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Thongchai McIntyre

ธงไชย แมคอินไตย์
Bird Thongchai 1.jpg
Albert Thongchai McIntyre

(1958-12-08) 8 December 1958 (age 65)
Other namesBird
EducationHigh Vocational Certificate
Alma materThonburi Commercial College
  • Actor
  • singer
Years active1983–present
Height1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Musical career
Also known asBird Thongchai
  • Dance-pop
  • electronica
  • electropop
  • pop
  • pop rock
  • R&B
Labels GMM Grammy

Thongchai McIntyre (Thai : ธงไชย แมคอินไตย์, pronounced [tʰōŋ.tɕʰājmɛ́k.ʔīn.tāj] ; born Albert Thongchai McIntyre; 8 December 1958) is a Thai singer, actor and 2023 National Artist Performing Arts. He is also sometimes known as Bird Thongchai, Phi Bird ("Older brother Bird") or simply Bird (Thai pronunciation: [bɤ́ːt] ). He finished high diploma management major from Thonburi Commercial College.


Considered to be Thailand's No.1 superstar, [1] he is one of the most successful singers in Thailand's history, having sold more than 25 million albums. [2] He is best known for his string (Thai pop) and luk thung music. He has also acted in numerous films, on television, musicals, and in commercials. He is of Mon, Scottish and Thai descent.

Early life

Bird Thongchai in Concert Bird In Concert2.jpg
Bird Thongchai in Concert

McIntyre was born in Bangkok's Wat Nimmanoradi neighbourhood to parents Udom and James McIntyre. He was the youngest of nine siblings, and his life in the slums did not give him much of a head start, thus his childhood was filled with struggle to supplement the income of his family. As a child, he sometimes taught English to other children in the slum in exchange for 5 to 10 baht. Raised in a music-loving family, Bird McIntyre loved to sing and dance, and showcased his talents in school. [3] His father died when Bird was still a child. [4] [5] He began working as a bank officer.


While still working as a bank officer, he met the famous Thai TV producer Kai Varayuth, who recognised Bird's talent. Bird débuted in his first TV series with the help of Kai. His most memorable role was that of Captain Kobori in the 1990 television series Khu Kam , a tragic love story about a Japanese soldier (Bird) and a local Thai girl during World War II. He reprised this role in the 1996 film adaptation, Sunset at Chaophraya .

He reached the height of his musical career in the early nineties. Among his best-known songs are Duay Rak Lae Pook Pan, Koo Gud, Sabai Sabai and Kob Jai Jing Jing. His popular singles released recently include luk thung singles Mah Tummai (with Jintara Poonlarp), Fan Ja (with Jintara and Jarin B. (Joey Boy), Nat Myria Benedetti, and Katreeya English), Lao Su Kan Fang, and Yak Tham Kor Tob and Mai Kang Ying Pae from his album "Volume One". In the mid-nineties, he became the first Thai artist to receive an International MTV Award for his performance in Sunset at Chaophraya .

He was featured on CNN and in Variety magazine. An award-winning documentary of his life entitled Crossing Borders, directed by Phanjanit Garnploog, can be seen at St. John's University in New York. In 2010, Bird made his first international tour in Los Angeles and the 50th Anniversary of Lincoln Center in New York.

In late 2007, he released another album entitled "Simply Bird", which features songs such as Chuay Rap Tee and Mee Tae Kid Tueng.


Albums and singles

YearAlbum NameSpecial albumsConcert
1986Hard-Sai Sai-Lom Song-Rao (Beach, Wind, and two of us)-Sudchevit Thongchai (All of Life "Thongchai") / Babb Bird Bird Show No. 1
1987Sabai-Sabai (easy-easy)Babb Bird Bird Show No. 2 (Another)
1987Rub-Kwun-Wan-Mai (Blessing for a new day)
1988Sor-Kor-Sor (Greeting Card)Thongchai 2501 Soup with no Bean sprouts concert / Bird-perd-sa-card
1989-Babb Bird Bird Show No. 3 (Fly to herizon)
1990BoomerangConcert Boomerang man / Babb Bird Bird Show No. 4 (It's in the Boomerang man hand)
1991Prik-Kee-Noo (Bird Chilli)Babb Bird Bird Show No. 5 (Happies and our memories never end)
1994Tor-Thong (The Flag)Wan-Nee Tee Ror-Koy (TV drama Soundtrack)TorThong and Torther (that you)/Babb Bird Bird Show No. 6 (Dream & Reality)
1995DreamKon-nok-kab-Dok-Mai (Feather & Flowers)Dream concert
1996Feather & Flowers concert
1997Niramit (TV drama soundtrack)Green concert no.3 Singing Bird
1998Thongchai ServiceThongchai Special ServiceConcert Thongchai service / Concert Thongchai special service
1999Tu-Pleng Saman Prajam Barn (The Everyhouse Jukebox)Babb Bird Bird Show No. 7 (Aroka)
2000100 Pleng Rak Mai Roo Job (100 everlasting love songs)
2001Thongchai Smile clubBird Love Beat 1 & 2Smile club concert
2002 Chud Rab Kaek (Welcome, Guests!)Concert For Fans by Thongchai McIntyre
2003Babb Bird Bird Show No. 8 (TOGETHER)
2004Bird-Sek with Sek LosoBird-Sek concert
2005Bird Volume 1Volume 1 concet Oh la nor My Love
2006Thongchai VillageBird Perd FloorConcert Bird Perd Floor
2007 Simply Bird -
2008--Babb Bird Bird Show No. 9 MAGIC MEMORIES
2009Fancy fans zone concert
2010Bird Asa sanook
2011-Bird Asa sanook concert
2012Secret gardenBabb Bird Bird Show No. 10 (Our day is still)
2013Feather & Flowers Secret garden
2014Kolkimono (TV drama soundtrack)-
2015Feather & Flowers The Original Returns
2016Romwong THONGCHAI concert
2018Bird mini marathonBabb Bird Bird Show No. 11 "DREAM JOURNEY"

