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Inside the magma chamber Iceland thrihnukagigur-volcano inside of crater.jpg
Inside the magma chamber

Þríhnúkagígur (Icelandic pronunciation:  [ˈθr̥iːˈn̥uːkaˈciːɣʏr̥] , anglicized as Thrihnukagigur, literally translated as Three Peaks Crater) is a dormant volcano in the volcanic system of Brennisteinsfjöll near Reykjavík, Iceland. [1] Covering a 3,270 square metres (35,200 sq ft) area and a depth of 213 meters (699 ft), [2] it has not erupted in the past 4000 years. [3] It was discovered in 1974 by cave explorer Árni B Stefánsson, and opened for tourism in 2012. It is the only volcano in the world where visitors can take an elevator and safely descend into the magma chamber. The magma that would normally fill the chamber and become sealed is believed to have drained away, to the bewilderment of most scientists, revealing the rift beneath the surface. [4]

In August 2015, the members of the Icelandic band Kaleo and fourteen support staff descended into the volcano's magma chamber and recorded a live rendition of the band's song "Way Down We Go". [5] [6]

In 2016, the Secret Solstice music festival announced that alternative rock musician Chino Moreno of Deftones will perform the first ever public concert inside the magma chamber of a volcano. [7]


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A caldera is a large cauldron-like hollow that forms shortly after the emptying of a magma chamber/reservoir in a volcanic eruption. When large volumes of magma are erupted over a short time, structural support for the rock above the magma chamber is lost. The ground surface then collapses downward into the emptied or partially emptied magma chamber, leaving a massive depression at the surface. Although sometimes described as a crater, the feature is actually a type of sinkhole, as it is formed through subsidence and collapse rather than an explosion or impact. Only seven caldera-forming collapses are known to have occurred since 1900, most recently at Bárðarbunga volcano, Iceland in 2014.

Deftones American alternative metal band

Deftones is an American alternative metal band formed in Sacramento, California in 1988. It was formed by Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham (drums) and Dominic Garcia (bass). During their first five years, the band's lineup changed several times, but stabilized in 1993 when Cunningham rejoined after his departure in 1990; by this time, Chi Cheng was bassist. The lineup remained stable for fifteen years, with the exception of keyboardist and turntablist Frank Delgado being added in 1999. The band is known as one of the most experimental groups to have come from the alternative metal scene, and are sometimes dubbed by critics as "the Radiohead of metal".

Chino Moreno American alternative metal singer and guitarist

Camilo Wong "Chino" Moreno is an American singer, songwriter and musician who is best known as the lead vocalist and contributing guitarist of Deftones. He is also a member of the side-project groups Team Sleep, Crosses, Saudade and Palms.

<i>White Pony</i> 2000 studio album by Deftones

White Pony is the third studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on June 20, 2000 by Maverick Records. It marked a significant growth in the band's sound and is considered a turning point in their history in terms of experimentation, employing an increasingly experimental rock sound and incorporating influences from new wave, dream pop, trip hop, shoegaze, and post-rock into the alternative metal sound they had become known for. White Pony was also the first album to feature Frank Delgado as a full-time member of the band on turntables and synthesizer; Delgado had previously worked with the band as a featured guest on Around the Fur (1997) and Adrenaline (1995), producing sound effects on some songs. It was also the first Deftones record which Chino Moreno began to contribute rhythm guitar parts.

<i>Around the Fur</i> 1997 studio album by Deftones

Around the Fur is the second studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on October 28, 1997 by Maverick Records. The songs "My Own Summer " and "Be Quiet and Drive " were released as singles with accompanying music videos.

<i>Deftones</i> (album) 2003 studio album by Deftones

Deftones is the eponymous fourth studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on May 20, 2003 by Maverick Records. The album features a broader spectrum of musical styles than the band's previous albums, ranging from some of their heaviest compositions to moody trip hop and shoegaze influences, with some songs recorded mostly with seven-string guitars. It was the band's final album in nearly two decades to be produced by Terry Date, whose collaboration with Deftones dated back to their debut album Adrenaline (1995), although he did produce their unreleased album Eros.

Team Sleep band

Team Sleep is an American experimental alternative rock/post-rock group led by singer/guitarist Chino Moreno. Moreno is better known for fronting the Sacramento-based alternative metal band Deftones. Other current members include guitarist Todd Wilkinson, turntablist DJ Crook, bass guitarist/keyboardist Rick Verrett, drummer Gil Sharone and bassist Chuck Doom.

