Thul Taluka

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Country Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan
Province Sindh
District Jacobabad District
Time zone UTC+5 (PST)
Number of towns 3
Number of Union Councils 24

Thul (Sindhi : ٺل) is an administrative subdivision of Jacobabad District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. The subdivision is administratively subdivided into 24 Union Councils, two of which form the capital, Thul. [1] Thul is one of the densely populated Taluka of District Jacobabad, spreading over 317,520 acres. It consists of about half of the population of whole district and its population is approximately 356,705. There are 19 union councils and 96 Dehs in this taluka. The headquarters of this taluka are about 33 km at the east side of district headquarters and connected with rail and road with other parts such as Kandhkot, Shikarpur and Baluchistan province.




Sindhi, Balochi and others. Sindhi and Balochi are commonly spoken for communication in the area, since it is near Balochistan, it has therefore a notable number of Baloch people living in the town due to which Balochi has become the mostly spoken language after Sindhi.


Thul is located at corner of three districts of Sindh, Jacobabad, Shikarpur and Kashmore. Round about one hour journey to each district headquarters of the cities.

Rail: Thul Railway Station is located outside of the Thul city approximately three km. It connects the city of Thul to Jacobabad and Kandhkot.

By road: Thul is connected via road to most major Pakistani cities such as Karachi connecting link road to National Highway at Hamayun area, Panjab, Islamabad, Peshawar, Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK and others via connecting Indus Highway at Kandhkot and Quetta connecting through National Highway at Jacobabad.

Important crops

More than 85% of population of Thul is connected with agriculture or allied professions. Paddy, wheat and barley are the important crops of Thul. Thul has a notable rice market.

Geographical location of Taluka Thul is as under

Lat: 28.2333, Lat (DMS): 28° 13' 60N,

Long: 68.7667, Long (DMS): 68° 46' 0E

Altitude (feet): 196, Altitude (meters): 59.

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Dadu District, is a district of Sindh Province, Pakistan. With headquarters the city of Dadu, the district was created in 1931 by merging Kotri and Mahal Kohistan tehsils from Karachi District and Mehar, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Dadu, Johi and Sehwan tehsils from Larkana District. IN 2004, several talukas in the south were split off to create the new Jamshoro District. Its boundary touches with four districts of Sindh i.e. Jamshoro, Naushahro Feroze, Shaheed Benazirabad and Kamber Shahdadkot.

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Jacobabad District is a district in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It is located in the north of Sindh, by the provincial boundary with Balochistan. Its headquarters is the town of Jacobabad, which was founded by General John Jacob in 1847.

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Qambar Shahdadkot District is a district of Sindh, Pakistan. District Qambar Shahdadkot, with headquarters at Qambar, was established on 13 December 2004. Taluka Qambar and Shahdadkot were part of Larkana district since long before they were combined and made one district for administrative purposes. At first it was named only Qambar but because of dissent from the people of Shahdadkot city, the name Shahdadkot was added. Today, however, the locals of Shahdadkot demand a separate district comprising Shahdadkot, Qubo Saeed Khan and Sijawal Junejo as they face difficulties in governmental work because they must go a long distance to Qambar to get the work done because most government offices are there. The district was created in the tenure of Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim, who is accused of creating this district for political gains and to weaken the stronghold of Pakistan People's Party in the area because Shahdadkot has been the electoral constituency for Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. The creation of the district benefited Chandios, who are the landlords of Qambar Shahdadkot. In 2005, Nawab Shabbir Khan Chandio became the first elected nazim of the newly created district.

Larkana or Larkano is the fourth largest city located in the Northwest of Sindh Province, Pakistan. It is located in Larkana District and is a thickly populated city which is growing rapidly. In August 2000, Larkana celebrated its hundredth year of existence.

Ratodero Taluka is a Tehsil of Larkana District in the Sindh province of Pakistan, it is located some 28 km from the district capital Larkana. Before the independence, the city has a special reputation for its sweet products. The most special is known as Mawa and handmade caps known as Sindhi topi and footwear. At present the principal trade of the town is that of paddy and rice, and there are many rice mills. And some great leaders belong to Ratodero City As Well.

Jacobabad Taluka is an administrative subdivision (taluka) of Jacobabad District, Sindh, Pakistan. It is subdivided into 15 Union Councils, 8 of which comprise the capital Jacobabad

Garhi Yasin Sindh is a town and taluka of Shikarpur District, Sindh, Pakistan.

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Thul is the town of Jacobabad District in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. It is located at 28°14'0N 68°46'0E at an altitude of 59 metres. Thul is biggest Tehsil of Sindh; It 10 Police Stations, 3 Town Committees, 1 Civil Hospital and 5 rural Health centers, that are working. It has a degree college on Mir Pur Burriro road. Thul has the largest rice industry in the city of Sindh.

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Chambar, or Chamber, is a town of Tando Allahyar District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is headquarters of Chamber Taluka. The town itself is administratively subdivided into two Union councils. It is located at 25°18'0N 68°49'0E with an altitude of 11 metres (36 ft).

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Jaggan is a village in Shikarpur Taluka in Shikarpur District Pakistan.

Garhi Khairo is a Town and taluka in Jacobabad District Sindh. According to 2017 Census population of Garhi Khairo is 158360, Garhi Khairo is connected with Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Qambar, It also shares Sindh border with Balochistan from Usta Muhammad side.

Jahan Khan(Sindhi: جهان خان)is a union council and a town in Taluka (sub-division) Lakhi Ghulam Shah, district Shikarpur in the province of Sindh. It is directly connected with a grand avenue Sukkur-Jacobabad Highway. The town is 12 km far from sukkur to the north-western side on the way to Shikarpur. The population is 4000 according to the national census 2017.

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Mian Sahib is the town of shikarpur District in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. It is located at 28°9'17"N 68°38'32"E at an altitude of 59 metres. Mian Sahib, is a historical village of shikarpur District, the prominent magzine in sindhi Sindhu was published in 1939 to 1946 from the above village, editor of sindhu magzine & the prominent personality of sindhi Poetry and Literature Khialdas Fani was born in this village, It was the centre of educational & other activities in past. its population is around 11,280+

Mubarakpur, Jacobabad Town in Sindh, Pakistan

Mubarakpur is a town in the Jacobabad District of Pakistan. It is located at 28° 10' 8.4972 N68° 38' 18.2148E with an altitude of 46 metres its original name is Shāhal.