Original soundtrack

TV dramas

YearTitleNative titleRole
1983Namtan Maiน้ำตาลไหม้Ae
1984Muer Ruk Raoเมื่อรักร้าว
Baan Soi Daoบ้านสอยดาวPawuti
Kamin Gub Poon  [ th ]ขมิ้นกับปูนTanpan
1985Ruk Nai Sai Mokรักในสายหมอก
Pleng Haeng Cheewitเพลงแห่งชีวิตNat
Benjarong 5 Seeเบญจรงค์ห้าสีChanayu
Plub Plerng See ChompooพลับพลึงสีชมพูWitsarut Marupong
Wong Wien Hua Jai  [ th ]วงเวียนหัวใจTos Kanaphan
1986Majurat See Nam Puengมัจจุราชสีน้ำผึ้งPrawut Thraipolrachata
Nuer Nangเนื้อนาง
1987Duang Fai Yai Mai Song Chunดวงไฟใยไม่ส่องฉัน
1989Takai DaoตะกายดาวGuest Role (Ep.2)
1990 Khu Kam คู่กรรมKobori
1993Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoiวันนี้ที่รอคอยChao San
1997 Niramit  [ th ]นิรมิตJao Phuwong / Pangkee / Taiwan
1998Kwam Song Jum Mai Huajai Dermความทรงจำใหม่หัวใจเดิมDieow
2015 Kol Kimono  [ th ]กลกิโมโนM.R. Hochinoji / Hoshi
2016We Were Born in the 9th Reignเราเกิดในรัชกาลที่ ๙ เดอะซีรีส์Mor Don


