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Thopia family

Thopia family was one of the most powerful Albanian feudal families in the Late Middle Ages. It was initially part of the nobility of the Angevin Kingdom of Albania.

Tanusio Thopia or Tanush Thopia was an Angevin Albanian count that served Princes of Taranto Philip I and Robert, and Dukes of Durazzo John and Charles. He had domains in Matia.

George Thopia was the Lord of Durazzo (Durrës) from 1388 to 1392. He was the son of Karl Topia and Vojislava Balšić. George married Voislava (Teodora), the daughter of sevastokrator Branko Mladenović, of the Serbian Branković family.

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The League of Lezhë was a military alliance of Albanian feudal lords forged in Lezhë on 2 March 1444, with Skanderbeg as leader of the regional Albanian and Serbian chieftains united against the Ottoman Empire.

Karl Thopia 14th century Albanian prince and warlord

Karl Thopia was an Albanian feudal prince and warlord who ruled Albania from the middle of the 14th century until the first Ottoman conquest of Albania. Thopia usually maintained good relations with the Roman Curia.

Girolamo de Rada Italian writer of Arbëresh descent

Girolamo de Rada was an Albanian writer of Italo-Albanian literature. Of Arbëreshë descent, De Rada, along with Demetrio Camarda were the two main initiators of the Albanian National Awakening in Italy during the second half of the 19th century.

Battle of Savra

The Battle of Savra or the Battle of the Vjosë was fought on 18 September 1385 between Ottoman and much smaller Zetan forces, at the Savra field near Lushnjë. The Ottomans were invited by Karlo Thopia to support him in his feud against Balša II.

Principality of Albania (medieval) former country

Principality of Albania (1368–1392) was an Albanian principality formed after the disestablishment of Kingdom of Albania, by Karl Thopia. The principality changed hands between the Thopia dynasty and the Balšić dynasty, until 1392, when Durrës was annexed by the Republic of Venice.

Tanush Thopia Albanian nobleman of the 15th century, ally of Skanderbeg

Tanush Thopia or Tanusio Thopia was an Albanian nobleman and one of the closest collaborators of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg.

Lekë Zaharia, was an Albanian nobleman from Zaharia family. He was the only son of his father Koja Zaharia and mother Bosa who also had one daughter, Bolja, who named her son Koja after her father.

Lekë Dushmani was an Albanian nobleman and one of the founding members of League of Lezhë, formed on 2 March 1444.

Durrës Castle cultural Monument in Albania

Durrës Castle is the fortified old city of Durrës, Albania. It is enclosed by city walls built in the late 5th century, and repaired and reinforced in the Middle Ages and early modern periods.

George Strez Balšić Albanian noble

George Strez Balšić and his brothers Gojko and John were the lords of Misia, a coastal area from the White Drin towards the Adriatic. The brothers were members of the Balšić family, which had earlier held Zeta. They participated in founding of the League of Lezhë, an alliance led by their maternal uncle Skanderbeg. George later betrayed Skanderbeg, by selling a domain to the Ottomans, while his two brothers continued to support Skanderbeg until his death and then continued to fight for the Venetian forces.

Kingdom of Albania was the name of Albania under a series of monarchial governments.

Paternal Balšić family members in bold.

Topia is a city and seat of the municipality of Topia, in the state of Durango, north-western Mexico.