Thrum Mill, Rothbury, Northumberland

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The Thrum Mill is a grade II-listed water mill in Rothbury, Northumberland, England. The water mill dates back to 1665. [1] [2] [3]



The renovation of Thrum Mill by locals Dave and Margaret Heldey into a home was featured on The Restoration Man (2010–present), a home improvement show presented by architect George Clarke, in Series 3: Episode 4 (2014). Clarke's revisiting of the mill a year later was shown in Series 4: Episode Eight (2015). [4]

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Coordinates: 55°18′33″N1°53′32″W / 55.309039°N 1.892161°W / 55.309039; -1.892161

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Rothbury Human settlement in England

Rothbury is a town and civil parish in Northumberland, England, on the River Coquet, 13.5 miles (21.7 km) northwest of Morpeth and 26 miles (42 km) of Newcastle upon Tyne. At the 2001 Census, it had a population of 2,107.

Alnwick District Former District in England

Alnwick was a local government district of Northumberland, England. Its council was based in Alnwick town and the district had a population of 31,029 according to the 2001 census.

River Coquet River in Northumberland, England

The River Coquet runs through the county of Northumberland, England, discharging into the North Sea on the east coast at Amble. It rises in the Cheviot Hills on the border between England and Scotland, and follows a winding course across the landscape ("Coquetdale"). The upper reaches are bordered by the Otterburn Ranges military training ground, and are crossed by a number of bridges built in the 20th century. It passes a number of small villages and hamlets, and feeds one of the lakes created by extraction of gravel that form the Caistron Nature Reserve, before reaching the town of Rothbury, where it is crossed by a grade II listed bridge. Below the town is Thrum Mill, the restoration of which was featured on Channel 4 television.

Berwick-upon-Tweed (UK Parliament constituency) UK Parliament constituency in England since 2015

Berwick-upon-Tweed is a parliamentary constituency in Northumberland represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2015 by Anne-Marie Trevelyan, a Conservative.

Brinkburn Priory

Brinkburn Priory was a medieval monastery built on a bend of the River Coquet, some 4 miles (6 km) east of Rothbury, Northumberland, England. Little survives of the structures erected by the monks apart from the Priory Church, which is a grade I listed building in the care of English Heritage.

Tosson Hill

Tosson Hill is the highest hill in the Simonside Hills to the south of Rothbury in Northumberland, England. The summit lies about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) west of Simonside, the best-known summit of the Simonside Hills.

Simonside Hills

The Simonside Hills are a hill range in Northumberland, England near the town of Rothbury. Most of the hills are around 300 metres (984 ft) to 400 metres (1,312 ft) high and are popular spots for hikers in the area. The highest point is Tosson Hill at 440 metres (1,444 ft).

Long Crag Hill/small mountain

Long Crag is a hill to the north of Rothbury in Northumberland, England. It lies within the Thrunton Woods, a Forestry Commission-owned area of forestry plantations.

Duke of Northumberlands River

The Duke of Northumberland's River or D. O. N. River consists of separate upper and lower artificial watercourses in west London, United Kingdom. The older name Isleworth Mill Stream/River more accurately describes the economic motivation behind its construction. The first section draws water via a sluice from the Colne — a source river which has seven distributaries, many of which are man-made — today an extended distance of about 5 miles (8 km) into the Crane; its lower section of about 1.8 miles (2.9 km) draws water from that small river in Whitton, Twickenham and discharges it via neighbouring Isleworth, passing Mill Plat into the tidal Thames. A sluice underneath Mill Plat feeds the main lake in Syon Park.

Thrum may refer to:

A1068 road Road in northern England

The A1068 is a road in northern England that runs from Seaton Burn in North Tyneside to Alnwick in Northumberland. The section between Ellington and Alnmouth is signposted as part of the Northumberland Coastal Route.

A696 road

The A696 is a major road in Northern England, that runs from Otterburn in Northumberland to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Scotsgap railway station Railway station in Northumberland

Scotsgap was a stone-built railway station in Northumberland on the Wansbeck Railway, which served the villages of Scots' Gap and Cambo. It was located on the line between Morpeth and Reedsmouth, and was the junction for the branch line of the Northumberland Railway to Rothbury.

Rothbury railway station

Rothbury was a railway station in Northumberland, England at the end of the single-track Rothbury Branch that served the town of Rothbury. Rothbury was the terminus of the line with a turntable at the end of the track.

Brinkburn railway station

Brinkburn was a weather board and corrugated iron built railway station in Northumberland on the Rothbury Branch built to serve the Healy Coate Colliery which it was linked to by a two-mile aerial ropeway.

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Restoration Home is a BBC television series produced by Endemol who created the BBC series Restoration. The series follows owners of historic buildings as they restore them into 21st-century dream houses. The show is presented by Caroline Quentin who has an interest in the history and restoration of old buildings, architectural expert Kieran Long and social historian Dr Kate Williams who investigate the histories of the properties.

Brinkburn Mill Historic water mill in Northumberland, England

Brinkburn Mill is a water mill located near Rothbury, in Northumberland. It once formed part of the precincts of Brinkburn Priory and was constructed in around 1800 on the site of a former medieval mill. After the dissolution of the monasteries, the Priory, and its Mill, were owned by Fenwicks of Northumberland until 1792, when the priory was sold to Joseph Hetherington. It was inherited by his niece and her husband, Major Richard Hodgson, in 1809, and the Mill appears to have been rebuilt, along with Brinkburn House, shortly thereafter.

<i>The Restoration Man</i>

The Restoration Man is a British home improvement television series presented by George Clarke. It first aired on Channel 4 on 14 March 2010.

Langthwaite Filter House

The Langthwaite Filter House is a house in Langthwaite Road, Quernmore, Lancaster, England. There is also a filter house in Scotforth.


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