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Thor Kristen Tjønveit (28 July 1936 – 3 March 2017) was a Norwegian-American aviator.

Tjønveit grew up at Hesthagen in Grimstad, Norway. After taking his pilot's license, he moved to the United States in 1961; he became an American citizen in 1965. In 1967, he crashed in Yukon as was missing for ten days before being found. He was also the first person to fly over both the North Pole and the South Pole in the same trip. [1]

In the US, Tjønveit operated a retailer of general aviation aircraft. He established the charter airline Trans Polar in 1970, which went bankrupt the following year. At the time the 33-million Norwegian krone bankruptcy was the largest in the country's history. Tjøntveit was charged, but acquitted of charges of deceit in the airline. [1] In 1972 Tjønveit established Norwegian Overseas Airways, [2] which never received operating permit in Norway and therefore moved its operations to Bangladesh. [3]

Tjønveit was sentenced for gross fraud against an insurance company in 1987. He was indicted in 2003 in the largest value added tax fraud in Norwegian history, but fled the country. Upon his return in 2005, he was sentenced and remained in prison until 2012. [1] He died on 3 March 2017. [4]

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Geir Eriksen, former names Geir Selvik and Geir Selvik Malthe-Sørenssen, is a Norwegian con artist and convicted felon. He formerly worked as a private investigator for criminal clients, and became known for fabricating material in the Arne Treholt case; it was subsequently revealed that he had engaged in similar fraud in a large number of other cases. He was charged with aggravated fraud and forgery; his criminal trial started in Oslo District Court in 2018, and he pled guilty to all charges. On 18 June 2018 Malthe-Sørenssen was convicted of aggravated fraud and forgery of documents, and sentenced to three years in prison and to pay his victims over seven million Norwegian kroner in restitution. He has changed his names several times, but is best known under the name Geir Selvik Malthe-Sørenssen, his legal name from 2010 to 2017.


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