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Thumindu Dodantenna
තුමිඳු දොඩම්තැන්න
Sri Lanka
Education Dharmapala Vidyalaya, Pannipitiya
Alma mater University of Kelaniya [1]
  • Lecturer
  • screenwriter
  • actor
Years active2007–present
Known for Sankara (2007)
Notable workJehan Fernando in Koombiyo
SpouseKalani Dodantenna (2014–present)
RelativesAsanka Dodantenna
AwardsMost Popular Actor (2017)
Best Actor (2019)

Thumindu Dodantenna (තුමිඳු දොඩම්තැන්න) is an actor in Sri Lankan cinema, theater and television. He is also a lecturer, screenwriter by profession. He graduated with an M.A in Drama and Theater from the University of Kelaniya, and is now a lecturer in the Department of Performing Arts at Sripalee Campus in Horana. [2] [3] He is considered one of five actors who have dominated the Sri Lankan Stage by critics. [4]



Dodantenna started his film career with Sankara in 2007, directed by Prasanna Jayakody. In the upcoming film "Nidahase Piya DS" he plays the lead role of young DS Senanayake.

2007 Sankara Ananda, The Monk [5]
2012 Matha Nimal [6]
2013 Nikini Vassa [7]
2014 Thanha Rathi Ranga Actor [8]
2017 A Level Nishshanka [9]
2018 Nela Doctor [10]
2018 Vaishnavee Osanda [11]
2018 Bimba Devi Alias Yashodhara Poet [12]
2018 Nidahase Piya DS Young DS Senanayake [13]
2019 U Turn Adithya [14]
2019Ayu [15]
2022 Night Rider


Television serials


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Sankara is a 2007 Sinhalese language drama film directed by Prasanna Jayakody and co-produced by Renuka Balasooriya and Somaratne Dissanayake for Cine Films. It stars Thumindu Dodantenna and Sachini Ayendra in lead roles along with Nilupa Heenkendaarachchi and K.A Milton Perera. Music composed by Nadeeka Guruge.

<i>Matha</i> (film) 2012 Sri Lankan film

Matha is a 2012 Sri Lankan Sinhala and Tamil romantic war film directed by Boodee Keerthisena and co-produced by Ruwan Jayasingha, Sanath Ranaweera and Vijaya Rathnayake. It stars Darshan Dharmaraj and Yasodha Radhakrishnan in lead roles along with Thumindu Dodantenna and Raja Ganeshan. Music composed by Lakshman Joseph De Saram. It is the 1244th film in the Sri Lankan cinema.

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Nikini Vassa (August Drizzle) (Sinhala: නිකිණි වැස්ස) is a 2013 Sri Lankan Sinhala drama film directed by Aruna Jayawardana and produced by Dr Kusumsiri De Silva. It stars Chandani Seneviratne and Jagath Manuwarna in lead roles along with Thumindu Dodantenna and Bimal Jayakodi. Music composed by Nadeeka Guruge. It is the 1190th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema. The film had positive reviews from international and local critics and won many international awards as well.

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<i>Nidahase Piya DS</i> 2018 Sri Lankan film

Nidahase Piya DS is a 2018 Sri Lankan Sinhala biographical film directed by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa and co-produced by Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, Dilman Jayaratne, Channa Hettiarachchi, Rajaputhra Weerasinghe, Kithsiri Athulathmudali and Clarance Kumarage. It stars an ensemble cast of many popular actors, with Lakshman Mendis in the lead role, with Thumindu Dodantenna and Saranga Disasekara in supportive roles. Music composed by Samantha Perera. It is the 1313th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.

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Kapuwela Vidanage Senanayake Mudiyanselage Jayani Chamathka Dharmadasa Senanayake, popularly as Jayani Senanayake, is an actress in Sri Lankan cinema, theater and television. Highly versatile actress in drama and comedy, she is best known for the roles in films Sulang Kirilli, Walapatala and Goal.

Morathennage Douglas Ranasinghe, is an actor in Sri Lankan cinema, theater, and television. He acted in many supportive roles in movies including Akkara Paha, Yuganthaya, Viragaya, Sri Siddhartha Gautama and Dharmayuddhaya.

Kamal Deshapriya Sirisena, is an actor in Sri Lankan cinema and television, as well as a television host, cricket commentator and media personality.

<i>U Turn</i> (2019 film) 2019 Sri Lankan film

U Turn is a 2019 Sri Lankan Sinhala mystery thriller film directed by acclaimed cinematographer Channa Deshapriya in his directorial debut. The movie is produced by Maharaja Entertainments as a Sirasa Movie. The movie features the stars Hemal Ranasinghe Thumindu Dodantenna, Bimal Jayakody, Gamya Wijayadasa with the debut actress Chanu Dissanayake in the lead roles. The music of the film is composed by Chinthaka Jayakody with Bharadwaj composing music for the song.

Abeysiri Narayana Susantha Chandramali Wanigaratne [Sinhala]), popularly as Susantha Chandramali, is an actress in Sri Lankan cinema, theater and television. She is best known for the dramatic roles in Charulatha, Sujatha and Kande Gedara.

The 42nd SIGNIS Sri Lanka Salutation Awards Ceremony 2018 festival, presented by the SIGNIS and organized by Sri Lanka Catholic Cinema Parshadaya, was held to honor the cinema and television in Sri Lanka on August 2, 2019, at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Secretary General of International Signis, Ricardo Younes; and Bertha Detta Padiandrajani (Rome) Maria C. Lorenzo, Secretary General of Asia Signis were the chief guests at the awards night. The keynote address was delivered by Prof. Saumya Liyanage.


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