Eyjafjallajökull glacier and volcano in Iceland

Eyjafjallajökull is one of the smaller ice caps of Iceland, north of Skógar and west of Mýrdalsjökull. The ice cap covers the caldera of a volcano with a summit elevation of 1,651 metres (5,417 ft). The volcano has erupted relatively frequently since the Last Glacial Period, most recently in 2010, when, although relatively small for a volcanic eruption, it caused enormous disruption to air travel across western and northern Europe for a week.

Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland

Grímsvötn is a volcano located in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland. It is in the highlands of Iceland at the northwestern side of the Vatnajökull ice cap. The caldera is at 64°25′N17°20′W, at an elevation of 1,725 m (5,659 ft). Beneath the caldera is the magma chamber of the Grímsvötn volcano.

<i>Saturday Night Wrist</i> 2006 studio album by Deftones

Saturday Night Wrist is the fifth studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on October 31, 2006 by Maverick Records. Despite early contributions that were later scrapped, it marked the departure of mainstay Deftones producer Terry Date. It was also their last released album to feature bassist Chi Cheng before his car accident in 2008, which led to his death five years later.

Mein (song) 2007 single by Deftones

"Mein" is the second single from the American alternative metal band Deftones' fifth album, Saturday Night Wrist, and their 11th single overall. The song featured Serj Tankian of System of a Down on vocals. The single was released on March 13, 2007. It is also the band's last single recorded with their bassist Chi Cheng before his serious automobile crash in the following year and before his death in 2013.

Eros is the working title of an unreleased album by American alternative metal band Deftones, with tentative release dates in 2008 and 2009. The November 2008 car accident of bassist Chi Cheng forced the band to initially hold off on releasing the album, and later shelve the album indefinitely in a creative decision to move forward. With Cheng in a coma, Deftones recruited former Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega and released Diamond Eyes instead in 2010. In the years that followed, the band has had mixed feelings about finishing and officially releasing Eros at some point down the road. The recording sessions of this album marked the first time in five years, since their self-titled fourth album, that Deftones had worked with Terry Date.

Lava cave Cave formed in volcanic rock, especially one formed via volcanic processes

A lava cave is any cave formed in volcanic rock, though it typically means caves formed by volcanic processes, which are more properly termed volcanic caves. Sea caves, and other sorts of erosional and crevice caves, may be formed in volcanic rocks, but through non-volcanic processes and usually long after the volcanic rock was emplaced.

2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic events in Iceland

The 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull were volcanic events at Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland which, although relatively small for volcanic eruptions, caused enormous disruption to air travel across western and northern Europe over an initial period of six days in April 2010. Additional localised disruption continued into May 2010. The eruption was declared officially over in October 2010, when snow on the glacier did not melt. From 14–20 April, ash from the volcanic eruption covered large areas of Northern Europe. About 20 countries closed their airspace to commercial jet traffic and it affected approximately 10 million travellers.

Brennisteinsfjöll mountain

Brennisteinsfjöll is a mountain range and a minor volcanic system, with crater rows and small shield volcanoes on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland, about 20 km or 10 miles south of the capital Reykjavík. "Brennisteinsfjöll is one of five volcanic systems arranged en echelon along the Reykjanes peninsula tectonic plate boundary."

Crosses is the musical side project of Deftones singer Chino Moreno, Far guitarist Shaun Lopez, and bassist Chuck Doom, based in Los Angeles, California, and formed in 2011.

Tempest (Deftones song) Deftones song

"Tempest" is the second single by Sacramento, California-based alternative metal band Deftones, from their seventh studio album, Koi No Yokan. The song debuted on PureVolume's official website on October 3, 2012 along with a video featuring band members Chino Moreno and Sergio Vega giving some insight regarding the track. The song's lyrical content is representative of the supposed end of the world that would have occurred on December 21, 2012, according to various myths related to the Mayan calendar. It was featured in the trailer for the film Jack the Giant Slayer and an episode of The Following and in the film Furious 7.

Swerve City Deftones song

"Swerve City" is a song by American alternative metal band Deftones. It is the opening track on their seventh studio album, Koi No Yokan, and was released as a single on March 30, 2013, where it peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks.

<i>Gore</i> (album) 2016 studio album by Deftones

Gore is the eighth studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on April 8, 2016 by Reprise Records. Its release was met with critical acclaim, debuting at number two on the US Billboard 200; it is the band's fifth album to debut within the chart's top-ten and is their highest-charting since their 2003 eponymous album.

Way Down We Go 2016 single by Kaleo

"Way Down We Go" is a song by Icelandic rock band Kaleo, released as the second single for their first studio album A/B by Elektra Records and Atlantic Records.


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