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Threlfall is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

David Threlfall is an English stage, film and television actor and director. He is probably best known for playing Frank Gallagher in Channel 4's series Shameless. He has also directed several episodes of the show. In April 2014, he portrayed comedian Tommy Cooper in a television film entitled Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This. In 2014, he starred alongside Jude Law in the thriller Black Sea.

Joseph Richard Threlfall was an English footballer who played in the Football League for Bolton Wanderers and Halifax Town.

Edward Threlfall was an English professional footballer. He spent eleven years at Blackpool in the early 1900s, making over three hundred Football League appearances for the club. He played as a defender.

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Stephenson is a medieval patronymic surname meaning "son of Stephen". The earliest public record is found in the county of Huntingdonshire in 1279. There are variant spellings including Stevenson. People with the surname include:

Clinton is an English surname, indicating one's ancestors came from English places called Glympton or Glinton. Clinton has frequently been used as a given name since the late 19th century. Baron Clinton is a title of peerage in England, originally created in 1298.

Geddes is a surname of English and Scottish origin. In Scotland and northern Ireland the name may be derived from the place-name Geddes in Nairn, Scotland. However, according to the Dictionary of American Family Names, the surname is more likely a patronymic name derived from the name Geddie. This name (Geddie), may be an altered form of MacAdam. In this way, the letter G represents the Scottish Gaelic mac "son of" and Eddie is a variant of Adam. Geddie may also be a nickname meaning "greedy", derived from gedd meaning "pike", this could also refer to a voracious eater. The earliest written record of the surname Geddes is of William Ged, from Shropshire, England, recorded within the Pipe Rolls in the year 1230. The surname Geddes can be represented in Scottish Gaelic as Geadasach and Geadais.

Bob Johnson may refer to:

Fowler is an English and/or Scots surname with a linguistic origin in the Old English fugelere, indicative of a person occupied as a bird-catcher.

Richard Threlfall British chemist

Sir Richard Threlfall was an English chemist and engineer, he established the School of Physics at the University of Sydney and made important contributions to military science during World War I. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1899, and was created KBE in 1917 and GBE in 1927.

Little Surname list

Little is a surname in the English language. The name is derived from the Middle English littel, and the Old English lȳtel, which mean "little". In some cases the name was originally a nickname for a little man. In other cases, the name was used to distinguish the younger of two bearers of the same personal name. Early records of the name include: Litle, in 972; Litle, in about 1095; and le Lytle, in 1296. The surname has absorbed several non English-language surnames. For example, Little is sometimes a translation of the Irish Ó Beagáin, meaning "descendant of Beagán". Little can also be a translation of the French Petit and Lepetit, as well as other surnames in various languages with the same meaning ("little"), especially the German name Klein during World War II.

Grainger is a surname of English origin. It is a variant of the surname Granger which is an occupational name for a farm bailiff. The farm bailiff oversaw the collection of rent and taxes from the barns and storehouses of the lord of the manor. This officer's Anglo-Norman title was grainger, and Old French grangier, which are both derived from the Late Latin granicarius.

Gilbert is a surname of Germanic origin. The English-language surname is derived from Giselbert, a mediaeval personal name composed of the following Germanic elements gisil and berht. This personal name was very popular in England during the Middle Ages. The surname is sometimes an Americanized form of numerous like-sounding Jewish surnames.

Thomson is a Scottish patronymic surname meaning "son of Thom, Thomp, Thompkin, or other diminutive of Thomas", itself derived from the Aramaic תום or Tôm, meaning "twin". The Welsh surname is documented in Cheshire records before and after the 1066 Norman Conquest. Variations include Thomason, Thomasson, Thomerson, Thomoson, and others. The French surname Thomson is first documented in Burgundy and is the shortened form for Thom[as]son, Thom[es]son. Variations include Thomassin, Thomason, Thomsson, Thomesson, Thomeson, and others. Thomson is uncommon as a given name.

Hunt is an occupational surname related with hunting, originating in England and Ireland. In Estonia, the surname Hunt is also very common, it means wolf in Estonian language.

Gibb is an English and Scottish surname.

Thompson is a patronymic surname of English and Scottish origin, with a variety of spellings, meaning "son of Thom". An alternative origin may be geographical, arising from the placename Thompson. Thom(p)son is the English translation of MacTavish, which is the Anglicised version of the Gaelic name of MacTamhais. During the Plantation period, settlers carried the name to Ireland. It is the 14th most common surname in the United Kingdom and 23rd most common in the United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, Thompson was the 23rd most frequently reported surname, accounting for 0.23% of the population.

Wilfred Threlfall was an English professional footballer who played in the Football League for Birmingham and Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic.

Collison, also spelled Collisson, is a surname. Notable people with the surnames include:

Shannon, MacShannon, and O'Shannon are Anglicised Irish and Scottish surnames that derive from the Gaelic word seanachaidh, which means "skilled storyteller". Seanachaidh is descended from the Old Irish word senchaid.

Chaffey is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Entwistle is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

George Sylvester Threlfall was an Australian rules footballer who played with Richmond in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

George Threlfall was an English-born Australian engineer and entrepreneur who founded the mining company that later became the Phoenix Foundry.