Through the Dark (2016 film)

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Through the Dark
Through the Dark Film Poster 2016.png
Promotional poster
Directed byMike Daly [1]
Produced byKim Wildenburg
Garett Mayow [2]
Written byMike Daly
Michael Armstrong [3] [4]
Music byHilltop Hoods [4]
XYZ Studios
Exit [5]
Release date
11 November 2016 [3]
Running time
4 12 minutes [3]

Through the Dark is a 412 minute 3D-animated interactive film, which is viewed in a web browser and rendered in real-time. The film is a collaboration between Google Play Music and Australian hip hop group Hilltop Hoods, featuring the band's song of the same title ("Through the Dark"). The song was written by band member MC Pressure (Daniel Smith) after his son was diagnosed with leukemia at eight-years-old. [6] Based on this experience, which is told through the song's lyrics, the film tells an emotional story of a boy and his father. [7] [8] Through the Dark has been awarded over 50 accolades at international award shows.


Technical Aspects

A demonstration of how the accelerometer in a mobile phone changes the camera angle by rotating the device when viewing the film. Through the Dark Phone Demonstration.gif
A demonstration of how the accelerometer in a mobile phone changes the camera angle by rotating the device when viewing the film.

Through the Dark is experienced within a web browser and uses standard web technologies such as WebGL and Web Audio API. [3] When viewed on a mobile device, the film's virtual camera is mapped to the device's accelerometer. [9] The camera angle within the film is changed when the device is rotated or tilted, allowing the viewer to move between two worlds of light and dark. When viewed on a computer, the movement of the camera is controlled by scrolling. [2]


Awards ShowDateCategory / AwardResultRef(s)
FWA Awards 201616 January 2017FWA of the Year 2016Won [10]


People's Choice Award 2016Won
D&AD Awards 201727 April 2017Crafts for Design / Animation & Illustration for Websites & Digital DesignYellow Pencil [1]


Graphic Design / Digital & MobileWood Pencil
ADC Annual Awards 20178 May 2017Interactive / Interactive FilmGold [13]


Craft in Digital / Art DirectionSilver
Creative Review 'The Annual' 20178 May 2017Interactive Film & Virtual, Augmented or Mixed RealityWon [15]
The One Show 201712 May 2017Mobile: Craft / Visual Effects / AnimationBronze [16]
The Webby Awards 201715 May 2017Best Use of Animation or Motion GraphicsWon [17]


Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics, People's Voice AwardWon
AWARD Awards 201726 May 2017Craft In Advertising / Film - Best Use and/or Arrangement of Existing MusicGold [19]


Design / Entertainment DesignGold
Film & Video / Interactive Film, Individual. Any LengthSilver
Craft In Advertising / Film - DirectionSilver
Craft In Advertising / Film - AnimationSilver
Craft In Advertising / Branded Entertainment and ContentSilver
Branded Entertainment & Content / MobileSilver
Branded Entertainment & Content / Experiential - InteractiveSilver
Craft In Advertising / Digital - AnimationBronze
Direct Marketing / Art Direction for Direct, IndividualBronze
Digital / Mobile - OtherBronze
Digital / Online Film, Over 3 MinutesBronze
Branded Entertainment & Content / Entertainment - OnlineBronze
AICP Next Awards 20176 June 2017Website CategoryGold [21]
Cannes Lions 201724 June 2017Digital Craft - Overall Aesthetic DesignGold [22]


Digital Craft - Video & Moving ImageGold
Digital Craft - Digital IllustrationSilver
Film - Music VideoSilver
Cyber - Interactive VideoBronze
Digital Craft - Technological AchievementBronze
Mobile - Innovative TechnologyBronze
AMY Awards 20177 July 2017Best Content Led Marketing CampaignWon [27]
MMA Awards 201725 September 2017Mobile WebsiteSilver [28]
Mobile VideoSilver
Clio Awards 201727 September 2017Digital/Mobile Technique - Graphic DesignSilver [29]


Digital/Mobile - WebsiteBronze
Spikes Asia 201729 September 2017Digital CraftGrand Prix [5]


Music - Excellence In Brand / Music Sponsorship or PartnershipGold
Digital Craft - Overall Aesthetic DesignSilver
Music - Excellence In Music VideoSilver
Digital Craft - Digital IllustrationBronze
Design - Digital & Interactive DesignBronze
Ciclope Festival 201727 October 2017Digital Craft - Interactive FilmGold [36]
London International Awards 201730 October 2017Digital - Animation/Motion GraphicsGold [37]
Digital - Branded ContentSilver
Digital - Innovative Use of DigitalBronze
AdFest 201825 March 2018Design Lotus - Motion & Digital DesignGold [38]
Film Lotus - Interactive FilmSilver
Interactive Lotus - Interactive VDOSilver
Mobile Lotus - Video Viral VDO & Interactive VDOSilver
Mobile Lotus - Use of Technology for MobileSilver

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