Three Reservists

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Тримата от запаса
Trimata ot zapasa
(Three Reservists)
Three Reservists.jpg
Directed by Zako Heskiya
Written by Pavel Vezhinov
Starring Georgi Partsalev
Kiril Gospodinov
Nikola Anastasov
Music bySimeon Pironkov
CinematographyHristo Valchanov
Release date
Running time
97 minutes

Three Reservists (Bulgarian : Тримата от запаса, romanized: Trimata ot zapasa) is a Bulgarian comedy-drama war film released in 1971, directed by Zako Heskiya, starring Georgi Partsalev, Kiril Gospodinov and Nikola Anastasov.


The winter of 1945, the First Bulgarian Army is engaged in the battles for the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis during the Second World War. Three men are sent to join the army, but they are completely unprepared and without a clear idea of warfare. They are laughable with their inability to cope with their tasks.

Upon its release, the film won wide popularity. The memorable performances by Partsalev, Gospodinov and Anastasov turned their characters into favorites of the audience. Three Reservists became one of the film classics of the Bulgarian cinematography from those years.


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