Thoughts Become Things II

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Markus Schulz presents Dakota -
Thoughts Become Things II
Thoughts Become Things II.jpg
Studio album by Dakota (Markus Schulz)
Released 1 July 2011
Genre Trance
Label Armada Music
Dakota (Markus Schulz) chronology
Thoughts Become Things
Markus Schulz presents Dakota -
Thoughts Become Things II

Singles from Thoughts Become Things II
  1. "Sinners"
  2. "Katowice"
  3. "Saints / In A Green Valley"

Thoughts Become Things II is the second studio album by Markus Schulz under his alias Dakota and was released on 1 July 2011. [1]

Markus Schulz German musician

Markus Schulz is a German-American DJ and music producer based in Miami, Florida. Best known for his weekly radio show titled "Global DJ Broadcast" that airs on Digitally Imported radio, After Hours FM and other online stations, Schulz is also the founder of the label Coldharbour Recordings and Schulz Music Group (SMG), an artist management company that manages rising stars in the industry including Nifra, Fisherman & Hawkins, Mr. Pit, Grube and Hovsepian and Adina Butar. In September 2012, Schulz was crowned America's Number 1 DJ by DJ Times.

Track list

  1. "Gypsy Room" (07:41)
  2. "Red Star" (06:00)
  3. "Sleepwalkers" (05:31)
  4. "I'm Where It Went Wrong" (04:30)
  5. "Sinners" (04:19)
  6. "Terrace 5 a.m." (06:05)
  7. "Katowice" (04:13)
  8. "Tears" (04:28)
  9. "Suggestion No. 5" (05:00)
  10. "In a Green Valley" (04:31)
  11. "Miami" (06:39)
  12. "Cape Town" (04:36)
  13. "Saints" (06:15)
  14. "Apollo" (08:44)

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Mike Foyle British musician

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<i>Scream</i> (Markus Schulz album) 2012 studio album by Markus Schulz

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<i>Thoughts Become Things</i> (Dakota album) 2009 studio album by Dakota (Markus Schulz)

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