Thrill Seekers

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For the 1999 American film, see Thrill Seekers (film) .

Thrill Seekers was a syndicated Four Star Television series that was produced in 1973 and 1974. It was hosted by Chuck Connors and featured people who did dangerous stunts. One of the series featured Australian stunt woman, Carol Cranston, who was working with the John Anderson Mustang Hell Drivers in the USA. Her episode of Thrill Seekers was shot at Terre Haute showgrounds, Indiana, where Cranston performed a high fall into cardboard boxes, did a hit and run at 30 mph, and was run over by a truck which drove over a plank placed across her midriff (see Cranston; also Crawford Productions). Another member of the Mustang Hell Drivers, Pat Jackson, performed in the series in which she jumped a pick-up truck from ramp to ramp.

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Jacqueline Balmer, known professionally as Jacquie de Creed, was an English stuntwoman and presenter, and holder of the Long Distance Car Ramp Jump Record. During the 1980s she became famous in the United Kingdom for staging a series of spectacular car stunts. Along with her husband, de Creed was killed in an air crash while flying through dense fog en route from Italy to the French town of Troyes.

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