Three Buttes

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Three Buttes
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Three Buttes
Highest point
Elevation 3,848 ft (1,173 m)
Coordinates 48°10′34″N108°45′00″W / 48.17611°N 108.75000°W / 48.17611; -108.75000 Coordinates: 48°10′34″N108°45′00″W / 48.17611°N 108.75000°W / 48.17611; -108.75000
Country United States
State Montana

The Three Buttes, el. 3,848 feet (1,173 m), [1] are buttes or small, flat-topped hills northwest of Lodge Pole, Montana in Blaine County, Montana.

Butte Isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small, relatively flat top

In geomorphology, a butte is an isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small, relatively flat top; buttes are smaller landforms than mesas, plateaus, and tablelands. The word "butte" comes from a French word meaning "small hill"; its use is prevalent in the Western United States, including the southwest where "mesa" is used for the larger landform. Because of their distinctive shapes, buttes are frequently landmarks in plains and mountainous areas. In differentiating mesas and buttes, geographers use the rule of thumb that a mesa has a top that is wider than its height, while a butte has a top that is narrower than its height.

Hill Landform that extends above the surrounding terrain

A hill is a landform that extends above the surrounding terrain. It often has a distinct summit, although in areas with scarp/dip topography a hill may refer to a particular section of flat terrain without a massive summit.

Lodge Pole, Montana Census-designated place in Montana, United States

Lodge Pole is a census-designated place (CDP) in Blaine County, Montana, United States. The population was 265 at the 2010 census. It lies within the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, near the reservation's southern end.

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Four Buttes, Montana Unincorporated community in Montana, United States

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