Thuamul Rampur

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Thuamul Rampur
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Thuamul Rampur from nearby Hill
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Thuamul Rampur
Location in Odisha, India
Coordinates: 19°32′49″N82°55′15″E / 19.5469°N 82.9207°E / 19.5469; 82.9207 Coordinates: 19°32′49″N82°55′15″E / 19.5469°N 82.9207°E / 19.5469; 82.9207
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Odisha
District Kalahandi
Demonym(s) Kalahandia
  Official English, Odia
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code06675
Vehicle registration OD-08/OR-08

Thuamul Rampur is a town in Thuamul Rampur Block, [1] Kalahandi District of Odisha State. The town is 72 km from the district capital Bhawanipatna and 500 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar. It is also referred as the Kashmir of Kalahandi as it receives moderate amount of snow fall in the winter season. Rich in flora and fauna this area is the key site for origination of rivers like Nagavali and Indravati where Indravati Dam has been built.

It is connected to district headquarter by both Govt. and private buses as well as with neighboring districts of Rayagada and Koraput.


Thuamul Rampur is mainly known for scenic and picnic spots around it.

Thuamul Rampur is situated at 723 m above sea level in the eastern ghats. It is one of the 13 blocks in Kalahandi districts lies in the southernmost part of the district and surrounded from east to Rayagada, west to Koraput and west to Nabarangpur district respectively. Erstwhile Kasipur was a part of Kalahandi, adjacent to Thuamul Rampur but due to administrative difficulties it was transferred to Rayagada district without public opinion and information in mid 70's.

Very few people know that there are two Maa Manikeshwari Mandir i.e., one in Bhawanipatna while another at Thuamul Rampur. It is situated near bus stand adjacent to the ancient Raj Mahal.

There is a small Raj Mahal (now abandoned) in the center of the town. It was once converted to College due to lack of infrastructure.

Tourist Complex was inaugurated by Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Govt. of Odisha) in the year 1995. It was serving as a panthanivas for the tourist for hospitality and accommodation with various facilities. Lack of interest and less focus given to tourism here by state govt. made it abandoned for tourists.

Hello Point is a picnic spot and valley view point 75 km from Bhawanipatna. It is present on the top of the eastern ghats from where half of the Kalahandi district is visible including Junagarh, Kalampur block etc. One can receive signal from all telecom services for mobile, therefore it is named as Hello Point.

Including schools and other govt. offices (Post Office, Block office, Telephone Exchange etc.) it has Banks and a Community Health Center too for financial and health like basic services.

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Manikeshwari Temple is located in Kalahandi district of Odisha. The temple is located to the south of Bhawanipatna. The main deity here is Goddess Manikeshwari. She is the Ishta Devi of Nagavanshi Khyatriya's. During Dussehra festival, animal sacrifice is offered at this temple. A film is also documented showing the ritual of animal sacrifice, before Goddess Manikeshwari. Karlapat, which is famous for its charming wild life, is near the temple.

Bhawanipatna is classified as one of the major tourist destinations by the tourism Department of Government of Odisha. All the tourist attraction in Kalahandi region comes under Bhawanipatna jurisdiction. Though tourist potential of Kalahandi has not been exploited optimally due to poor marketing, political negligence and infrastructure development, the land is very rich in terms of water fall, forest and wild life, natural and scenic beauty, tribal life, mountains, agriculture field, historical sites and handicrafts. The best time to visit Kalahandi region is from October to March. April–June is hard Summer and the mercury may rise to 45 degree C and June to August is the Monsoon Season. It occasionally rains in September, but do not miss the great festival like Nuakhai in September and Dassara in end of September or early October. Beginning of Dessara marks the pleasant weather condition till the celebration of Chaitra in February/March.

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Phurlijharan is a perennial waterfall in Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi district, Odisha, India. The falls are 16 m high and are known for their multicolored rainbow created on the scattered water because of the reflection of sunlight. It is a tourist attraction for picnics. The falls are close to the Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary.

Maharaja Pratap Keshari Deo was the last ruler of Kalahandi State 1939-1947 and an Indian politician in post-independence India. He was elected from the Kalahandi in Odisha to the Lower House of the Indian Parliament the Lok Sabha. He was deputy Leader of the Opposition, Orissa Legislative Assembly, 1952—56.