Through Glass Coloured Roses: The Best of the Green Pajamas

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Through Glass Coloured Roses
Compilation album by The Green Pajamas
Released October 7, 2003
Genre Alternative rock, Indie rock, neo-psychedelia
Label Hidden Agenda records
Producer Joe Ross and Jeff Kelly
The Green Pajamas chronology
Indian Winter
Through Glass Coloured Roses
The night races into Anna
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Through Glass Coloured Roses is a compilation album by The Green Pajamas. It was released by Hidden Agenda records part of the independent label Parasol Records in 2003.

A compilation album comprises tracks, which may be previously released or unreleased, usually from several separate recordings by either one or several performers. If by one artist, then generally the tracks were not originally intended for release together as a single work, but may be collected together as a greatest hits album or box set. If from several performers, there may be a theme, topic, time period, or genre which links the tracks, or they may have been intended for release as a single work—such as a tribute album. When the tracks are by the same recording artist, the album may be referred to as a retrospective album or an anthology.

Parasol Records is an American independent record label based in Urbana, Illinois. The label was founded by Geoff Merritt as an outgrowth of the catalogue Parasol Mail Order. The Parasol Records banner also includes the smaller labels associated with it, including Mud, Spur, Hidden Agenda and Galaxy Gramophone. The majority of Parasol's releases have been indie pop CD and 7" vinyl singles. Artists signed to Parasol Records are: 16 Tons, The 1900s, 7% Solution, Absinthe Blind, Acid House Kings, The Action, AK-Momo, Mark Bacino, Bikeride, Brian Leach, Bruno, Matt, Budgie Jacket, Busytoby, C-Clamp, Doleful Lions, Elsinore, Honcho Overload, Hot Glue Gun, Lanterna, The Moon Seven Times, Neilson Hubbard, Hum, Jack & the Beanstalk, Jenifer Jackson, Ryan Groff, Sugarbuzz and many others.


Track listing

  1. "Kim the Waitress" (2003 version)
  2. "Death by Poisoning"
  3. "Rattlesnake Kiss"
  4. "Just Another Perfect Day"
  5. "She Doesn't Love You Anymore"
  6. "Sweet Moth"
  7. "High Waving Heather"
  8. "Downslide"
  9. "Queen of Sunshine"
  10. "These Are the Best Times"
  11. "She's Still Bewitching Me"
  12. "The Secret of Her Smile"
  13. "Tomorrow Will Bring Rain"
  14. "This is Where We Disappear"

(1) Previously unreleased (2-3, 9 and, 12) from All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed (4 and, 10) from Narcotic kisses (5,7 and, 11) from Seven Fathoms Down and Falling (6,8 and, 14) from This is Where We Disappear (13) from Strung Behind the Sun

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