Thorvald Boye

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Thorvald Boye
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Born(1871-02-01)1 February 1871
Arendal, Norway
Died10 December 1943(1943-12-10) (aged 72)
Alma materUniversity of Oslo
OccupationSupreme Court Justice
Spouse(s)Mia Esmarch (1880–1966)
Children Thore Boye
Awards Order of the Polar Star
Order of Wasa
Order of the Dannebrog

Thorvald Boye (1 February 1871 – 10 December 1943) was a Norwegian Supreme Court Justice, educator and legal scholar.



He was born in Arendal to Albert Boye and Johanne Hansen. He graduated as cand.jur. in 1894 and dr. jur. in 1912. He continued his studies at the universities of Berlin, Geneva and Paris. From 1913, he worked in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (Sosialdepartementet). He also taught national and international law at the Norwegian Military College and University of Oslo. He was named as a Supreme Court Justice from 1922. [1] [2] [3]

Arendal Municipality in Aust-Agder, Norway

Arendal is a municipality in the county of Aust-Agder in southeastern Norway. Arendal belongs to the region of Sørlandet. The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Arendal. Some of the notable villages in Arendal include Rykene, Eydehavn, Færvik, Strengereid, Kongshavn, Kilsund, Brattekleiv, Longum, Saltrød, Staubø, Vrengen, and Kolbjørnsvik. The offices of UNEP/GRID-Arendal are also located in the city of Arendal.

Humboldt University of Berlin university in Berlin, Germany

Humboldt University of Berlin is a university in the central borough of Mitte in Berlin, Germany. It was established by Frederick William III on the initiative of Wilhelm von Humboldt, Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Friedrich Ernst Daniel Schleiermacher as the University of Berlin in 1809, and opened in 1810, making it the oldest of Berlin's four universities. From 1810 until its closure in 1945, it was named Friedrich Wilhelm University. During the Cold War the university found itself in East Berlin and was de facto split in two when the Free University of Berlin opened in West Berlin. The university received its current name in honour of Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt in 1949.

University of Geneva Public university in Geneva, Switzerland

The University of Geneva is a public research university located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Personal life

He was married to Mia Esmarch (1880–1966). They were the parents of diplomat Thore Boye. In 1901, he was awarded the Crown Prince's gold medal (Kronprinsens gullmedalje) by the University of Oslo. He was decorated Commander of the Order of the Dannebrog, Commander of the Order of the Polar Star and Commander of the Order of Vasa. [4] [5] [6]

Thore Albert Boye was a Norwegian diplomat.

University of Oslo Norwegian public research university

The University of Oslo, until 1939 named the Royal Frederick University, is the oldest university in Norway, located in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Until 1 January 2016 it was the largest Norwegian institution of higher education in terms of size, now surpassed only by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The Academic Ranking of World Universities has ranked it the 58th best university in the world and the third best in the Nordic countries. In 2015, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked it the 135th best university in the world and the seventh best in the Nordics. While in its 2016, Top 200 Rankings of European universities, the Times Higher Education listed the University of Oslo at 63rd, making it the highest ranked Norwegian university.

Order of the Dannebrog award in Denmark

The Order of the Dannebrog is a Danish order of chivalry instituted in 1671 by Christian V. Until 1808, membership in the order was limited to fifty members of noble or royal rank who formed a single class known as White Knights to distinguish them from the Blue Knights who were members of the Order of the Elephant. In 1808, the Order was reformed and divided into four classes. The Grand Commander class is reserved to persons of princely origin. It is only awarded to royalty with close family ties with the Danish Royal House. The statute of the Order was amended in 1951 by a Royal Ordinance so that both men and women could be members of the Order.

Selected works

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