Three Sailors

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Three Sailors (French:Trois de la marine) may refer to:

<i>Three Sailors</i> (1934 film) 1934 film by Charles Barrois

Three Sailors is a 1934 French comedy film directed by Charles Barrois and starring Armand Bernard, Betty Stockfeld and Henri Alibert. It was remade in 1957.

<i>Three Sailors</i> (1957 film) 1957 film by Maurice de Canonge

Three Sailors is a 1957 French comedy film directed by Maurice de Canonge and starring Marcel Merkès, Henri Génès and Jeannette Batti.

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<i>Not on the Lips</i> 2003 film by Alain Resnais

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<i>In Search of the Castaways</i> (film) 1962 film by Robert Stevenson

In Search of the Castaways is a 1962 Walt Disney Productions feature film starring Hayley Mills and Maurice Chevalier in a tale about a worldwide search for a shipwrecked sea captain. The film was directed by Robert Stevenson from a screenplay by Lowell S. Hawley freely based upon Jules Verne's 1868 adventure novel Captain Grant's Children. The film was Mills' third of six for the Disney Studios.

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<i>Bitter Sweet</i> (1933 film) 1933 American musical film directed by Herbert Wilcox

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<i>The Land of Smiles</i> (1952 film) 1952 West German film by Erik Ode, Hans Deppe

The Land of Smiles is a 1952 West German operetta film directed by Hans Deppe and Erik Ode and starring Mártha Eggerth, Jan Kiepura and Walter Müller. It is an adaptation of the operetta The Land of Smiles composed by Franz Lehár which had previously been made into a 1930 film starring Richard Tauber.

Dreams Come True is a 1936 British musical film directed by Reginald Denham and starring Frances Day, Nelson Keys and Hugh Wakefield. The film is based on the 1924 operetta Clo-Clo by Franz Lehár and Bela Jenbach in an English adaptation by Bruce Sievier. It was made at Ealing Studios. It was one of a large number of operetta films made during the decade.

The Merry Farmer may refer to:

Germaine Roger (1910–1975) was a French actress and operetta singer.

<i>The Foresters Daughter</i> (1931 film) 1931 film by Frederic Zelnik

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