Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey

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Coordinates: 54°50′33″N2°19′02″W / 54.84253°N 2.31736°W / 54.84253; -2.31736

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey
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External view of the abbey in 2019.
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Location within Northumberland
Monastery information
Full nameThrossel Hole Buddhist Abbey
Other namesThrossel Hole Abbey
Order Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
Founder(s) Rev. Master Houn Jiyu-Kennett
Location Northumberland, UK
Coordinates 54°50′33″N2°19′02″W / 54.84253°N 2.31736°W / 54.84253; -2.31736
Grid reference NY7971749792
Public accessyes, with appointment

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey is a Buddhist monastery and retreat centre located in Northumberland, in northern England. The monastic order is equally for men and women. It follows the Serene Reflection Meditation Tradition, similar to the Sōtō Zen sect in Japan. It is part of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Throssel Hole was established in 1972. It offers retreats, festivals and other events for anyone who wishes to learn about or deepen their practice of meditation.

Kanzeon, Throssel Hole Abbey Kanzeon Throssel.jpg
Kanzeon, Throssel Hole Abbey

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