Three Handed Mother of God Church

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Three Handed Mother of God Church
Tallinna Kolmekäelise Jumalaema kirik
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Three Handed Mother of God Church
Location Tallinn
Country Estonia
Denomination Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

The Three Handed Mother of God Church [1] (Estonian : Tallinna Kolmekäelise Jumalaema kirik) is the name given to a religious building that is affiliated to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (one of the Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with the Pope in Rome) that is located in the 22 street Laboratooriumi in Tallinn, Estonia. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia managed the building in the period between 1994 and 1997.

In late 1997, the church was destroyed by fire, with arson that ended a criminal trial. On 14 October 2000, the church was restored and consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary. The ceremony was celebrated by Archbishop Ljubomõr Guzar of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the church has paintings by the artist Lviv Petro Gumenjuk, and the interior was designed and built by one of his assistants Anatoly Ljutjuk. All Masses are celebrated in Ukrainian language.

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The Metropolitan Palace also known as Greek Catholic Archbishops Palace opposite St. George's Cathedral, Lviv has been the principal residence of the Metropolitans of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church since the 16th century. The current building was erected in 1761-62 to Clement Fessinger's designs and displays traits of the transition from Baroque to Neo-Classical. The façade bears a plaque in memory of Archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky. On the west side of the palace extends an old flower garden. Pope John Paul II stayed at the palace during his 2001 visit to Ukraine.

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