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The American children's television series Thumb Wrestling Federation [1] ran for five seasons between 2006 and 2010. Each season featured a knock-out tournament to decide the winner.

<i>Thumb Wrestling Federation</i> television series

Thumb Wrestling Federation: TWF is an American children's live-action television series. It aired on Cartoon Network in the United States, YTV in Canada, and on the CBBC Channel in the United Kingdom. It was previously shown on The WB and Nicktoons, in the United States, as well as on networks across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


Season 1

Released in 2006, Season 1 is the longest season of TWF . It has 16 regular season matches, and a final eight-man tournament deciding the winner of the season.

EP# Title
1"Vini Vidi Victory! vs. Flashback"
Victory is no surprise when Vini, the Dextera's leader, takes on the distracted, yet sinister, Flashback. Stuck in a series of memories, Flashback takes a lot of hits early on but is still able to pull off his blinding move, The Photo Finish. In the end, no amount of magnesium can keep Vini from performing his match-ending and crowd favorite move, the Vini Vidi Vada-voom.
2"N Fuego vs. Unit 19G"
It's a dance-off between the samba prone N Fuego and the Dexteras' own robot, Unit 19G, who can only do The Robot. Even though 19G blasts the hot Sinistra with cooling water, N Fuego cheats and has his cohort, Cheeko Rojo, throw a chair at 19G, winning the match for the Sinistras.
3"Wasabi vs. Corbata"
Things get crazy when rhyming expert Wasabi and video game champion Corbata enter the ring. Things go smoothly until Corbata uses an illegal move, The Cheat Code (which is also Corbata's signature move) that puts Wasabi on the ropes. Pinky tries to help Wasabi by reading her a poem he wrote, but Corbata kicks him out of the ring. This gives Wasabi time to get her strength back and beat Corbata with The Best Poem Ever.
4"Senator Skull vs. Gary The Intern"
The match starts off with Sinistra leader Senator Skull and Dextera hairstylist Gary the Intern throwing good hits, but the tide quickly turns when Skull uses the illegal Sinistra Scissor Choke twice on Gary. Pinky then comes to the rescue with scissors, which Gary uses to cut off all of Skull's hair, causing Vini Vidi Victory! and Hometown Huck to tease him about it. Skull then uses The Skull's Revenge Shocker on Gary and wins the match. He then warns Vini and Huck that the world will soon be his.
5"Hometown Huck vs. The Scorchion"
Dextera second-in-command Hometown Huck tangles with The Scorchion, a lone fighter with a deadly sting. Huck takes The Scorchion easily with The Austin Avalanch, but The Scorchion comes back with The Thaigon Shtinger, causing Huck to vomit all over Pinky. Huck then attacks The Scorchion with The Houston Huckster, and pins him with The Hometown Shuffle.
6"Hometown Huck vs. Sir Serpent"
The match gets off to a bad start, with Huck and his opponent, the eligent Sir Serpent, both refusing to make the first move. However, Pinky gets them to fight by dropping slime on both of them, causing both wrestlers to think that their opponent is cheating. After several hard hits, Huck pins Sir Serpent with The Houstin Huckster.
7"Itsy Bitsy vs. Gill"
Things get slimy, gross, and creepy when eight-legged Itsy Bitsy and swamp monster Gill enter the ring. It doesn't start until round two, when Itsy regurgitates her digestive juice all over Gill's face, who retalliates with his intestines. Itsy then complies with gross facts about her digestive juice and accidentally reveals that she had 27 mates and she ate all of them. Gill attempts to use bubbles against Itsy, who pins him with The Web Attack. Gill concedes, and begs Itsy to give him back his intestines as she pins him.
8"Itsy Bitsy vs. Ouch"
It's no surprise of who will win when Itsy returns against accident-prone Dextera Ouch. Ouch takes a beating at first, but comes back in round 2. In the final round, Ouch attempts to hit Itsy with the Spinecrack Backbreak Surprise, but ends up breaking his own back. Itsy then pins him with The Web Attack.
9"Evil Ira vs. The Amoeba"
The Dextera's friendly magician trickster Evil Ira faces off against Sinistra party animal, The Amoeba, who automatically puts Ira on the ropes. Despite taunts from his brother, Good Ira, as well as being hit with The Amoeba's signature move, The Shrink, Ira is able to come back with the Evil Eye and win the match.
10"Evil Ira vs. The Lost Viking"
Evil Ira returns against the Sinistra's most brutal fighter, The Lost Viking. Ira starts putting his opponent on the ropes, but then Senator Skull dresses up like Thor and commands The Lost Viking to destroy Ira. However, Ira is able to pull off The Evil Eye and drop some bricks on The Lost Viking, winning the match for the Dexteras.
11"The Big Time vs. Dorsal Flynn"
