Through the Ashes of the Empire

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Through the Ashes of the Empire
Directed by Andrei Blaier
Story by Zaharia Stancu (novel)
Starring Gheorghe Dinică
Gabriel Oseciuc
Release date
  • 1976 (1976)
Running time
101 minutes

Through the Ashes of the Empire (Romanian : Prin cenușa imperiului) is a 1976 Romanian war drama film directed by Andrei Blaier. [1] [2] Is a picaresque tale of betrayal, survival and coming of age based on a novel by Zaharia Stancu.



In 1917, Diplomatul (Dinică) and young Darie (Oseciuc) escape from a Bucharest occupied by the German Army only to come across, as they progress 'through the ashes' of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the sufferance, despair, generosity and heroism that will lead them to very different conclusions.


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