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Grocer's shop, Thorsvang Samlermuseum Throrsvang grocers.jpg
Grocer's shop, Thorsvang Samlermuseum

Thorsvang, Danmarks Samlermuseum (Thorsvang: Denmark's Museum of Collectables) is located in the Lendemarke district of Stege on the Danish island of Møn. It displays a wide variety of old items collected over the years principally by Henrik Hjortkær. They are displayed in a former powdered milk factory from 1919 which has been fitted out to represent a series of small shops typical of the early 20th century. [1] [2]

Stege, Denmark Town in Zealand (Sjælland), Denmark

Stege is the largest town on the island of Møn in south-eastern Denmark. In January 2015 its population was 3,841. Stege is now part of Vordingborg Municipality and belongs to Region Zealand. Once a prosperous herring fishing port, tourism is now important to the local economy.

Møn island in south-eastern Denmark

Møn is an island in south-eastern Denmark. Until 1 January 2007, it was a municipality in its own right but it is now part of the municipality of Vordingborg, after merging with the former municipalities of Langebæk, Præstø, and Vordingborg. This has created a municipality with an area of 615 km2 (237 sq mi) and a total population of 46,307 (2005). It belongs to the Region Sjælland. Møn is one of Denmark's most popular destinations for tourists with its white chalk cliffs, countryside, sandy beaches and the market town of Stege. In June 2017, UNESCO designated Møn as Denmark's first biosphere reserve, consisting of "a series of islands and islets in the southern Baltic Sea, over approximately 45,118 hectares. Its landscapes include woodlands, grasslands, meadows, wetlands, coastal areas, ponds and steep hills."



The museum consists of countless items of all kinds which have been collected over the years by Henrik Hjortkær who developed an interest in collectables when he was just eight years old. Hjortkær, now in his early fifties, and his wife Bente Bille are well-known figures on Møn as they used to run Café Frederik VII on the marketplace in the centre of Stege while Hjortkær's parents and grandparents ran the restaurant in Fanefjord Skovpavillion. [3] [4] In his efforts to find a suitable venue for displaying his collection, Hjortkær was assisted by Møns Bank and by the tourism agency Møn-Sydsjællands Turistforening. This led to the creation of a foundation, Fonden Danmarks Samlermuseum, which succeeded in purchasing the former powdered milk factory from Vordingborg Municipality for just 1 Danish crown. In 2012, 124 volunteers — mostly pensioners — were involved in a project designed to convert the factory into a museum in the form of an old town complete with a variety of old shops in which items of various kinds could be displayed. On a typical day, some 20 elderly craftsmen could be seen laying out the old streets and building the shops. [5] By July 2013 when the museum opened, 246 volunteers had assisted either in the work itself or in coming up with good ideas for the project. [1] [2]

Collectable object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector

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Vordingborg Municipality Municipality in Region Zealand, Denmark

Vordingborg is a municipality (kommune) in the Sjælland Region, which is on the southeast coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in south Denmark. It was established in 2007. The municipality includes the island of Masnedø, and covers an area of 621 km². It has a total population of 46,600 (2006). Its second and current mayor is Knud Larsen of the agrarian-liberal Venstre party, who was elected in 2007 replacing Henrik Holmer of the Social Democrats.

Barber's shop Thorsvang barbers.jpg
Barber's shop

The collection

All the items are displayed in 18 small shops, typical of the 1920s. In addition to the grocer's which forms the entrance, there is an old bank, a locksmith, a lingerie store, a tobacco shop, a tailor's, an ice cream parlor, a butcher's, a photographer's and a post office. [6] There is an old cigarette machine which used to deliver 10 cigarettes for 40 øre, a radio store with the second TV set ever to come to Møn and a barber's where, if you come on the right day, you can get a shave. [2] The old classroom consists of eight small wooden desks from Vordingborg but these are soon to be replaced by desks from Møn's Sprove Skole. [7]

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Opening hours

The museum is located at Thorsvang Alle 7, Stege. During the summer months, it is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. [8] The museum also has its own restaurant, Palmehaven. [9]

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Råbylille Strand

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Klintholm Havn is a fishing village and a popular tourist resort on the south coast of Møn, an island in Vordingborg Municipality, southeastern Denmark. As of 1 January 2012, the population is 201.