The Sinistra's second in command, The Big Time, makes his debut against unsuccessful stand up comedian Dorsal Flynn. The Big Time blows some good punches in the first round, but Dorsal then makes a comeback with The Blowhole. In the end, The Big Time unleashes The Time Bomb onto Dorsal, winning the Match for the Sinistras.
12"The Big Time vs. Tom Cat"
The Big Time returns to face the curious Tom Cat. After coughing up a hairball onto The Big Time and getting him with The Kitty Litterer, Tom Cat is knocked out cold by The Time Bomb. However, Pinky comes to his rescue with zombie juice, turning Tom Cat into Tom Zombie, who bites The Big Time. The Big Time then bites back and pins the zombiefied Dextera.
13"Vini Vidi Victory! vs The Visitor"
Things get territorial when a Sinistra alien, The Visitor insults Earth. Vini Vidi Victory! returns to stop him from taking over, and at one point, he gives him a wet willie. Then, The Visitor illegially shoots lasers out of his eyes, hitting Vini and Pinky. Vini then used The Vini Vidi Vada-Voom and won the match.
14"Wasabi vs. Billy Batboy"
Wasabi returns to the ring facing the very confused Billy Batboy, who thinks he is really a bat. Billy takes some hard hits, and then uses The Bat-A-Tat-Tat on Wasabi, which has no effect. Billy then tries his signature move, The Bat Attack, summoning a giant bat named "Leatherwing" to attack Wasabi, but it, instead, knocks him down, giving Wasabi the pin.
15"N Fuego vs. Pei Pei The Purple Panda"
N Fuego makes his move on Pei Pei the Purple Panda, princess of Porpestan. N Fuego attempts to woo Pei Pei twice, but his plot is foiled by Pinky. Pei Pei then beats on her opponent, but N Fuego uses his deadly signature move, The Forbidden Dance, to cause Pei Pei to go woozy, giving him the pin.
16"Senator Skull vs. James Montgomery Flag and The Stash"
Patriotic James Montgomery Flag enters the ring with Senator Skull, who has become very gassy after eating eggs. Skull quickly gets the upper hand, so James' dad, former TWF wrestler, The Stash, takes his place. The Stash gets Skull with The Super Sneeze, but Skull comes back with the deadly Super Skull and wins the match.
17"The Big Time vs. Vini Vidi Victory!"
It's the beginning of the Thumber Summer Tournament, and things start off with powerhouses Vini Vidi Victory! and The Big Time going head-to-head in the quarterfinals. Both fighters hit each other hard, but it's Vini who falls when he attempts to use The Vini Vidi Vada-Voom to secure a win and gets knocked out cold with The Time Bomb.
18"Hometown Huck vs. Itsy Bitsy"
Huck and Itsy return to face off in the quarterfinals, which wrestler on top of the other. Itsy attempts to take Huck with The Web Attack, but Huck breaks out. Ultimately, Huck secures the win by treating Itsy to The Hometown Shuffle.
19"Wasabi vs. Senator Skull"
Wasabi and Skull return in the second-to-last quarterfinal match of the season. Both wrestlers take some pretty strong hits, but Skull seems to have the upper hand. Then things get crazy when Wasabi uses The Best Poen Ever and it has no effect. Suddenly, The Big Time enters the ring and knocks Skull down. The Ref disqualifies Skull, making Wasabi the winner.
20"Evil Ira vs. N Fuego"
In the final quarterfinal match, Evil Ira and N Feugo square off, with Ira on the ropes, as usual. Ira is barely able to survive a brutal beating as well as The Forbidden Dance, and uses the Evil Eye to drop a piano on N Fuego. Then, Ira stuns everyone by dropping a piano on the Ref as well. Ira pins N Fuego and moves on to the semifinals, but the audience is shocked at the fact that a Dextera has cheated to win.
21"Hometown Huck vs. Evil Ira"
The Dexteras are hit hard when Evil Ira announces that he is joining the Sinistras, and Hometown Huck ends up starting the semi finals with him. He barely escapes having a piano, an anvil, some bricks, and even a boombox dropped on him by Ira, who hypnotizes him with The Evil Eye. However, Pinky snaps Huck out of the trance, and Huck pins Ira to the mat as punishment for his betrayal.
22"The Big Time vs. Wasabi"
Wasabi and The Big Time fight for a spot in the finals, with neither wrestler giving up. The Big Time is able to whoop Wasabi several times, and is greeted by insults from Pinky. Wasabi distracts The Big Time with The Best Poem Ever, and things start to look up for the Dexteras, until Pinky unintentionally distracts Wasabi by confessing his love for her, and Wasabi tells him she loves him back. The Big Time sneaks up from behind with The Time Bomb and advances to the finals.
23"Hometown Huck vs. The Big Time"
Huck and The Big Time start the championship match off with each opponent matched, with no clear cut winner. Then the tables turn when Evil Ira casts a spell on Huck, making him do everything in slow motion. However, the spell eventually wears off. The Big Time unleashes The Time Bomb on Huck, who retalliates with The Hometown Shuffle. As a result, both wrestlers hit the mat. Pinky then rushes into the ring and pulls Huck on top of The Big Time, winning the tournament for the Dexteras.

