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Tong Sala (Thai : ท้องศาลา; RTGS: thong sala) is the principal town and administrative centre of Ko Pha Ngan, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. While Haad Rin hosts the Full Moon Party and attracts many of the island's visitors, Thong Sala is mostly used by tourists as a ferry terminal and jumping off point.

Thai language language spoken in Thailand

Thai, Central Thai or Ayutthaya or Siamese, is the sole official and national language of Thailand and the first language of the Central Thai people and vast majority of Thai of Chinese origin. It is a member of the Tai group of the Kra–Dai language family. Over half of Thai vocabulary is derived from or borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit, Mon and Old Khmer. It is a tonal and analytic language.

The Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS) is the official system for rendering Thai words in the Latin alphabet. It was published by the Royal Institute of Thailand.

Gulf of Thailand A shallow inlet in the western part of the South China Sea

The Gulf of Thailand, also known as the Gulf of Siam, is a shallow inlet in the western part of the South China Sea, a marginal body of water in the western Pacific Ocean. The gulf is around 800 km (497 mi) long and up to 560 km (348 mi) wide, has a surface area of 320,000 km2 (123,553 sq mi) and is surrounded on the north, west and southwest by Thailand, on the northeast by Cambodia and Vietnam. The South China Sea is to the southeast.

The port area has three main piers, one of which is able to handle medium- to large-sized container and passenger craft. The others accommodate smaller passenger and dive boats that serve the islands of Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Samui, and Ko Tao, and the mainland ports of Surat Thani and Chumphon.

Ko Samui Island in Surat Thani, Thailand

Ko Samui is an island off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand. Geographically in the Chumphon Archipelago, it is part of Surat Thani Province, though as of 2012, Ko Samui was granted municipal status and thus is now locally self-governing. Ko Samui is Thailand's second-largest island after Phuket, with an area of 228.7 km2, a population of over 63,000 and a hotel occupancy rate of 73 percent as the number of visitors continues to increase. Abundant tourist resources, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and coconut trees are present on the island.

Ko Tao Place in Surat Thani, Thailand

Ko Tao is an island in Thailand and is part of the Chumphon Archipelago on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It covers an area of about 21 km2. Administratively it forms a district (amphoe) of Surat Thani Province. As of 2006 its official population was 1,382. The main settlement is Ban Mae Hat.

Surat Thani City Municipality in Thailand

Surat Thani is a city in Amphoe Mueang Surat Thani, Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand. It lies 651 km south of Bangkok. It is the capital of Surat Thani Province. The city has a population of 128,179 (2009), and an area of 68.97 square kilometers. The city's population density is 1,858.47 inhabitants per km².

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Surat Thani Province Province in Thailand

Surat Thani, often shortened to Surat, is the largest of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. It lies on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. Surat Thani means "city of good people", a title given to the city by King Vajiravudh.

Chumphon Province Province in Thailand

Chumphon is a southern province (changwat) of Thailand on the Gulf of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are Prachuap Khiri Khan, Surat Thani, and Ranong. To the west it borders the Burmese province of Tanintharyi.

Sala may refer to:

Ko Pha-ngan island in Surat Thani, Thailand

Ko Pha-ngan is an island in the Gulf of Thailand in southeast Thailand in Surat Thani Province. Ko Pha-ngan is best known for its Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach. Ko Pha-ngan has two sister islands: the larger Ko Samui to the south and the smaller Ko Tao to the north.

Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is an all-night beach party that originated in Hat Rin on the island of Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand on the night of, before or after every full moon. It is mostly attended by tourists.

PHA may refer to:

Bandon Bay bay

Bandon Bay is a bay in the Gulf of Thailand in Surat Thani Province, extending from the Sui cape in Chaiya District in the northwest to Kanchanadit District to the east. The total coastline is about 100 km. The bay is dominated by the estuary of the rivers Tapi and Phum Duang. The islands of Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao enclose the bay on its eastern side.

Samui Airport airport

Samui International Airport, also known as Ko Samui Airport or Koh Samui Airport, is a privately owned airport on the island of Ko Samui in Thailand. The airport is roughly 2 km north of the main city and largest resort centre on the island, Chaweng. It was built by Bangkok Airways. Construction began in 1982 and the airport was officially opened in April 1989.

Half Moon Festival

The Half Moon Festival is an outdoor dance music (rave) event on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand held on the half moon, one week before and one week after the full moon. The promoters mainly employ local DJs using CD decks rather than vinyl. Various guest DJs play unannounced sets but the event does not book big name stars.

Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport airport

Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport is an airport serving Nakhon Si Thammarat, a town in the Nakhon Si Thammarat Province of Thailand. The airport is 14 km from the city. The capacity of the arrivals terminal is 188 persons per hour and that of the departure terminal is 215 people per hour. Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport has 2 Boeing 737 parking spaces, 2 ATR 72 parking spaces, and 2 helipad spaces. Total space, 2,902,400 square meters.

Than Sadet–Ko Pha-ngan National Park national park of Thailand

Than Sadet–Ko Pha-ngan is a national park in southern Thailand, protecting 65.93 km2 (25.46 sq mi) mostly on the island Pha-ngan. The park was established on December 31, 1983. It covers an area of 39.12 km2 (15.10 sq mi), and was enlarged to its present size on February 10, 1999.

Ko Phra Thong island in Phang Nga Province, Thailand

Ko Phra Thong is an island in Khura Buri district, Phang Nga Province, southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea. It has an area of 88 km² and is separated from the mainland by a seven metre deep canal. It is off the west coast of Thailand and the closest town is the port town of Khura Buri, on the mainland about 10 km east.

Ko Pha-ngan Airport

Ko Pha-ngan Airport is an airport currently "under construction" since 2012 on Ko Pha-ngan, Surat Thani Province, Thailand. The airport is being built by Kan Air, a domestic Thai airline, who are reportedly spending 700-900 million baht. Kan Air plans to introduce flights to Ko Pha-ngan's neighboring islands, Ko Samui and Ko Tao, as well as three 80-minute flights daily to and from Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport.

Ko Phaluai island in the Gulf of Thailand

Ko Phaluai or "เกาะพะลวย" in Thai, is the biggest island in the Mu Ko Ang Thong island group. It is inhabited by sea-gypsies who still earn a living from fishing.

Mu Ko Samui is a group of islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Together they have a population of 78,000 (2012). The islands are split between 3 different districts :

Ko Samui (city) City Municipality in Southern Thailand

Ko Samui officially City of Ko Samui is a city in Surat Thani, Southern Thai, Thailand.


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