Three Houses (film)

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Three Houses
Three Houses film poster.png
Directed by Zaza Urushadze
Produced by Zaza Urushadze, Archil Gelovani, Levan Korinteli
Written by Zaza Urushadze
Starring Zurab Kipshidze
Music by Giorgi Tsintsadze
Cinematography Giorgi Shvelidze
Edited by Alexander kuranov
GFNC, Indepentend project
Release date
Running time
96 min
CountryFlag of Georgia.svg  Georgia
Language Georgian

Three Houses (Georgian :სამი სახლი / Sami Sakhli) is a 2008 Georgian surrealist drama film directed by Zaza Urushadze. [1]

Georgian language official language of Georgia

Georgian is a Kartvelian language spoken by Georgians. It is the official language of Georgia. Georgian is written in its own writing system, the Georgian script. Georgian is the literary language for all regional subgroups of Georgians, including those who speak other Kartvelian languages: Svans, Mingrelians and the Laz.

Zaza Urushadze Georgian film director and screenwriter

Zaza Urushadze is a Georgian film director, screenwriter and producer.



Zurab Kipshidze is a Georgian film and theatre actor. He appeared in 58 films between 1966 and 2009. In 2013 he was a member of the jury at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival.

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Mingrelian language Kartvelian language spoken in Western Georgia

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Zacharia Paliashvili Georgian composer

Zacharia Petres dze Paliashvili, also known as Zachary Petrovich Paliashvili, was a Georgian composer. Regarded as one of the founders of the Georgian classical music, his work is known for its eclectic fusion of folk songs and stories with 19th-century Romantic classical themes. He was the founder of the Georgian Philharmonic Society and later, the head of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. The Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi was named in his honor in 1937. Notably, Paliashvili's music serves as the basis of the National Anthem of Georgia.

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Avef Beridze is a Georgian politician. He was a chairman of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara from 28 October 2012 to 28 November 2016.

<i>Abesalom da Eteri</i> opera by Z. Paliashvili

Abesalom da Eteri is an opera by the Georgian composer Zacharia Paliashvili and librettist Petre Mirianashvili based on a medieval Georgian folk poem Eteriani. Composed between 1909 and 1918, the work was partly staged in 1913 and first premiered in its present-day form on 21 February 1919 at the Georgian National Opera Theater in Tbilisi. The opera is an eclectic fusion of folk songs and traditional 19th-century Romantic classical themes. In 2004, several excerpts from this opera were adapted as the National Anthem of Georgia.

Murman Omanidze is a former Georgian politician and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in 1991.

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Serve Georgia is a Georgian politician party. It was founded by Murman Dumbadze and Medea Vasadze on July 25 2016. After 2018 party is member of Strength is in Unity (coalition). Motto of party is: „Strong Adjara, strong Georgia”. Party isn't a member of parliament.

Murman Dumbadze is a Georgian politician. He was member of the 8th term of parliament of Georgia (2012-2016). He was a member of GD. In 2016 he founded and is leader of the party named Serve Georgia. He is a specialist in Mathematics. He studied at Tbilisi State University.


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