Thozamile Taki

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Thozamile Taki
Thozamile Taki

Other namesSugarcane Killer
Conviction(s) Murder
Armed robbery
Criminal penalty13 life sentences (208 years for armed robbery)
Country South Africa
Date apprehended

Thozamile Taki (born 1971) also known as the Sugarcane Killer is a South African serial killer who killed 13 women aged 18–25, dumping their bodies in agricultural plantations. [1] On 19 January 2011, Taki was sentenced to 13 life sentences for the murders and an additional 208 years, 16 years for each of his victims of armed robbery. [2]

Taki murdered 10 victims in the sugarcane plantations around the town of Umzinto, as well as a further three victims in the tea plantations near Port St. Johns, KwaZulu Natal. Body parts of some of his victims are alleged to have been provided to a local traditional healer or sangoma. [3]

Taki was remanded at Westville Prison during his trial. On 21 February 2010, Taki, along with eight other prisoners, attempted to escape from the prison. Taki fell from the roof of his fourth floor cell, seriously injuring himself while his accomplices successfully escaped. His trial was adjourned pending his recovery. [4]

On 2 March 2010, Taki, now using a wheelchair, entered court requesting that his girlfriend be given bail. Judge King Ndlovu postponed the trial until 30 April 2010, during which the remaining eight of the state's 103 witness were to testify. On 23 December 2010, Taki was convicted on all charges. [5]

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