Thorleif Dahl

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Thorleif Dahl
Born(1891-03-17)17 March 1891
Died5 September 1967(1967-09-05) (aged 76)
OccupationPhilologist and businessman

Thorleif Brandtmann Dahl (17 March 1891 – 5 September 1967) was a Norwegian philologist and businessperson. He was born in Kristiania. He was chief editor of the series Aschehougs verdenshistorie, published from 1953 to 1958, and of the series Vårt folks historie, published from 1961 to 1964. After the death of his brother he had taken over a profitable advertising agency established by his brother. Dahl is remembered for his generous donations to cultural purposes, in particular the funding of "Thorleif Dahls kulturbibliotek  [ no ]", a series of classical books translated into Norwegian language. His name is coupled to the Norwegian Academy Prize in memory of Thorleif Dahl. [1] [2]

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