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In Greek mythology, the name Thronia (Ancient Greek: Θρωνία) or Thronie (Θρωνίη) may refer to:


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  4. Scholia on Homer, Iliad 2.533

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In Greek mythology, Erato is one of the Greek Muses, which were inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. The name would mean "desired" or "lovely", if derived from the same root as Eros, as Apollonius of Rhodes playfully suggested in the invocation to Erato that begins Book III of his Argonautica.

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In Greek mythology, Abderus or Abderos was a divine hero, reputed by some to be one of Heracles' lovers (eromenoi), and reputedly a son of Hermes by some accounts, and eponym of Abdera, Thrace.

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In Greek mythology, Belus was a king of Egypt and father of Aegyptus and Danaus and (usually) brother to Agenor. The wife of Belus has been named as Achiroe, or Side.

In Greek mythology, Achaeus or Achaios was, according to nearly all traditions, a son of Xuthus and Creusa, and consequently a brother of Ion and grandson of Hellen. His children were Archander and Architeles.

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In Greek mythology, the name Clymene or Klymene may refer to:

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