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Thorvald Aagaard

Thorvald Aagaard (8 June 1877 in Rolsted, Faaborg-Midtfyn – 22 March 1937 in Ringe) was a Danish composer, organist and college teacher.

He wrote the music to several continually popular songs, such as "Spurven sidder stum bag kvist" (The sparrow sits in silence behind a twig) and "Jeg ser de bøgelyse øer" (I see the light beech islands). Alongside such composers as Carl Nielsen, Oluf Ring and Thomas Laub, he is considered one of the innovators of Danish popular music.

In memory of Aagaard, a statue was designed by Søren West and erected in Th. Aagaard Square, by the Valgmenighed (Voluntary Congregation) of Ryslinge where Aagaard served as organist for several years.


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