Bird and his awards Birdawards.jpg
Bird and his awards
The best of Thongchai
*1984 Siam-Kollakarn Contest: The Best Singer Thai Music for See Wit Lakorn and Chud Hmay Play Tang, The Special from Dr. Thaworn Pornprapa*1986 Mekala: The Best Man Presenters
*1987 The office of national young people or Sor Yor Chor: The Best Artist )*1990 Coke Music Award: The album was a success for Boomerang
* Mekala: The Best Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya (TV Lakorn)* TV Golden: The Best Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya (TV Lakorn)
* MTV Asian Viewer's Choice Award* NCSWT: The Outstanding child
* 1993 Vote Award: The Best Man Actor for Wannee Tee Raw-Koy (TV Lakorn)*1994 TV Golden: The Best Man Actor for Wannee Tee Raw-Koy (TV Lakorn)
*1995 Saraswati: The Best Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya (Movie)* 1995 Saraswati: The Best Movie music for Thoe Khon Diaw (Music)
*1995 Vote Award: The Popular Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya* 1996 Billboard Viewer's Choice Award first in Asia
* 1997 Ganesha Golden: The Special Creative Music for Ton Mai Khong Por
* 2002 Seesun Award: The Best Song for Lao Su Kan Fang*Top Awards: The Best Singer (2002)
* 2002 Top Awards: The Best Singer for Lao Su Kan Fang* 2002 Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Popular Man Artist Music video for Lao Su Kan Fang
*Top Awards: The Best Singer (2003)
*Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Best Music video for Fan Ja (2003)*Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Popular Artist (2003)
*Diamond Siam: The Sampler for Promotion of Thai arts and culture (2003)*MTV Asia Awards: The Favorite Artist Thailand (2004)
*Top Awards: The Best Singer (2004)*Top Awards: The Best Singer (2005)
*Annual Chalermthai Awards: The Thai Artist of the year (2005)*Oops! awards: The Popular Man Singer (2005)
*MTV Asia Awards: The Inspiration Award (2006)*Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Popular Music video for My love (2006)
*Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Popular Artist (2006)*Virgin Hitz Awards: The Achievement Awards (2006)
*FAT award: The Best Music video of the year for My love (2006)*Sor Nor Chor: The Popular Man Artist of the year (2006)
*Top Awards: The Best Singer (2007)*Star Entertainment Awards: The Popular Man Singer (2007)
*In Young Generation Choice: The Long man acting actor of the year (2007)*TVPool Star Party Award: The Artist in heart (2007)
*Seed AWARDS: The Popular Man Artist (2007)*Seed of the month awards: The Popular Man Artist for November (2007)
*Ministry of Culture: The Gratitude (2007)*Top Awards: The Best Singer (2008)
*Seesun Award: The Best Song for Nam Ta (2008)*Star Entertainment Awards: The Best Man Singer (2008)
*Nine Entertain Awards: The Man Singer of the year (2008)*In Young Generation Choice: The Long man acting actor of the year (2008)
*TVPool Star Party Award: The Popular singer for people (2008)*Seed AWARDS: The Quality artists (2008)
*Pet Nai Plang: The Outstanding singing in the Thai language for Me Tea Kid Thung (2008)
*Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Thai invention for Babb Bird Bird Show Concert (2009)
*Annual Chalermthai Awards: The Song of Thai Film of the Year for Chadaimailumkan (2009)*In Young Generation Choice: The Long man acting actor of the year (2009)
*TVPool Star Party Award: The Popular singer for Superstar (2009)*Pet Nai Plang: The Outstanding singing in the Thai language for Pai Thew Kan (2009)
*TV INSIDE HOT AWARDS: The King of Hot (2009)
*Prakaipet: The Outstanding Thai Artist (2010)*Thailand National Film Association Awards: The Best Movie Music for Chadaimailumkan (2010)
*Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards: The Popular Music video for Too Much so Much Very Much (2011)*Seed AWARDS: The Inspirational artist (2011)
*Ministry of Culture: The Virtuous artist promotes Buddhism of Thailand (2011)*SiamDara Star awards: The Popular Thai singers (2011)
*Bang Awards: The Dead dance music for Too Much so Much Very Much (2011)*Intensive Watch: The Popular Song for Yatamyangnee Maiwakapkai Kawjaimai (2011)
*Gmember Awards: The most beloved artist (2011)*Top Awards: The Best Singer (2011)
*TVPool Star Party Award: The Popular for people (2012)*Pet Nai Plang: The Outstanding singing in the Thai language for Tam Roi Pra Racha (2012)
*SiamDara Star awards: The Popular Thai singers (2012)*SiamDara Star awards: The Siam Dara Star for People (2012)
*Gmember Awards: The most beloved artist (2012)*MThai Top Talk-About: The most talked-about singer (2012)
*Shining star: The Successful artists and social activities (2012)*Office of the Secretary of the Supreme Patriarch: The benefit of Buddhism (2012)
*Tara Award: People with a Bodhisattva Heart, which is beneficial to society (2012)*TV Golden: Best voice cartoon actor Bird: The Flying With Byrd (2012)
*SiamDara Star awards: The Superstar Forever (2013)*Shining star: The Successful artists and social activities (2013)
*Kinnara: Good people think good society Follow the Royal footprint (2013)*Daradaily Award: The Best Person (2013)
*9 people prototype Steps to the king project: The Best singer (2013)*CROW Awards: The Best singer (2013)
*TVPool Star Party Award: The Popular for people (2013)*Shining star: The Successful artists and social activities (2014)
*Japan Tourism Award: The special award for People who play an important role To travel to Japan (2014)*SiamDara Star awards: The Star Idol (2014)
*GMM Digital Domain: Top Load via *123 for Kon Pea Timaimee Namta (2015)*KPN Award: The Lifetime Achievement Award (2016)
Joox Icon Award from JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2018
*2023 National Artist (Performing Arts) [7]

Covers by other artists

In 2012, the popular Japanese girl group Berryz Kobo released a song titled "Cha Cha Sing" as a single. The title track is a cover of the song "Row Mah Sing" by Bird Thongchai. The first coupling track "Loving You Too Much" is also a cover of a Bird Thongchai's song, "Too Much So Much Very Much". Both were translated into Japanese. [8] The single debuted at number 6 on the Japanese Oricon weekly singles chart. In 2013, Japanese girl group Berryz Kobo released a single titled "Asian Celebration". The coupling track of the Limited Edition B and Limited Edition D, "I like a Picnic" is a cover of a Bird Thongchai's song, "กอดกัน(Gaud-gun)".

Royal decorations

Bird Thongchai on graduation rehearsal in 2022 Bird Docterate.jpg
Bird Thongchai on graduation rehearsal in 2022

Tongchai has received the following royal decorations in the Honours System of Thailand:

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