Thrissur City Police

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Thrissur City Police
തൃശൂര്‍ സിറ്റി പോലീസ്‌
Flag of Kerala Police.svg
The official flag of Kerala Police
Motto"Your Satisfaction is Our Pleasure"
Agency overview
FormedMarch, 3, 2011
Preceding agency
  • Thrissur District Police
Employees752 [1]
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Thrissur City, Guruvayoor, Kunnamkulam, Ollur, Thrissur City, India
Size570.79 km²
Legal jurisdiction Thrissur Municipal Corporation, Guruvayoor, Chelakkara, Wadakkanchery, Kunnamkulam, Chavakkad
General nature
Operational structure
Overviewed by Government of Kerala
HeadquartersThe Office of Commissioner of Police, Municipal Office Road Thrissur
Elected officer responsible
Agency executive
  • R. Adithya IPS, Commissioner of Police
Parent agency Kerala Police

Thrissur City Police (TCP) (Malayalam തൃശൂര്‍ സിറ്റി പോലീസ്‌ ), a division of the Kerala Police, is the law enforcement agency for the City of Thrissur, Kunnamkulam and the temple town of Guruvayoor. The city police force is headed by a Commissioner of Police, an IPS officer, and the administrative control vests with the Home Ministry of Kerala. Thrissur City Police is the largest Police District in Kerala state covering an area of 570.79 Square kilometre. [2]


The city police came into existence on March 3, 2011, after dividing the Thrissur District Police. The police commissionerate is situated in Thrissur City. The commissionerate cover 24 police stations and has four sub-divisions, Thrissur, Ollur, Guruvayur and Kunnamkulam. [3] [4] [5] R. Adithya is the current Commissioner of Police.

Office of the Thrissur Police Commissioner and District Police Chief , Thrissur City Office of the District Police Chief, Thrissur City.jpg
Office of the Thrissur Police Commissioner and District Police Chief , Thrissur City
Patrol Vehicle of Thrissur City Police in Swaraj Round Thrissur City Police111.JPG
Patrol Vehicle of Thrissur City Police in Swaraj Round

Police stations under Thrissur Commissionerate

Thrissur Sub-Division

Ollur Sub-Division

Guruvayur Sub-Division

Kunnamkulam Sub-Division

Thrissur Police Commissioners

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Thrissur Metropolis in Kerala, India

Thrissur, also known by its former name Thrissivaperur, is a city and the headquarters of the Thrissur district in Kerala, India. It is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in Kerala after Kochi and Calicut urban areas and the 21st largest in India. It is famous for the Thrissur Pooram festival.

Guruvayur Place in Kerala, India

Guruvayur also written as Guruvayoor, is a municipal temple town in Thrissur District, of Kerala State in India It is a suburban town of Thrissur city, located 28 km from Thrissur towards the north-west. It houses the famous Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple. It is located at a distance of 645 km from Chennai towards the south-west, 292 km from the state capital Trivandrum towards the north-west, 494 km from Bengaluru towards the south-west and 80 km from Kochi towards the north.


Palayoor is famous for its Christian church, St. Thomas Church which is founded by St. Thomas the Apostle in 52 AD. It is the first Christian Church in India. St. Thomas, the Apostle, arrived in 50 AD at Crangannur {now Kodungallur} with Jewish merchants for the propagation of Christ's message and through the sea route reached Palayoor in 52 AD and built the Church here. Palayoor also had an ancient Jewish settlement known as the Jews' Hill. Palayoor was connected from the first century onwards even up to this day to other ancient trade centres of Kerala, especially Muziris, by rivers and backwaters. The river and backwater system in the erstwhile Cochin State opens out into the sea at Chettuwaye, Cranganur and Cochin with the three Thomas churches at Palayoor, Kodungallur, and Parur connected together by this system. People from far off lands have found their way to Kerala and to Palayoor since ancient times. The coast was familiar country to the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs and the Chinese long before Vasco da Gama arrived in 1498.

Thrissur district District in Kerala, India

Thrissur is a district of Kerala situated in the central part of that state. Spanning an area of about 3,032 km2 (1,171 sq mi), Thrissur district is home to over 9% of Kerala's population.

Chavakkad town in Kerala, India

Chavakkad, formerly Chowghat, is a colony in Thrissur district of Kerala state in India. It is a suburban town of Thrissur city. Chavakkad is noted for its beach and fishing. It lies on National Highway 66 is located about 75 km (47 mi) north of the city of Kochi, 25 km (16 mi) northwest of Thrissur, and 24 km (15 mi) south of Ponnani.

