Thoracocharax securis

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Giant Hatchetfish
Thoracocharax securis (Worclaw zoo)-1.JPG
Scientific classification
T. securis
Binomial name
Thoracocharax securis
De Filippi, 1853

Thoracocharax securis, the giant hatchetfish, is a hatchetfish found in the Amazon River Basin. Adults will grow up to 6.8 cm in the wild and 9 cm in the aquarium. It is a rarely seen species in the aquarium hobby. [1] It is known to glide up to 2.74 meters (9 ft) out of the water. [2]

Aquarium care

Thoracocharax securis should be kept in group of at least 5 individuals. The minimum aquarium volume for such a group is 150 L.

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