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In comedy, a throwaway line is a joke delivered "in passing" without being the punch line to a comedy routine, part of the build up to another joke, or there to advance a story or develop a character. Throwaway lines are often one-liners, or in-jokes, and often delivered in a deadpan manner.

The throw-away society is a human society strongly influenced by consumerism. The term describes a critical view of overconsumption and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items over durable goods that can be repaired.

"Thrown Away" is a short story by British author Rudyard Kipling. It was published in the first Indian edition of Plain Tales from the Hills (1888), and in subsequent editions of that collection.

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Hermit crab superfamily of crustaceans

Hermit crabs are decapod crustaceans of the superfamily Paguroidea.

A one-liner is a joke that is delivered in a single line. A good one-liner is said to be pithy - concise and meaningful. Comedians and actors use this comedic method as part of their act, e.g. Jimmy Carr, Tommy Cooper, Rodney Dangerfield, Norm Macdonald, Ken Dodd, Stewart Francis, Zach Galifianakis, Mitch Hedberg, Anthony Jeselnik, Milton Jones, Shappi Khorsandi, Jay London, Mark Linn-Baker, Demetri Martin, Groucho Marx, Dan Mintz, Emo Philips, Tim Vine, Steven Wright and Henny Youngman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many fictional characters are also known to deliver one-liners, including James Bond, who usually includes pithy and laconic quips after disposing of a villain.

Durability is the ability of a physical product to remain functional, without requiring excessive maintenance or repair, when faced with the challenges of normal operation over its design lifetime. There are several measures of durability in use, including years of life, hours of use, and number of operational cycles. In economics, goods with a long usable life are referred to as durable goods.

Deadpan, dry humor or dry wit is the deliberate display of a lack of or no emotion, commonly as a form of comedic delivery to contrast with the ridiculousness of the subject matter. The delivery is meant to be blunt, ironic, laconic, or apparently unintentional.

Software prototyping is the activity of creating prototypes of software applications, i.e., incomplete versions of the software program being developed. It is an activity that can occur in software development and is comparable to prototyping as known from other fields, such as mechanical engineering or manufacturing.

Durable good good that does not quickly wear out

In economics, a durable good or a hard good is a good that does not quickly wear out, or more specifically, one that yields utility over time rather than being completely consumed in one use. Items like bricks could be considered perfectly durable goods because they should theoretically never wear out. Highly durable goods such as refrigerators or cars usually continue to be useful for three or more years of use, so durable goods are typically characterized by long periods between successive purchases.

<i>Outbound Flight</i> book

Outbound Flight is a novel set in the Star Wars expanded universe, released on January 31, 2006. Written by Timothy Zahn, it is a prequel to Zahn's Thrawn trilogy (1991–93). The book was released by Del Rey, first in hardcover, then in paperback in January 2007. The cover art is by Dave Seeley.

<i>Rockit</i> (album) 1979 studio album by Chuck Berry

Rockit is the nineteenth studio album by Chuck Berry, released in 1979 by Atco Records. It was his only release for the label, following Berry's departure in 1975 from Chess Records. It was Berry's last studio album for 38 years, until Chuck in 2017.

Airline booking ploys are used by travelers in commercial aviation to lower the price of flying by circumventing airlines' rules about how tickets may be used. They are generally a breach of the contract of carriage between the passenger and the airline, which airlines may try to enforce in various ways.

The Throwaways were an alternative rock group which performed from 1989 to 1995. They were formed by Sean Baxter (drums), Mat Butler, Marc Dorey (guitar) and Dave Kendal. In 1993 Matt Charles replaced Butler. The group recorded two studio albums, Angle Grinder (1992) and Postmadonna Primadonna.

Essential Glastonbury is a promotional cover CD given away with issue 216 of Q magazine. The CD was released in cooperation with Greenpeace with the result that the cover was printed on recycled paper. The following excerpt is the introduction from the inside of the cover sleeve.

A NOTE FROM GREENPEACE — Ancient forests are home to nearly two thirds of the world’s land-based species and are vital to the health of our planet. Yet these unique ecosystems are still being trashed, often to make throwaway timber and paper products

A NOTE FROM THOM YORKE OF RADIOHEAD — right now we are wiping out many rare and very important species, permanently. All for the sake of crap garden Furniture and click-together floors. Nuts.

Visit to find out more about how to change this situation. If you are at the Glastonbury Festival 2004 come and visit us at the Greenpeace field.

Guttersnipes were a four-piece punk, pop band, which formed in 1990 by Paul "Brocky" Brockhoff on guitar and vocals, Ian MacKaye on drums, Michael "Macca" McManus on bass guitar and Andrew "Ricey" Rice on guitar and vocals. Soon after MacKaye was replaced by Mark "Hursty" Hurst on drums. They issued an eight-track album, Blurred, in November 1991 via Au-Go-Go Records. The group disbanded in 2001, although they occasionally reformed for additional shows.

Dr. Gay Culverhouse is the former President of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Notre Dame College. She served as President of the Buccaneers from 1991 to 1994, while her father, Hugh Culverhouse owned the team. She founded the Gay Culverhouse Players Outreach Program, Inc. which assists retired NFL players access the benefits to which they may be entitled by the National Football League. She was inspired by the case of Tom McHale a former Buccaneers player who suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Bits and Pieces (song) 1964 single by The Dave Clark Five

"Bits and Pieces" is a song by 1960s quintet The Dave Clark Five. The single hit number two in the UK and number four in the US. The song was a success in other countries too. It was number two in Australia and number one in Canada and Ireland. It reached number four in the Netherlands. In Germany it only reached the 20th place though.

Caitlin Kittredge is an American author and comic book writer of dark fantasy and urban fantasy noir. She is known for her Nocturne City series of adult novels, and for The Iron Codex, a series of young adult books, as well as her comic book work with Coffin Hill for Vertigo Comics and Witchblade and Throwaways for Image Comics

"For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes" is a song written and performed by James Brown. Released as an edited two-part single in 1978, it charted #52 R&B in 1979. A full-length version appears on the album Take a Look at Those Cakes. Brown talks loudly and clearly in rhyme without only brief singing involved, this track being in part a precursor to the hip hop style which was yet to mount on record in a few years time. Robert Christgau described the song as "a great throwaway--an eleven-minute rumination on ass-watching, including genuinely tasteless suggestions that Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder join the fun."

Fight Night (song) 2014 single by Migos

"Fight Night" is a song by American hip hop group Migos. It was released on April 8, 2014 by Quality Control and 300 Entertainment as the first single from their mixtape No Label 2 (2014) and was produced by Stack Boy Twan. It peaked at number 69 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the group's highest-charting single at the time. A remix was made by fellow American rapper Tyga.

<i>The Throwaways</i> (film) 2015 American action film directed by Tony Bui

The Throwaways is a 2015 American action film directed by Tony Bui, written by Don Handfield and Michael Ross, and starring Sam Huntington, Katie McGrath, Christian Hillborg, Jack Kesy, Kevin Dillon, and James Caan. It premiered on January 30, 2015, on Crackle.