Grønsund is a strait in Denmark separating the island Falster from the islands Møn and Bogø. Grønsund's maximum depth is at approx. 20 metres and the width is between 1 - 4 km. Storstrømmen channel is situated to the west and Stege Bugt lies to the north between Zealand and Møn. A ferry crosses the channel in the summertime from Stubbekøbing to Bogø island. Grønsund has several shallow areas, i.e. near Bogø, and has a strong and alternating current. Both submersed and riparian vegetation is rich, and the sound is an important breeding area for wildlife and fish. Many shore birds, including cormorants, mute swans, greylag geese, pintails, shovelers, eiders, avocets, several species of waders, as well as gulls and terns are breeding in the area. The porpoise lives in the area.

Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll Danish architect

Michael Gottlieb Birckner Bindesbøll was a Danish architect active during the Danish Golden Age in the first half of the 19th century. Most known for his design of Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen, he was a key figure in the stylistic shift in Danish architecture from late classicism to Historicism. For Bindesbøll, changing styles was the prelude to amusement and he juggled freely with older models. He was the father of the designer Thorvald Bindesbøll and the textile artist Johanne Bindesbøll.

Elmelunde Church

Elmelunde Church, famous for its frescos, is located in the village of Elmelunde, Møn, in southeastern Denmark. It stands high above the surroundings just south of the main road from Stege to the white cliffs of Møn. The impressive whitewashed building can be seen from miles around and has been used as a landmark by sailors in the Baltic Sea.

Borre, Denmark village on the Danish island of Møn

Borre is a village on the island of Møn in south-eastern Denmark. It is located in the eastern part of the island at the foot of a hill leading up to Møns Klint and Liselund. With a population of 309 in the village and 576 in the parish as of 1 January 2015, it is the third largest community on the island after Stege and Store Damme. Now part of Vordingborg Municipality, it belongs to Region Zealand.

Tærø island

Tærø is a small Danish island in the Ulvsund Strait between Zealand and Møn, not far from Bogø and the Farø Bridges. Located in Vordingborg Municipality, the island has an area of 173 hectares. As of January 2010 there was only one inhabitant registered on the island.

Rødkilde Højskole

Rødkilde Højskole is a folk high school just south of Stege on the Danish island of Møn. Founded in 1866, it is one of the older folk high schools in Denmark. Renamed Teaterhøjskolen Rødkilde, it now offers both short and longer courses for those wishing to learn more about the theatre, especially those aspiring to become actors. The main building by Ludvig Fenger, the student wing and the octagonal assembly building were listed on the Danish registry of protected buildings and places by the Danish Heritage Agency on 8 July 1982.

Rosenfeldt Danish manor house

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Marienborg Manor building

Marienborg Manor is an estate on the Danish island of Møn. The estate has a large park with public access. The main building was demolished in 1984. The estate, covering 1,394 ha, contains the thatched tenant farm of Egeløkke. Manorial records exist from 1769, though earlier records may exist in the Møn Cavalry District records.

Ib Braase Danish sculptor

Ib Valentin Braase was a Danish sculptor. From 1968, he lived and worked in Marcoussis near Paris.

Knud Wedel Hvidberg was a Danish painter and sculptor.

Stege Church

Stege Church, also Sankt Hans Church, is a 13th-century brick church in Stege on the Danish island of Møn. Now in the Gothic architectural style, the church was originally a Romanesque building.

Eva Madsen Danish politician

Eva Marie Madsen née Braae (1884–1972) was a Danish municipal politician. She became Denmark's first female mayor in January 1950 when she was elected Mayor of Stege on the island of Møn.


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