Thunderbirds Are Now! (EP)

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Thunderbirds Are Now! is an out of print self-titled EP by Thunderbirds Are Now! that was released in 2002.

Thunderbirds are Now! were a Livonia, Michigan-based post-punk revival band whose sound used a mix of traditional post-punk, new wave and noise rock. The band was heavily influenced by 1980s new wave and other post-punk revival acts like Les Savy Fav. They were signed to French Kiss Records, with an additional two releases on Action Driver Records and one self-released album.

Track listing

  1. "Nice Hair, Hope it Wins"
  2. "Crux. of M. B"
  3. "Ingram St. Massacre"
  4. "Wordstramental"
  5. "Wanna Play Swords?"
  6. "Aqua-sock Hop"
  7. "Fancy Monopoly"

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