way to Pratunam market. The station is also linked by a skybridge to Asia Hotel, and by escalators and stairs to a recently created area known as Co-Co Walk that houses several relatively low cost restaurants and bars used mostly by the locals, some "antique" shops, and the one remaining software vendor displaced from Hollywood Street that occupied the rear of the site that formerly hosted a theatre/cimema; Co-Co Walk adjoins the Hollywood Arcade that appears to no longer function as retail premises.

National Stadium BTS station railway station

National Stadium station is a BTS Skytrain station, on the Silom Line in Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, Thailand. The station is located on Rama I Road to the west of Pathum Wan intersection, where the National Stadium, MBK Center, Siam Discovery Center, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Siam Square are situated and all linked to the station by skybridge. It is also in walking distance to Siam Center and Siam Paragon, which are located at Siam station. Jim Thompson House, popular Thai silk museum of Jim Thompson, is just opposite the station on Soi Kasemsan 2.

Thong Lo BTS station

Thong Lo station is a BTS Skytrain station, on the Sukhumvit Line in Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand. The station opened in December 1999 along with the rest of the Sukhumvit Line's first phase. The elevated station is located on Sukhumvit Road at Soi Thong Lo. The neighborhood is known for having a large number of expatriate Japanese residents, and the area and its nearby side-streets are known for trendy bars and restaurants.

Transport in Bangkok

Bangkok has 9.7 million automobiles and motorbikes, a number the government says is eight times more than can be properly accommodated on existing roads. And those numbers are increasing by 700 additional cars and 400 motorbikes every day. Charoen Krung Road, the first road to be built by Western techniques, was completed in 1864. Since then, the road network has expanded to accommodate the sprawling city's needs. Besides roads, Bangkok is served by several other transport systems. Bangkok's canals and ferries historically served as a major mode of transport, but they have long since been eclipsed by land traffic. A complex elevated expressway network helps bring traffic into and out of the city centre, but Bangkok's rapid growth has put a large strain on infrastructure. By the late-1970s, Bangkok became known as "the city of traffic disaster". Although rail transport was introduced in 1893 and electric trams served the city from 1894 to 1968, it was only in 1999 that Bangkok's first rapid transit system began operation. Older public transport systems include an extensive bus network and boat services which still operate on the Chao Phraya and two canals. Taxis appear in the form of cars, motorcycles, and tuk-tuks.

Witthayu Road

Witthayu Road, commonly known in English as Wireless Road, is a road in Bangkok, located almost entirely in Lumphini Subdistrict of Pathum Wan District.

Nana, Bangkok road intersection in Bangkok, Thailand

Nana is an intersection and neighbourhood at the beginning of Sukhumvit Road in Khlong Toei Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok. It's the four-way intersection of Sukhumvit Road, Soi Sukhumvit 3 or Soi Nana Nuea and Soi Sukhumvit 4 or Soi Nana (ซอยนานา), which toward the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly. It can be considered as an intersection next to Phloen Chit Intersection on Phloen Chit Road in the area of Lumphini Subdistrict, Pathum Wan District.

Khlong Tan is an intersection including neighbourhood in Bangkok's Suan Luang sub-district, Suan Luang district. It's crossroads of Phetchaburi, Ramkhamhaeng, Phatthanakan, and Sukhumvit 71 roads. It's considered to be the end of Phetchaburi and the beginning of Ramkhamhaeng roads.

Chaloem Phao

Chaloem Phao is a junction in the area of Bangkok's Pathum Wan sub-district, Pathum Wan district. It is a three-way junction of Rama I with Henri Dunant roads and considered as the end of Henry Dunant road. Including a junction between Pathum Wan and Ratchaprasong intersections on Rama I road side.

Chaloem La 56 Bridge bridge in Thailand

Chaloem La 56 Bridge or popularly known as Hua Chang Bridge. It's an one bridge in Bangkok's Thanon Phetchaburi sub-district, Ratchathewi district and Wang Mai sub-district, Pathum Wan district, it across Khlong Saen Saep on Phaya Thai road. The place adjacent to the bridge-foot in Pathum Wan side is Sa Pathum Palace (วังสระปทุม), which was once the palace of Queen Savang Vadhana, who was King Bhumibol Adulyadej 's grandmother and Maha Vajiralongkorn 's great-grandmother. Currently is the resident of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

Ekkamai Road

Ekkamai Road, officially named Soi Sukhumvit 63, is a soi in the form of road, and the name of the surrounding its location in Bangkok.


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