Season 2

Season 2 aired in 2007, with several new characters and some from Season 1. This season was the shortest, with 8 regular matches. There was a tag-team championship and a 4-man tournament to decide the season champion.

EP# Title
24"Mr. Extremo vs. Big Bad Billy Goatetsky"
The season starts off with two newbies, daredevil Mr. Extremo and the cranky Big Bad Billy Goatetsky, going head-to-head. Things go smoothly until Extremo literally takes the match to the ropes and round two ends with both wrestlers on the mat. Billy attempts to use his signature move, The Big Bad Butting Barrage, to secure a win, but Extremo is able to come back to win the match.
25"Mahi Mahi Mindy vs. Rolf the Reaper"
Another match introducing new players, this time it's the sea-loving Mahi Mahi Mindy against the depressed Rolf the Reaper. Things start normally, but turn when Mindy attempts to use The Deep Seas Sonar, but it ends up being useless. Pinky then reads Rolf's diary out loud, revealing he likes bunnies. Mindy then pins her distracted opponent, winning the match for the Dexteras.
26"Itsy Bitsy vs. Fly Guy"
Everyone knows that in the end, the spider beats the fly. But when the annoying Fly Guy jumps into the ring with Itsy Bitsy, things get too much and Itsy is annoyed to the point where smoke comes out of her ears. Just as Fly Guy is about to win, the Ref disqualifies Fly Guy for being extremely annoying, and Itsy wins by default.
27"Evil Ira vs. Big Star"
The traitorous Evil Ira returns against the dim-witted Big Star, The Big Time's cousin. Ira tries to take Big Star with the Evil Eye, but it doesn't work due to Star's low intelligence. Just as Big Star is about to win, The Big Time knocks him out with a chair, and Ira wins.
28"N Fuego vs. Danny Kaboom"
When the commissioner of the TWF decides to tone down the violence with the ring, things get insane when N Fuego enters the ring with explosion-loving Danny Kaboom. Despite the Ref's efforts to have peace within the ring, the fans cry out for more action and the fighting resumes. Despite Danny's best efforts, N Fuego wins.
29"Face-Off Phil vs. The Cheetah"
Another newbies-only match, this time with the sneaky new recruit, The Cheetah against Canadian Hockey champion, Face-Off Phil. Things go great until The Cheetah sets a trap, which results in the Ref being knocked out by a falling anvil and The Cheetah jumping off a ladder and pinning Phil. Just as it looks as if the Sinistras are going to win, The Cheetah starts making fun of Phil's Canadian accent, making Phil angry. Phil then uses The Left-Wing Lock and pins his opponent.
30"Wasabi vs. Dwayne Bramage"
Wasabi returns against a guy who's completely out of his mind, literally: Dwayne Bramage. Wasabi does her best, but is unable to understand anything Dwayne is saying, as Dwayne for Wasabi. Even her Best Poem Ever has no effect! After a grueling round, Dwayne distracts himself and Wasabi is able to come back to win the match.
31"Vini Vidi Victory! vs. Captain Carpal"
Vini Vidi Victory! returns against newcomer Captain Carpal, a pirate who's been sailing the sea for years. Unfortunately, Vini is unable to understand anything Carpal is saying, due to his pirate accent. Then, things go awry when Carpal unleashes The Carpal Cutlass, putting Vini on the ropes. Ultimately, the Dexteras take the match when Carpal attempts to use the Carpal Tunnel on Vini, ends up stuck on one of the ring's corners, and being pinned by Vini.
32"The Royal Thumble"
The Royal Thumble Tag Team Championship has arrived and it is very exciting; the winners will reign as Royal Thumble champions for an entire year! Vini Vidi Victory! teams up with Face-Off Phil as they come face-to-face with Itsy Bitsy and The Visitor. Things go smoothly until a locker brawl spills into the arena and James Montgomery Flag, Mahi Mahi Mindy, Unit 19g, The Scorchion, Billy Batboy, and Rolf the Reaper join the fight. After a grueling third round, the only ones left are Face-Off Phil, Vini Vidi Victory!, and Itsy Bitsy. Vini attempts The Vini Vidi Vada-Voom to secure a win, but Itsy counters with The Web Attack. Ultimately, Phil uses a combination of The Power Play and The Slap-Shot Slammer to pin Itsy and win the championship for the Dexteras.
33"Mr. Extremo vs. The Big Time"
In the semi finals, Mr. Extremo returns against Season 1 runner-up, The Big Time, and the crowd is in a panic. Both wrestlers are popular, and no one can make a decision on who's better. Just as it seems neither wrestler will fall, Senator Skull appears and throws a chair at The Big Time as payback for getting him disqualified last season. Mr. Extremo then wins the match and advances to the finals.
34"Senator Skull vs. Hometown Huck"
Season 1 champion Hometown Huck returns to face Sinistra leader, Senator Skull. Skull tries to catch Huck off guard by doing things evil and dumb to tick Huck off, but nothing works... until Skull throws soy milk over a dairy queen, angering Huck, and allowing Skull to advance to the finals with The Skull's Revenge Shocker.
35"Mr. Extremo vs. Senator Skull"
It's the final match of the season and it's new against old when Mr. Extremo and Senator Skull enter the ring; both are hungry for the Championship title. Things start to go down normally, until the lights go out, and when it comes back on, Skull reveals an army of clones! Extremo however, shoots himself into a pool of Pirahnas, winning over the clones, who beat up Skull, who, for the entire match, has stated that he hates extreme stunts, is then pinned by Extremo, winning the championship for the Dexteras.