Ollur Town in Kerala, India

Ollur is a major suburban area and an old commercial town in the city of Thrissur of Kerala state, South India. It is situated about 5 km away from Swaraj Round on old National Highway 47 (India) towards Kochi. From ancient time onwards, Ollur was a major business centre in Thrissur district. Now, this geographical area is part of Thrissur Municipal Corporation. It is situated between Kuriachira and Thalore on the National Highway. However, a specific identity for this geographical region is still there due to the urban setting of this region and its important religious institutions.

Thrissur is a district situated in the central part of Kerala state, India. Thrissur District was formed on 1 July 1949. The headquarters of the district has the same name, Thrissur city. It is an important cultural centre, and is known as the "cultural capital" of Kerala. The number of schools in Thrissur District is numerous.

Valapad village in Kerala, India

Valapad is a village situated in the Thrissur district in the state of Kerala in southern India. It is included in the Manappuram area, and is about 24 km from Thrissur city. It lies by the National Highway 66. The geographical advantage of this village is, in a radius of 25 to 30 kilometers, there are five municipalities and one city corporation. They are Kodungallur, Irinjalakuda, Chavakkad, Guruvayur, Kunnamkulam and Thrissur. Valapad Beach is considered to be a major tourist destination.

Wadakkancherry Town in Kerala, India

Wadakkancherry is a major town in Thrissur, Kerala. Up until 1860, this area was part of Chelakkara Taluk. Now, it is the headquarters of Talappilly Taluk.

Nelluwaya village in Kerala, India

Nelluvai is a village in Thrissur district in the state of Kerala, India.It is located between Thrissur and Guruvayur, Kunnamkulam towns.It is known for the temple of Lord Dhanvantari. Nelluvai is a small Village/hamlet in WadakkancheryTaluk in Thrissur District of KeralaState, India. It comes under Erumapetty Panchayath. It belongs to central kerala Division. It is located 21 km towards North from District headquarters Thrissur, 12 km from Wadakkanchery. 303 km from state capital Thiruvananthapuram. Nelluvaipincode is 680584 and postal head office is Erumapetty. Nelluvai is surrounded by Mangad village towards East, Kuttanchery village towards North, Muringatheri Village towards North and Erumapetty village towards West. Kunnamkulam, shoranur, Thrissur, wadakkancheri are the nearby Cities to Nelluvai

Transport in Thrissur


Mulankunnathukavu railway station Railway station in Thrissur, Kerala, India

Mulangunnathukavu railway station is in Mulakunnathukavu (മുളങ്കുന്നത്തുകാവ്), a panchayat in Puzhakkal block of Thrissur, which is situated between Wadakkanchery railway station and Punkunnam railway station in the busy Shoranur–Cochin Harbour section. Mulangunnathukavu railway station is operated by the Chennai-headquartered Southern Railways of the Indian Railways. The station is used as shuttle station for Thrissur railway station that is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south. It is just 250 metres (820 ft) away from State Highway 22 (Kerala). Ticketing is computerized and there are also basic parking facilities on site. A Food Corporation of India storage facility is located close nearby.

Thrissur railway station

Thrissur railway station is a railway station in Kerala, India. Thrissur also is known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala. Thrissur railway station is a major railway head in South India and A1 classified station operated by the Southern Railway zone of the Indian Railways and comes under the Thiruvananthapuram railway division. It is the busiest railway station in Kerala state in terms of rail traffic with 189 halting trains. Daily trains are available to Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Mangalore, and Hyderabad. This station lies on the Shoranur–Cochin Harbour section, which is one of the busiest railway corridors in Kerala. It has three satellite stations, Punkunnam railway station and two minor stations, Ollur railway station and Mulankunnathukavu railway station. Thrissur railway station also connects to the temple town of Guruvayur by Thrissur–Guruvayur section.

Irinjalakuda railway station

Irinjalakuda railway station is a railway station situated in Kallettumkara village, Kerala, India. Irinjalakuda town is 8 km away from the station. The station is located between Chalakudi and Nellayi on the busy Shoranur–Cochin Harbour section in Thrissur district. It is a busy and prominent station in terms of the number of passengers between Thrissur and Alwaye stations. Irinjalakuda railway station is operated by the Chennai-headquartered Southern Railways of the Indian Railways. Irinjalakuda railway station is operated by the Chennai-headquartered Southern Railway of the Indian Railways. A total of 22 pairs of trains, including superfast, express and passenger trains, stop here.

Administration of Thrissur is handled by the Thrissur Municipal Corporation, consisting of 55 councilors and headed by the city's mayor.

Kollam City Police

The Kollam City Police is the law enforcement agency concerned with the maintenance of law and order in the Indian city of Kollam and the municipalities of Karunagappalli and Paravur(Chathannoor division). Kollam City Police is the first ISO 9001 certified law enforcement agency in Kerala state and second one in India.

Chowannur Place in Kerala, India

Chowannur is a place in Thrissur district, state of Kerala, India.

Administration of Thrissur district

Thrissur District has four types of administrative hierarchies:


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