Thou Shalt Not Kill

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"Thou shalt not kill" is one of the Ten Commandments.

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<i>Spooks</i> (TV series) British television drama series

Spooks is a British television spy drama series that originally aired on BBC One from 13 May 2002 to 23 October 2011, consisting of 10 series. The title is a popular colloquialism for spies, and the series follows the work of a group of MI5 officers based at the service's Thames House headquarters, in a highly secure suite of offices known as The Grid. It is notable for various stylistic touches, and its use of popular guest actors. In the United States, the show is broadcast under the title MI-5. In Canada, the programme originally aired as MI-5 but now airs on BBC Canada as Spooks.

Phil Mulloy British animator

Phil Mulloy is a British animator of Irish ancestry. He was born in Wallasey, Merseyside and studied both painting and filmmaking. Mulloy worked as a screenwriter and director of live-action films until the late 1980s before becoming an animator. His animations have been described as "satirical grotesque" and often portray the dark side of human nature and contemporary social, political, and religious values in a humorous and at times, shocking way. His visual style is distinctive in its use of primitive, often skeletal figures and minimalist backgrounds. Mulloy has made over 30 animated films many of which are in themed groupings based on Hollywood genres. Mulloy has won many international awards for his work and has conducted several workshops for young animators.

Thou Shalt Not may refer to:

<i>Thou Shalt Not</i> (musical) musical

Thou Shalt Not is a musical based on Émile Zola's 1867 novel Thérèse Raquin with music and lyrics by Harry Connick Jr. and an adapted book by David Thompson. The musical deals with the consequences involved in the breaking of several Commandments, in particular the sixth and seventh. It ran on Broadway in 2001.

Love Thy Neighbor or Love Thy Neighbour refers to the Biblical phrase "thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" from the Book of Leviticus and the New Testament about the ethic of reciprocity known as the Golden Rule.

<i>Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except</i> 1987 film by Josh Becker

Thou Shalt Not Kill ... Except, also known as Stryker's War, is a 1985 American action horror film directed by Josh Becker and starring Robert Rickman, John Manfredi, Tim Quill, Cheryl Hausen, Perry Mallette and Sam Raimi. It was written by Becker and Scott Spiegel from a story by Becker, actor Bruce Campbell, and Sheldon Lettich.

<i>The Ten</i> 2007 film by David Wain

The Ten is a 2007 American anthology comedy film directed by David Wain and cowritten by Wain and Ken Marino. It was released through ThinkFilm. The film was released on August 3, 2007. The DVD was released on January 15, 2008.

Tom Quinn (Spooks) fictional character from the TV series Spooks

Tom Quinn is a fictional character in the BBC espionage television series Spooks, which follows the exploits of Section D, a counter-terrorism division of MI5. He is portrayed by British actor Matthew Macfadyen. In the first two series, Tom is the chief of Section D. The character was in the first and second episode of the third series but was decommissioned as a result of sabotaging an operation.

"Thou Shalt Not Kill" is the premiere episode of the British television series Spooks. It first aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 13 May 2002. The episode was written by series creator David Wolstencroft and directed by Bharat Nalluri. "Thou Shalt Not Kill" focuses on MI5's activities in stopping a pro-life movement who have smuggled 20 explosive devices to be used against family planning doctors. The episode title is a reference to the sixth Commandment.

Thou Shalt Always Kill 2007 song performed by dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip

"Thou Shalt Always Kill" is a 2007 song by dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip.

"Looking After Our Own" is the second episode of the British espionage television series Spooks. It first aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 20 May 2002. The episode was written by series creator David Wolstencroft, and directed by Bharat Nalluri. The episode focuses on MI5's efforts in bringing down right-wing leader Robert Osbourne, who is believed to be planning a series of race riots across the UK.


Littlenobody, founded by Karen Penman, is a small animation collective working from the South East of England.

<i>Charm School with Ricki Lake</i> television series

Charm School with Ricki Lake is the third and final season of the VH1 reality television series Charm School. Fourteen contestants from Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels and Real Chance of Love must change their old ways and learn improvement through acts of charity work. Ricki Lake is the headmistress of the Charm School, and is assisted by deans Alani "La La" Vazquez and Stryker. Ebony Jones (Risky) was ultimately named Charm School Queen and was awarded the $100,000.

Tootsie Duvall is an American film, theatre and television actress.

<i>Spooks</i> (series 1) season of television series

The first series of the British spy drama television series Spooks began broadcasting on 13 May 2002 on BBC One, and ended on 17 June 2002. It consists of six episodes. Spooks follows the actions of Section D, a counter-terrorism division of the British Security Service (MI5). Among the storylines, main character Tom Quinn faces dilemmas living a double life with his girlfriend, who at first does not know he is really a spy, and Tessa Phillips is running phantom agents for monetary gain. Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes, David Oyelowo, Peter Firth, Jenny Agutter, Lisa Faulkner, Esther Hall, Heather Cave, Hugh Simon and Greame Mearns are listed as the main cast.

Death Be Not Proud (poem) poem by John Donne

Sonnet X, also known by its opening words as "Death Be Not Proud", is a fourteen-line poem, or sonnet, by English poet John Donne (1572–1631), one of the leading figures in the metaphysical poets group of seventeenth-century English literature. Written between February and August 1609, it was first published posthumously in 1633.

<i>Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die</i> 1998 video game

Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die is a cross-genre video game developed by Red Company and Sega, and published by Sega for the Sega Saturn. The second installment in the main Sakura Wars series, it was released in April 1998 and later ported to other systems, including to the Dreamcast in September 2000. Defined as a "dramatic adventure" game, Thou Shalt Not Die combines overlapping tactical role-playing, dating sim and visual novel gameplay elements.

Judith-Marie Bergan was an American film, television and stage actress, known for starring in the films Abduction, Bloodrage, The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick and Finding Kelly. She appeared in the television series, Brothers, and had a recurring role in Soap and in Maggie. Bergan was married to cinematographer João Fernandes.

<i>Thou Shalt Not Kill</i> (TV series) television series

Thou Shalt Not Kill is an Italian television crime drama starring Miriam Leone. Originally being shown on Rai 3 in Italy for season one, which contained 12 episodes, its season 2, also consisting of twelve episodes, premiered on Rai's streaming service RaiPlay. In the U.S. and U.K, the series is shown on Walter Presents. In 2020 it also appeared on American PBS stations.

Thou Shalt Not Kill is a 1923 German silent film directed by Fritz Hofbauer and starring Werner Krauss and Emil Jannings.