Three Steps Over Heaven

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Three steps over heaven
(Tre metri sopra il cielo)
Directed by Luca Lucini
Written by Federico Moccia
Produced by Cattleya
Starring Riccardo Scamarcio
Katy Saunders
Cinematography Warner Bros. Italia
Music byFrancesco De Rosa
Release date
  • 12 March 2004 (2004-03-12)
Running time
1h 41min

Tre metri sopra il cielo (Three steps over heaven) is a 2004 film, directed by Luca Lucini, based on the novel by Federico Moccia. It was released in cinemas in Italy on 12 March 2004.



Rome. Stefano Mancini, called "Step" (Riccardo Scamarcio), and Roberta Gervasi, called "Babi" (Katy Saunders), belong to two completely different realities. She is a model student, has friends and courtiers and is divided between home, school, and private elite housewives. He is a hard-pasted teppist and troubled family relationships (especially with his mother) who spends his time in clandestine races in motion and scorribande. Fate will bring them to meet and fall in love, though Babi is the only witness to Step's aggression to a poor man who has split his glasses with a head and intends to testify against the boy. Their story takes off according to the logical banal of alchemy between opposites and the opposition of her parents. Babi is introduced to a world that is unknown to her, she begins to marinate the school, to study less and to get hurt in trouble, but it seems that nothing is able to divide it from Step. The two have never been in love before, but Step's violent and unscrupulous life will go back to Babi several times until, after the death of his great friend Pollo who had a story with Pallina, Babi best friend, she will decide to leave him permanently.


Carmela Vincenti plays a teacher, a role she had already played (as imitation) in her debut film Compagni di scuola (School Companions).

The motorcycle used by Step in the film, is a Ghezzi-Brian Furia, a rare special author created on a Moto Guzzi engine. It is immediately recognizable by the characteristic two overlapping front headlights. When Babi sees for the first time the writing Io e te tre metri sopra il cielo (Me and you three steps over heaven), she is in the road that passes under Corso Francia in Rome.

The castle is located in the township of Santa Marinella.

Differences between the film and the novel

The film has some substantial differences and omissionsfrom the novel.



A CD of the movie soundtrack was released on 4 March 2004 in Italy. Tracks

  1. "Intro" (Dj Bu$)
  2. "Sere nere" (Tiziano Ferro)
  3. "Gabriel" (Lamb)
  4. "He's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot" (Grandaddy)
  5. "Interludio #1" (Dj Bu$)
  6. "Radio caos" (De Luca & Forti)
  7. "Can you do that?" (De Luca & Forti)
  8. "Your deepest dream" (De Luca & Forti)
  9. "Are you in love?" (De Luca & Forti)
  10. "Nina" (Comedy of life)
  11. "Centosessanta caratteri" (De Luca & Forti)
  12. "Interludio #2" (Dj Bu$)
  13. "Beyond your darkest dreaming" (De Luca & Forti)
  14. "By my side" (Comedy of life)
  15. "For the first time" (De Luca & Forti)
  16. "Faster than life" (De Luca & Forti)
  17. "Aqui otra vez" (Comedy of life)
  18. "Wheeling" (La menade)
  19. "Your hypnotic eyes" (De Luca & Forti)
  20. "02:12 Am" (De Luca & Forti)
  21. Il lungo addio (De Luca & Forti)
  22. "Outro" (Dj Bu$)
  23. "E se ne va" (Le Vibrazioni)
  24. "Nuts on Ya Chin" (Eazy-E)


On 9 March 2007, the sequel Ho voglia di te (English: I Want You) was released based on the book of the same title.


In 2010, a Spanish remake of the film was made, Tres metros sobre el cielo , directed by Fernando González Molina and starring María Valverde, Mario Casas, Nerea Camacho and Diego Martín.

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