Three Questions

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CD only cover
Studio album by Mitsuki Aira
Released November 17, 2010 (2010-11-17)
Recorded 2010
Genre J-Pop, electropop
Language Japanese
Label D-Topia Universe, Universal Music Japan
Producer Terukado Onishi, Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-su, An Jun-sung
Mitsuki Aira chronology
6 Force
Singles from ???
  1. "Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no sa"
    Released: October 13, 2010 (digital download)
  2. "Why Two?"
    Released: October 20, 2010 (digital download)

Three Questions (stylized as ???(スリークエスチョン,Surii Kuesuchon)) is the third studio album by Japanese electronica singer Mitsuki Aira, released on November 17, 2010 in Japan by D-Topia Universe with distribution by Universal Music Japan. [1] The album includes songs that were previously unreleased. This is also the first album to be released under D-topia Entertainment's new label, D-Topia Universe. The promotional singles for the album were "Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no Sa" and "Why Two?". The album peaked at the number 45 position on the Oricon weekly charts, selling a total of 2,758 copies. [2] [3]

Electronica encompasses a broad group of electronic-based styles such as techno, house, ambient, jungle and other electronic music styles intended not just for dancing.

Universal Music Group American music corporation

Universal Music Group is an American global music corporation that is a subsidiary of the French media conglomerate Vivendi. UMG's global corporate headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California. It is considered one of the "Big Three" record labels, along with Sony Music and Warner Music Group. Since 2004, the corporation is no longer related to the film studio Universal Studios.

D-topia Entertainment

D-topia Entertainment is a Japanese record label produced by Terukado Ōnishi, officially established in public prior to December 14, 2007. The label is dedicated to promoting girls' entertainment, particularly the music of female singers. It was formed as a business partnership between Avex Group, its co-area promoter, and Victor Entertainment, its distributing label.


The album contains a cover of a Kenji Ozawa song, "Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no Sa" and the album's closing track, "Love Re:", which was written and produced by Korean producers Han Jae-Ho, Kim Seung-Su, and An Jung-Sung, who also produce songs for South Korean girl group Kara. [4]

Kenji Ozawa is a Japanese musician born in 1968 in Sagamihara, Kanagawa. His uncle Seiji Ozawa is a world-famous conductor. Ozawa's first claim to fame was as a member of the pop duo, Flipper's Guitar. He graduated from Tokyo University. His father is a professor.

Track listing

The CD only version includes the original track "Last Love" but in the CD+DVD version, the track "Rainbow" replaces "Last Love" on track seven.

CD+DVD / Limited edition

1."Train Train" (feat. Tamaki ROY)Mitsuki Aira, Tamaki RoyKampkin Malkee 4:03
2."321"Mitsuki AiraAlex Funk It 3:37
3."Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no Sa" Kenji Ozawa Kenji OzawaLove Is What We Need5:00
4."Why Two?"Mitsuki AiraAlex Funk It 4:02
5."Rainy Tone" (Interlude)--Nexx Works 1:13
6."Human Future"Mitsuki Aira Kylie & Kashii  3:30
7."Rainbow"Mitsuki AiraNexx Works 3:39
8."Parameter"Mitsuki AiraTo-West 4:42
9."???" (Three Questions)Mitsuki AiraKampkin Malkee 4:06
10."Fly"To-WestTo-West, Nexx Works 3:59
11."Smile"Mitsuki AiraAlex Funk It 3:17
12."Love Re:"Mitsuki AiraHan Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo, An Jung Sung 3:56

CD only / Normal edition

7."last love"4:21


  1. Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no sa (Music Clip)
  2. Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no sa (Music Clip Making)
  3. Why Two? (Music Clip)
  4. Why Two? (Music Clip Making)


Oricon Daily albums16
Oricon Weekly albums45
Oricon Yearly albumsN/A

Sales and certifications

Oricon physical sales [5] 3,000

Release history

RegionDateFormatDistributing label
Japan November 17, 2010CD, CD+DVD, digital download Universal Music Japan
South Korea August 19, 2011Digital downloadUniversal Music Korea

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