Thornley (surname)

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Thornley is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

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McCall is a Gaelic surname, of Irish and Scottish origin.

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Kinsella is a surname of Gaelic, that is: Irish origin, developed from the original form Cinnsealach, meaning "proud". The Kinsella sept is native in part of the modern County Wexford in Leinster, a district formerly called the Kinsellaghs. The oldest documentary mention of the surname appears in the "Ancient records of Leinster", dated to 1170, where the son of the King of Leinster is named as Enna Cinsealach. Originally pronounced "KIN səl la", it is also often found pronounced "kən SEL lə".

Underwood is a surname of English topographic origin.

Flynn is an Irish surname or first name, an anglicised form of the Irish Ó Floinn, meaning "descendant of Flann". The name is more commonly used as a surname rather than a first name. The name rose independently in several parts of Ireland.

Lewis is a surname in the English language. It has several independent origins.

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Charlton or Charleton is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Irvine Thornley was an English professional footballer who played as a centre-forward. After playing for local amateur clubs, he made his professional debut for Glossop in 1901. He moved to Manchester City in 1904, becoming a prolific goalscorer for the club and winning a single cap for England in 1907.

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McGowan is an Irish surname. It is an Anglicization of the Irish Mac Gabhann & Scottish surname Mac Gobhann. Belonging to the Uí Echach Cobo, located in modern-day County Down, Northern Ireland, they produced several over-kings of Ulaid. By the late 12th century, the English had expelled the McGowans to Tír Chonaill in modern-day County Donegal, Republic of Ireland.

Durkin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Pigott and Piggott are English surnames.

Clarke is a surname which means "clerk". The surname is of English and Irish origin and comes from Latin clericus. Variants include Clerk and Clark. Clarke is also uncommonly chosen as a given name.

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Curtis or Curtiss is a common English given name and surname of Anglo-Norman origin derived from the Old French curteis, which means "polite, courteous, or well-bred". It is a compound of curt- ″court″ and -eis ″-ish″. The spelling u to render [u] in Old French was mainly Anglo-Norman and Norman, when the spelling o [u] was the usual Parisian French one, Modern French ou [u]. -eis is the Old French suffix for -ois, Western French keeps -eis, simplified -is in English. The word court shares the same etymology but retains a Modern French spelling, after the orthography had changed.

Carli is a nickname and given name. Notable people referred to by this name include the following:

John William Thornley was an English football forward who played in the Football League for Glossop.

Toon is an Dutch feminine given name that is a diminutive form of Antonia used in Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, Namibia, Indonesia and Suriname. Notable people with the name include the following: