Thorvald Aadahl

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Thorvald Aadahl
Born(1882-07-23)23 July 1882
Rødenes, Norway
Died26 March 1962(1962-03-26) (aged 79)
OccupationNewspaper editor, novelist, and playwright

Thorvald Aadahl (23 July 1882 – 26 March 1962) was a Norwegian newspaper editor, novelist, and playwright.

Born in Rødenes, he was chief editor of Nationen newspaper from 1913 to 1942 and chaired the Norwegian Press Association from 1931 to 1934. [1] [2]

In the Norwegian parliamentary election of 1927 Aadahl was the third candidate on the list presented by the short-lived far-right National Legion, behind Karl Meyer (the party's leader) and Frøis Frøisland, and ahead of Jens Bratlie. [3] In a press release, the National Legion stated that it had deliberately chosen "strong" personalities able to withstand the rigours of Norwegian politics. [4]

Frøisland denounced the list in a piece he wrote in Aftenposten , stating that neither he, Aadahl, nor Bratlie were willing candidates; they had not even been aware of their nomination. He declared that a vote for the National Legion would be a wasted vote in the ongoing struggle against "the communists". Norwegian electoral law provided no legal grounds, however, for persons listed in the ballot to refuse their nomination. [5] In the event, the National Legion received only 1,210 votes nationwide and won no seats in parliament. [6]

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