Three Lives (film)

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Three Lives
Three Lives (film).jpg
Directed by Ivan Perestiani
Starring Nato Vachnadze
Mikheil Gelovani
Dimitri Kipiani
Distributed by Sakhkinmretsvi
Release date
  • 1924 (1924)
Running time
160 minutes
Country Georgian SSR
Soviet Union
Language Georgian

Three Lives (Georgian :სამი სიცოცხლე, Russian : Три жизни, sometimes Who is to Blame?) is a 1924 Georgian silent film directed by Ivan Perestiani.The theme of the movie was copied from ancient Indian culture.



The film is set in Georgia between 1880 and 1890. Former shepherd Bakhvi Pulawy gradually rises up the social ladder; first he is foreman on the construction of a railway, then a cunning profiteer and finally – a significant capitalist-landowner.

Bakhvi achieves a significant position in society. He falls in love with the city milliner Esma and marries her. But prediction of a fortune teller becomes fulfilled: soon after marriage Esma is stolen by an officer from a noble family – ensign Tsarba ...


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