Thrasher Skate Rock 5: Born to Skate

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Thrasher Skate Rock 5: Born to Skate
Thrasher Skate Rock vol. 5 Born to Skate.jpg
Compilation album
Genre Crossover thrash
Thrash metal
Skate punk
Label High Speed

Thrasher Skate Rock 5: Born to Skate [1] is the fifth of seven volumes of compilation albums of crossover thrash and skate punk bands from the 80's. The album was only released on cassette tape.


  1. "Visiting The Bad Again" – SNFU
  2. "Happy Go Happy" – Racer X-AZ
  3. "Born To Built To Grind" – The Stupids
  4. "What's So Strange About Me?" – Eight days a week
  5. "Homeless Crew" – Condemned Attitude
  6. "Die Or Be Killed" – No Mercy
  7. "Scraping The Top Of The Barrel" – Naked Lady Wrestlers
  8. "1-10" – JFA
  9. "Insecurity" – Excel
  10. "Shu Du Vwa" - Dehumanizers
  11. "Pray For Sur" - The D.I.'S
  12. "When World's Collide" – Condemned Attitude
  13. "Blarin' In The Chair" - Racer X-AZ
  14. "Different Worlds" – Eight days a week
  15. "Turkeys Carved By UFO's" - J.F.A.
  16. "Time To Buy A Futon" - SNFU
  17. "Wipeout" - The Stupids
  18. "Hussy" - Beowülf
  19. "Halfpipe" - Dehumanizers
  20. "Kings Of Trash" - Screamin' Lord SAlba & his heavy friends

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Creaming Jesus were an English band, influenced by gothic rock, punk and thrash metal, who formed in London, England. Formed in 1987, their original line up was Andy (vocals) Lil (vocals) Tally (bass) Roy (drums) Lindy (drums) and Paul (guitar). Their original sound was a wall of percussive noise, Slayer type thrash metal guitars and screamed vocals.

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Brent Belke is a Canadian guitarist and composer. After playing in the punk and alternative rock bands SNFU and The Wheat Chiefs between 1981 and 1998, Belke began a career composing music for film and television.

Marc Belke is a Canadian musician and former radio personality. He played guitar in the punk and alternative rock bands SNFU and The Wheat Chiefs, and sang lead vocals in the latter. He was later an on-air personality with Rogers based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Ken Fleming is a Canadian punk rock musician. He has played in the early Canadian hardcore punk band The Unwanted, the skate punk band SNFU, and the industrial alternative rock band Econoline Crush.

Robert Arthur Johnson is a Canadian musician currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He played bass guitar in the punk and alternative rock bands SNFU and the Wheat Chiefs, in addition to recording his own hip hop and hard rock music in various incarnations.

Shane Smith is a Canadian drummer. He has performed with the punk rock bands SNFU and Slaveco., and the alternative industrial rock bands Neurosonic and Jakalope.

Curtis Creager is an American-Canadian bass guitarist, best known as a former member of the punk rock band SNFU and alternative rock band the Wheat Chiefs.

Sean Colig is a Canadian musician and record producer who has played guitar or bass in the bands Process, SNFU, Savannah, SideSixtySeven and Minority.