Season 3

This season aired in 2008, with 12 new wrestler and several old ones, This is the first time that the Sinistras win the championship, Unlike season 2, an eight-man tournament was held at the end of the season to decide the winner.

EP# Title
36"Bucks Gazillion vs. Wasabi"
The season kicks off with Wasabi going up against newcomer Bucks Gazillion, an extremely rich and sneaky Sinistra. Wasabi appears to have the upper hand at first, until it's revealed that she's fighting Bucks' stunt double. The real Bucks then jumps into the ring and stars pummeling the exhausted Dextera. After some encouraging words from Pinky, Wasabi attempts to use her Best Poem Ever, but Bucks simply tries to buy it from her. When Wasabi refuses, Bucks cheats and has his cohort, Steve, drop a sack of money on Wasabi's head, winning the match for the Sinistras.
37"Pierre Pamplemousse vs. Snagglefangs"
The next TWF match features two newcomers, French chef Pierre Pamplemousse and ravenous Sinistra henchman Snagglefangs. Pierre tries to quell Snagglefangs' appetite with several booby-trapped food items, but this has no effect. Ultimately, Pierre manages to defeat his crazy opponent with his signature move, the deadly Spatula Storm.
38"The Lost Viking vs. Gogachog"
In this match, The Lost Viking battles Dextera newbie Gogachog, a dim-witted, but extremely strong caveman, who thinks the Viking is his new friend. After Gogachog forcefully hugs the Viking twice, the latter distracts the caveman before hitting him with a chair. Finally getting the hint, Gogachog starts bashing the Viking a new one, until he comes in with a prehistoric wheel, which accidentally falls on him, allowing the Viking to pin him and win the match for the Sinistras.
39"Captain Carpal vs. Knockout Ninja"
Captain Carpal goes up against the new Dextera stealth master, Knockout Ninja. At first, Carpal is outmatched by Knockout's speed, but then decides to wait until the newcomer tires himself out. This works, and he defeats Knockout with a cannon, winning another successful match for the Sinistras.
40"Weredog vs. The Visitor"
Making another match between humans and aliens, the fresh blood Weredog, who seems to be an average man, faces The Visitor off, having not a very good start, but a surprising resume and conclusion after the extra-terrestrian attempts to hit Weredog with an orbital disintegrator ray. The newcomer nearly escapes from the ray, but he didn't escape from his own curse, turning himself into a dog and frightening The Visitor into a bad loss for him.
41"Queen Nefercreepy vs. Danny Kaboom"
Danny Kaboom, who is willing to redeem himself from his first match, matches against the newest member of the Sinistras, Queen Nefercreepy. He strived hard to beat the mean governor of Egypt with his bombs, his style, his nerdiness and his overconfidence, but his effort had no effect against her in the 3rd round, when she cursed him with many objects falling on his head until he fell on the floor, giving an easy win for Nefercreepy.
