Throw Your Spades Up!

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Throw Your Spades Up!
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ReleasedFebruary 19, 2008
RecordedNovember 3, 2007
Key Club, West Hollywood, California, U.S.
Genre Hip hop
Length56:55 (minutes:seconds)
Label Suburban Noize Records
Producer Devin Dehaven
Kingspade chronology
Throw Your Spades Up!N/A

Throw Your Spades Up! is the debut live DVD the Hip-Hop Duo Kingspade that was released on February 19, 2008. The DVD includes the explosive show recorded at the legendary Key Club in West Hollywood on November 3, 2007. The DVD includes the live performance, interviews with the group, and all three Kingspade music videos. "The Deal", "Down 4 Da Krown", "Lifestyles" and "P-Town" are actually songs that were on previous Kottonmouth Kings albums, but being that Daddy X was included only on "Down 4 Da Krown" and "P-Town" Kingspade performed simply cutting out his verses.

Kingspade consists of the rap duo Johnny Richter and D-Loc of Kottonmouth Kings.

Kottonmouth Kings is an American hip hop group from Placentia, Orange County, California. The band officially formed in 1996, describing their eclectic sound as "psychedelic hip-hop punk rock". Kottonmouth Kings are composed of Daddy X, Lou Dog, D-Loc, DJ Bobby B, and newest member/ vocalist, The Dirtball. The group first attracted mainstream attention with the song "Suburban Life", which appeared on the soundtrack to the film Scream 2. The groups original lineup consisted of D-Loc and Saint Dog and Johnny Richter(Johnny left before the recording of Royal Highness) but later incorporated Daddy X and the Dirtball.

Brad Xavier, known by his stage name Daddy X, is a hip hop artist and record producer. He used to be in the punk/hardcore band Doggy Style and the hip hop group Kottonmouth Kings in which he went by the stage name of Brad X. He was the frontman for Kottonmouth Kings, Humble Gods, and X-Pistols. He is married to Anna Rose and has a daughter named Sky Blue Xavier, and wrote a song for her on his debut solo album Organic Soul.


DVD features

  1. Spaded, Jaded and Faded
  2. This Dat Beat
  3. Who's Down
  4. We Ridin
  5. Drunk In Da Club
  6. Who Run This
  7. Neighborhood Trends
  8. The Deal
  9. Lifestyles
  10. Down 4 Da Kro
  11. That's How It Goes
  12. High Ridaz
  13. Same Ol’ Bitches
  14. Life

Bonus Features

Dustin Miller, best known by his stage name D-Loc, is an MC in the rap rock group Kottonmouth Kings and rap group Kingspade. The group was signed to Suburban Noize. Miller has been a part of the Kottonmouth Kings since they were the P town Ballers (PTB) in 1994. Miller is also known by the stage names DJ Shakey Bonez, and D-Double Dash.

Timothy McNutt, better known by his stage name Johnny Richter, is a rapper from Placentia, California. He's a member of the group Kottonmouth Kings from 1996–2013; 2018–present

To access the hidden interview go to the main menu and highlight "Play Show". Hit the left button on the directional pad once (the selector should disappear) and hit select.


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