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Thuillier is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Elisabeth Thuillier French film colourist

Elisabeth Thuillier was a French colourist who ran a workshop in Paris where her employees hand-coloured early films and photographic slides using her plans and colour choices. She is remembered especially for the work she did for the director Georges Méliès.

Émilie Thuillier is a politician in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has served on the Montreal city council since 2009, representing Ahuntsic as a member of Projet Montréal, and has been a member of the Montreal executive committee since November 2012.

Emilio Thuillier Spanish actor

Emilio Thuillier was a Spanish actor.

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Henry Edward Landor Thuillier British army officer and surveyor

Sir Henry Edward Landor Thuillier was Surveyor General of India. Under his direction, 796,928 square miles of India were surveyed, including difficult mountainous, forest, and desert regions, often for the first time. He was responsible for the printing in 1854 of the first postage stamps valid throughout India. Thuillier was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1869, made a CSI in May 1870, and knighted in June 1879.

Colonel Sir Henry Ravenshaw Thuillier (1838–1922) was Surveyor General of India, 1887–95.

Henry Fleetwood Thuillier

Major General Sir Henry Fleetwood Thuillier, was a British Army officer who played a significant part in the development of gas warfare.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Shakespear Thuillier, DSO, was a British Army officer.

Leslie de Malapert Thuillier

Major-General Leslie "Pete" de Malapert Thuillier, CB, CVO, OBE, was a British Army officer of the Royal Corps of Signals who served with distinction in the Second World War and later set up the hotline between 10 Downing Street and The White House.

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