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Three Takes is a lifestyle-based show that appears on the Slice Network in Canada. The show is hosted by Andrea Bain, Christine Diakos, and Jack Hourigan, who are respectively single, married, and divorced. The show is aimed mainly at women, and the three hosts have been selected with the hopes that most women will be able to identify with at least one of them. The three hosts typically discuss relationships and beauty and fashion tips, with each woman giving her perspective on these matters.

Slice (TV channel) TV channel

Slice is a Canadian English language Category A specialty channel owned by Corus Entertainment.

Canada Country in North America

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres, making it the world's second-largest country by total area. Canada's southern border with the United States is the world's longest bi-national land border. Its capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. As a whole, Canada is sparsely populated, the majority of its land area being dominated by forest and tundra. Consequently, its population is highly urbanized, with over 80 percent of its inhabitants concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, many near the southern border. Canada's climate varies widely across its vast area, ranging from arctic weather in the north, to hot summers in the southern regions, with four distinct seasons.

Jack Hourigan is a playwright, actress, and co-host of the show How to Boil Water on the Food Network with Tyler Florence. Prior to that experience, she was an original cast member of Second City Cleveland.

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Jack Harold Paar was an American author, movie actor, radio and television comedian, and talk show host. He is best known for his stint as the second host of The Tonight Show from 1957 to 1962. Time magazine's obituary of him notes, "His fans would remember him as the fellow who split talk show history into two eras: Before Paar and Below Paar."

1999 FIFA Womens World Cup 1999 edition of the FIFA Womens World Cup

The 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup, the third edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup, was held in the United States and won by the host team. The final between the U.S. and China, held on 10 July at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, was the most-attended women's sports event in history with an official attendance of 90,185. U.S. President Bill Clinton was among those in attendance. The final was scoreless after extra time and won by the U.S. in a penalty shootout. This remains the only Women's World Cup tournament in which the host nation has won.

How to Boil Water is an American television program. One of the first shows on the Food Network, it began broadcasting in 1993 and was first hosted by Emeril Lagasse. The focus of the show is simple cooking, as the show's title suggests, and is directed at those who have little cooking skill or experience.

Outback Jack was a 2004 American reality TV show filmed in outback Australia. It was produced by Nash Entertainment. It starred Vadim Dale, a 6-foot-tall former underwear model, as Outback Jack, and started with twelve women who vied for Dale's attentions to be selected as the woman he would choose to be with. The show first aired on the TBS network and was hosted by JD Roberto. Outback Jack's first episode featured the twelve contestants getting out of limousines and lining up outside a mansion in the U.S., thinking they were about to be a part of a show similar to The Bachelor, only to be told by the host that "their man" was waiting for them in Australia. The dozen were shocked again, upon arriving in Australia, to find out that they would be competing in the Outback and that they would have to parachute out of planes to get to their destination. Dale has since relocated to Louisville, Kentucky to be with Natalie Franzman, his co-star and the winning contestant on Outback Jack. The two were married on October 22, 2005 and also featured on Celebrity Circus, which was shown on Australia's Nine Network. Dale, now an officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department, and Natalie have three daughters—Hunter, Eden and Chloe. Dale was also a CLEO magazine centrefold. WWE wrestler Maria Kanellis and Cortney Owen, the current wife of NASCAR driver Johnny Sauter were contestants on the show.

Slice of SciFi is a podcast, internet television program and website and was a part of the defunct FarPoint Media Network that looks into the world of science fiction, fantasy and horror. It was the winner of the "Top Rated Podcast Award" at the Podcast Awards in 2005. The year 2012 saw Slice of SciFi move into the newly growing field of internet television with the introduction of Slice of SciFi TV. In 2013 its European sister site Slice of SciFi UK went online with entertainment genre news for those living in the United Kingdom and throughout the European Union.

<i>Christmas at Maxwells</i> 2006 film

Christmas at Maxwell's is a 2006 American independent drama film written and directed by William C. Laufer, and starring Andrew May and Jacqueline 'Jack' Hourigan.

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Daniel Patrick Pugh, known professionally as Dan Patrick, is an American sportscaster, radio personality, and actor from Mason, Ohio. He hosts The Dan Patrick Show broadcast on radio on Premiere Radio Networks and on television on NBCSN as well as the Audience Network for DIRECTV subscribers. He co-hosted NBC's Football Night in America and serves as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. He worked at ESPN for 18 years, where he often anchored the weeknight and Sunday 11 p.m. edition of SportsCenter.

Kimbo Slice American mixed martial arts fighter

Kevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice, was a Bahamian-American mixed martial artist, boxer, professional wrestler and occasional actor. He became noted for mutual combat street fights which were spread across the Internet, leading Rolling Stone to call him "The King of the Web Brawlers".

Jonathan L. "Jon" Hensley was an American radio personality and artist manager. Best known as the host of the nationally syndicated Are You Ready for the Country? radio program, Hensley interviewed more than a hundred celebrities and entertainers from the launch of his radio career in 2002 until his death in 2015.

Tonight Starring Jack Paar is an American talk show hosted by Jack Paar under the Tonight Show franchise from 1957 to 1962. It originally aired during late-night.

Sliced is an American television series that premiered on April 22, 2010 on The History Channel. The program was hosted by John McCalmont and Budd Kelley, who "slice" everyday objects in half to uncover how they work. The show aired on Thursdays at 10:00 pm Eastern Time, with three episodes airing on a Saturday afternoon, and the last airing on a Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

Úna Uí Phuirséil was the 17th president of the Camogie Association. Born Agnes Hourigan in Ballingarry, County Limerick, she had three brothers, Dan, Sean, Fr Jack Hourigan, and four sisters [including Maisie and Ellen].

The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced between October 7, 1978, and May 26, 1979, the fourth season of SNL.

Paige Hourigan is a New Zealand tennis player. She has won one singles and three doubles titles on the ITF tour in her career. She reached her best rankings in both singles and doubles on 11 February 2019, after winning the ITF doubles title in Singapore, but the latter will improve again after her title in Surprise, Arizona. Hourigan, who was born in Turakina, is of part Māori descent and affiliates to the Ngāti Tūwharetoa iwi.

<i>The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice</i> television series

The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice is a British television after-show to follow the series The Great British Bake Off. Hosted by Jo Brand, the show features three celebrity panelist to discus the after-events of the week. Originally,the show began airing on BBC Two on 8th August 2014 two days after the premiere episode of the fifth series of the main show, and was filmed at The London Studios. In April 2017, it was announced that the series and Brand would follow The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 in 2017.

Hourigan is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

The 2018 Auckland Open was a joint 2018 ATP World Tour and 2018 WTA Tour tennis tournament, played on outdoor hard courts. It was the 33rd edition of the women's event, and the 42nd edition of the men's event. It took place at the ASB Tennis Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, from 1 to 7 January 2018 for the women, and from 8 to 13 January 2018 for the men.