42"Pei Pei the Purple Panda vs Scoutmaster Scott"
The one and only princess of Porposeistan returns after losing for her husband, N Fuego. But, to redeem herself, Pei Pei will have to impose her authority against another authority coming from the Sinistras, Scoutmaster Scott, the leader of the evil cookie scouts.
43"Sick Vick vs. Miss Fitwell"
44"Itsy Bitsy vs. Milty The Clown"
45"Gill vs. Mugsy Thumbscrew"
46"The Big Time vs. Ouch"
47"Hometown Huck vs. Billy Batboy"
48"Rematch: Mr. Extremo vs. The Big Time"
Mr. Extremo once again takes down The Big Time, but this one was with the jet pack, not Senator Skull.
49"Face-Off Phil vs. Senator Skull"
50"Bucks Gazillion vs. Hometown Huck"
51"Queen Nefercreepy vs. Milty The Clown"
52"Face-Off Phil vs Queen Nefercreepy"
53"Bucks Gazillion vs. Mr. Extremo"
54"Bucks Gazillion vs. Face-Off Phil"

Season 4

This season aired in 2009 and is the first season to not introduce any new characters. Like seasons 1 and 3, this season had an eight-man tournament to decide the winner.

EP# Title
55"Mr. Extremo vs. The Lost Viking"
56"Sick Vick vs. Weredog"
57"Miss Fitwell vs. Captain Carpal"
58"Mugsy Thumbscrew vs. Knockout Ninja"
59"Rolf the Reaper vs. Hometown Huck"
60"Face-Off Phil vs. Scoutmaster Scott"
61"Queen Nefercreepy vs. Gogachog"
62"Danny Kaboom vs. Evil Ira"
63"The Big Time vs. Pierre Pamplemousse"
64"Wasabi vs. Itsy Bitsy"
65"Unit 19G vs. Corbata"
66"James Montgomery Flag vs. Big Bad Billy Goatetsky"
67"The Visitor vs. Hometown Huck"
68"Mr. Extremo vs. Queen Nefercreepy"
69"Danny Kaboom vs. Mugsy Thumbscrew"
70"N Fuego vs. Face-Off Phil"
71"The Visitor vs. Danny Kaboom"
72"Mr. Extremo vs. N Fuego"
73"Mr. Extremo vs. The Visitor"

Season 5

This season aired in 2010, with 3 new characters and several old ones. As usual, an eight-man tournament was held at the end of the season to decide the champion. This season was never aired on Cartoon Network for unknown reasons.

EP# Title
74"Scoutmaster Scott vs. Tom Cat"
75"Lucky O'Leary vs. Rolf the Reaper"
76"Mr. Extremo vs. The Scorchion"
77"Itsy Bitsy vs. Gary The Intern"
78"Knockout Ninja vs. N Fuego"
79"The Visitor vs. Gogachog"
80"Senator Skull vs. Pierre Pamplemousse"
81"Hometown Huck vs. The Cheetah"
82"The Big Time vs. Milty The Clown"
83"Cleat Cunningham vs. Big Bad Billy Goatetsky"
84"Mugsy Thumbscrew vs. Unit 19G"
85"Danny Kaboom vs. The Black Knight"
86"Cleat Cunningham vs. Itsy Bitsy"
87"The Big Time vs. Danny Kaboom"
88"Hometown Huck vs. Mugsy Thumbscrew"
89"Rematch: Senator Skull vs. Mr. Extremo"
90"Rematch: The Big Time vs. Hometown Huck"
91"Cleat Cunningham vs. Senator Skull"
92"Cleat Cunningham vs. The Big Time"

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