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Vilhelm Buhl Danish politician

Vilhelm Buhl was Prime Minister of Denmark from 4 May 1942 to 9 November 1942 as head of the Unity Government during the German occupation of Denmark of World War II, until the Nazis ordered him removed. He was Prime Minister again from 5 May 1945 to 7 November 1945 as head of a unity government after the liberation of Denmark by the British Field Marshal Montgomery.

Thorvald Hansen was a Norwegian nordic combined skier who won the event at the Holmenkollen ski festival in 1905 and 1909. For being the first two-time Nordic combined winner, Hansen earned the Holmenkollen medal in 1909.

Thorvald is from the Old Norse name Þórvaldr, which means "Thor's ruler". Despite this pagan origin, the name survived the conversion of Scandinavians to Christianity and remains popular up to the present.

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Frederick Thorvald Hansen was a Danish trumpeter and composer. As a boy, he learned to play the piano, organ, violin, and later trumpet. In 1867, Hansen joined the Tivoli Concert hall Orchestra and in 1884 he was hired as a solo trumpeter in the Royal Danish Orchestra. At the same time, he played viola and violin in various chamber ensembles. Hansen was for many years organist substitute for cathedral organist J. P. E. Hartmann in the Church of Our Lady. He also composed and has written a number of smaller pieces for piano and trumpet, but also other things such some Progressive End Exercises for Trumpet in F. In 1893 he joined the Royal Danish Academy of Music to teach trumpet there.

Elise Konstantin-Hansen Danish painter and autobiographer

Elise Konstantin-Hansen (1858–1946) was a Danish painter and ceramist. She developed her own naturalistic style, often painting sea birds, animals, plants and beach scenes.

Johanne Bindesbøll Danish textile artist

Karen Johanne Bindesbøll (1851–1934) was a Danish textile artist who specialized in embroidery. Together with Kristiane Konstantin-Hansen, from 1873 she ran a retail business in Copenhagen, selling embroidered goods and training young women to sew. The business proved to be highly successful over the next 30 years, attracting custom from individuals, churches and schools, and receiving several international awards. It closed in 1903 to enable Bindesbøll and her colleague Konstantin-Hansen to create large tapestries for Frederiksborg Castle.

Thorvald Hansen was a Danish weightlifter. He competed in the men's lightweight event at the 1920 Summer Olympics.